Recessed Toilet Paper Holders

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Find the Perfect Luxury Recessed Toilet Paper Holders

What are Recessed Toilet Paper Holders?

Recessed toilet paper holders are toilet paper holders that are fully recessed into the wall. Since the fixture is fully recessed, it provides a very sleek design for any bathroom. Recessed toilet paper holders are excellent fixtures for public restrooms and commercial project bathrooms, alike. Since they do not project outside of the wall, they are unlikely to get damaged. Recessed toilet paper holders are also often referred to as inset toilet paper holders or built-in toilet paper holders.

Consider a Recessed Toilet Paper Holder for your Project

Recessed toilet paper holders are perfect for public restrooms, office restrooms and all other commercial restrooms. The built-in structure makes it unlikely that the toilet paper holder will be damaged with heavy use, which in turn will help keep your project costs much lower over time. Naturally, recessed toilet paper holders can bring an elegant design to your bathroom. Based on that, if a recessed toilet paper holder can be incorporated into your design, we highly recommend it.

Similarly, we recommend purchasing high quality recessed toilet paper holders for your project. On our website, we offer high quality stainless steel recessed toilet paper holders. The strong material and finish is durable, will not rust, and will last with time, even with heavy use. Using high-end recessed toilet paper holders in your project will keep your long term costs of replacing the toilet paper holder low (and in most cases eliminate the need to replace) and will likely cost you less over time then purchasing a lower quality fixture.

Fully Recessed Toilet Paper Holders

Fully recessed toilet paper holders incorporate a design that is fully flush with the wall. This elegant design can help modernize the style of the bathroom and optimize the space. The major difference between a fully recessed toilet paper holder compared to a semi-recessed toilet paper holder is that the fully recessed design is deeper and has a plate that is flush with the wall. The toilet paper spring will be recessed a couple of inches back into the body of the holder. In comparison, a semi-recessed toilet paper holder generally has the spring attached to the front of the plate; in this type of design, the body of the holder will be recessed into the wall, however, the spring and accordingly the toilet paper will project a couple of inches outside of the wall.

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