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A Vintage bathroom sink is the centerpiece of designing and creating a remarkable classical bathroom. Shop through our collection of high-end vintage bathroom sinks and enjoy our wide variety of carefully curated classic bathroom sinks, vintage bathroom sinks and retro bathroom sinks. Our trained and enthusiastic product experts are available at 1800-686-1480 to help answer any questions about vintage bathroom sinks.

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Find the Perfect Luxury Vintage Bathroom Sinks

Traditional or vintage bathroom sinks bring an old-age, notable design to the bathroom. Our offering includes a wide selection of luxury models and collections such as the Retro Collection and the Waldorf Collection. Vintage bathroom sinks are designed with unique curvature and traditional elements of design. Pedestal bathroom sinks are the most popular type of vintage bathroom sink today, however, vintage console bathroom sinks and wall mounted sinks are gaining popularity. The latter model brings a slightly modern element to the traditional classical design. Paired with classical bathroom accessories and choosing traditional finish themes in the bathroom can help you create a truly remarkable bathroom.

Why Pedestal Vintage Bathroom Sinks Are Popular?

To stay true to classical design or a retro-style, it is common for designers and design enthusiasts to incorporate designs from the “old days” and fixtures that may have been more common during that time than today. Using purely classical types of products and designs is the only true way to create a classical feel and look.

The first bathroom sinks were created for purely only a basin; this basin would sit on top of any counter or tabletop that was available and water would be used for a bucket of some sort. Eventually, these basins evolved into pedestal classic bathroom sinks. This greatly enhanced the design of bathrooms during that time and greatly simplified the design. A pedestal bathroom sink can be installed without any mounting materials and is completely freestanding, however, the more modern bathroom sinks can sometimes include wall mounting hardware, though, usually this is only for added security and stability and not out of necessity.

Going back to today, retro bathroom sinks can have some of the most beautiful and stunning designs that truly feel classical. With ceramic classic bathroom sinks, manufacturers are able to produce shapes and designs within the ceramic that bring out the beauty of a classical bathroom.

Vintage Bathroom Vanity with a Sink

Not too far removed from a pedestal bathroom sinks are vintage bathroom vanities. Similar to pedestal sinks, these classical bathroom vanities incorporate retro designs. Some of the popular designed retro bathroom vanities use real wood especially woods such as mahogany, maple, oak and teak. Moreover, these classical bathroom vanities incorporate designs using clawfoot legs, classical finishes for the handles and drawer pulls such as bronze or old brass, and incorporate both doors and drawer units. A vintage bathroom vanity with a sink will typically be mostly rectangular but it is common that the engraved design elements create some rounded areas especially along the sides and the legs. The vintage bathroom sink paired with the vanity will either be ceramic, marble or metal. Classic marble sinks or vintage ceramic sinks are the two most common types.

Modern Bathroom Sinks compared to Vintage Bathroom Sinks

There are thousands of options for bathroom sinks available and oftentimes especially when designing a traditional bathroom, it may be difficult to choose between a modern sink and vintage sink. Generally speaking, most modern sinks are simple and minimalist in style making them easy to incorporate in all bathroom designs including classic or retro styled bathrooms. For example, you can consider using a small white modern bathroom sink with any classical bathroom vanity and the design will surely work. So when should you choose a vintage bathroom sink instead of a modern bathroom sink?

The answer typically revolves around the rest of the bathroom design. If you are planning to design a fully classical bathroom and not one that just involves touches of a traditional design, then we suggest you get a vintage bathroom sink or a bathroom vanity with a sink. In this type of design, it is important to use a vintage bathroom mirror, classical bathroom accessories and retro colors for your flooring, bathroom walls and wall-paper, and the right finishes for all of the fixtures; this includes choosing the right vintage bathroom hardware finishes that match your classic bathroom faucet, amongst other hardware in the bathroom such as the door handles and drawer pulls.

Our range of vintage bathroom sinks is carefully curated to ensure that we source and offer only high-end quality, well designed products. By offering the latest trends and designs of vintage bathroom sinks, our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations. Shop through our selection of vintage bathroom sinks and enjoy shopping through our collections of luxury bathroom furniture, bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories at

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