Important Items

There are certain items that you should always have in your bathroom, whether it be a guest or master bathroom. Having the necessary items can keep your bathroom clean and comfortable. Many of the items you will need are often overlooked, but are just as important as any other aspect of your bathroom design.


Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies should always be present in your bathroom for two main reasons. The first reason is for general upkeep. You should be cleaning your bathroom bathroom completely at least once a week. The second main reason is simply just because accidents happen. You always want to be prepared for any unexpected messes in your bathroom. You should keep antibacterial wipes as well and different items to clean certain fixtures. These include items such as toilet brushes and microfibre cloths. Along with all of the different cleaning products mentioned, you should also have some protection from the chemicals that are used in some of these products. Make sure you have some rubber gloves and maybe even some eye protection, just to be safe. There are some chemicals that can be damaging if they come into contact with your skin or eyes, so this is important to take into consideration.

Hand Towels

Your bathroom has a sink, so you will need some hand towels. You should have a certain and separate towel next to your sink that is specifically for drying your hands, instead of using any old towel lying around in your bathroom. For example, don’t use your shower towels to dry your hands. You want to keep your shower towels dry for when you use the shower. It will be much more comfortable for you if you dedicate a towel to each area.

You can also use disposable hand towels, especially if it is a guest bathroom. If it is your personal bathroom or master bathroom, a towel on a towel hook or ring is just what you need. Hand towels can often serve as decorative pieces as well. You can usually find sets of towels that can be used in all areas of your bathroom. For example, you might find a set of three large towels, two medium towels and two hand towels, or any other number combination of the three.

Hand Soap

Because your vanity area is perhaps the most used area of your bathroom, you need to make sure you have the necessary items. Along with a hand towel, you need to make sure you have soap specifically for your hands. Bar soap is almost completely out of the picture for hand washing, although it is still an option. Liquid soap is definitely the most common type of soap used in bathrooms today because of the ease of use and accessibility.

It is recommended that you incorporate some kind of soap dispenser on your vanity. This will do a number of things to improve the quality of your bathroom. First of all, a reusable soap dispenser will allow you to use any soap you want without having to purchase a plastic dispenser every time. One of the best things about this is that the soap that you need to refill your soap dispenser is often very affordable and easy to find. Soap dispensers also limit the mess on your vanity, with many being sensor-activated. Consider incorporating a permanent soap dispenser to limit trash and add a beautiful feature to your bathroom.

Bar Soap

If you do wish to use bar soap, you should definitely consider purchasing a soap dish. This will give you a great place to place your soap when you aren't using it, instead of simply leaving it on the counter. This will also help with keeping your bathroom clean. A soap dish adds a great accent to your vanity area as well. This is still a viable option when it comes to the type of soap you are using in your bathroom. One thing to consider, is that many bar soaps are made of natural materials and homemade. If you have access to this kind of soap, you should look into it to see if it is right for you.

Air Fresheners

Sometimes this can be overlooked in a bathroom design, but it is definitely something you need in your bathroom. Air fresheners can come in a variety of different forms, whether it be spray freshener, outlet air fresheners or anything in between, this is something you should have handy in your bathroom. You can keep them in your vanity or near your toilet or sink for the most convenient locations. It might be to your benefit to incorporate a combination of air fresheners. For example, keep an air freshener plugged into the wall at all times. Keep a spray available too, just in case your wall freshener runs dry or stops working. Some air fresheners serve as disinfectants as well, making them even more useful in terms of utility in your bathroom.

You should also take into account the effectiveness of the ventilation in your bathroom to ensure that you don’t overdo it with air fresheners. If you spray too much, the mist will gather on your fixtures or floor and create a slippery surface. If you decide that an air freshener isn’t the way you want to go, consider including a scented candle in your bathroom for a beautiful and stylish accent.

Extra Hygiene Items and Toiletries

You should always have an extra supply of things like toothbrushes, soaps, shampoo, dental floss and other similar items to ensure that you don’t all of a sudden run out. This is a common occurrence with toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps and other items you use on a daily basis. If you wear glasses or contacts, make sure you keep lens cleaner and contact solution to ensure that you have clear vision for the day. This problem can be resolved by buying things in bulk so that you don’t run out in the foreseeable future. This is something that you should always be keeping up on. One major factor that you should always take into consideration is the organization aspect. Properly organize all of your stored items so that you always know where to find them at all times. You can do this with organized shelves, drawer dividers, cabinets and a number of other similar methods.

Tissue Box

Another important item to keep on your vanity, a tissue box can prove to be one of the most important items in your bathroom, due to just how many things tissues can be used for. If you do keep a tissue box in your bathroom, consider using a tissue box cover. This will help keep both the tissues and the box dry from any condensation. Tissue box covers will also give you a great way to make a plain cardboard tissue box turn into a beautiful piece of decor for your vanity area. You can purchase a cover that will match the theme of your bathroom. You can expect to have it for a very long time. A well designed and sleek looking tissue box cover can be a very valuable piece to the overall quality and aesthetic of your bathroom.

Tissue box covers can come in a number of different shapes, sizes, materials and designs, so when you are in the purchasing process, don’t limit yourself in what you are specifically looking for. You will be able to find a cover that works perfectly in your bathroom. This is something you should explore for other rooms of your house as well, in the other areas that you keep your tissue boxes.

First Aid Kit

This is another item that can prove to be extremely useful in your bathroom, simply because you never know when an accident can happen. Shaving, slipping and other common morning routines can possibly result in injury, no matter how unlikely it may be. It is always a good idea to keep bandages, disinfectant and other common medical items in your bathroom. This is especially important if you have children or grandchildren. Given the unpredictable nature of kids, a first aid kit is definitely a must-have.

In addition, you should also have first-aid/medical supplies easily accessible in all areas of your home. Your first aid kit should have bandages, antibiotic cream, gauze pads, tweezers, hot/cold packs and pain relievers. Other items are encouraged, but just make sure that you can easily find and access each item when you need it. You should keep your first aid kit in an accessible location in case of any emergencies. Try keeping it in an easy to reach drawer or a cabinet.

Bath Mats and Rugs

Essential for both warmth and comfort in your bathroom , mats and rugs serve an important purpose. You should absolutely have a bath mat or rug at the base of your shower so there is no slipping when you step out. You should also include a mat or rug in front of your vanity due to the fact that you will be spending most of your time in the bathroom standing in front of your mirror. If you have a double vanity, consider incorporating one long rug instead of two separate rugs so that you don’t have to worry about any uncovered space with exposed tiles. You should make sure that you are focusing on quality and longevity when it comes to mats and rugs. When you are going through the purchasing process, make sure that the rug is water resistant and bathroom friendly. Not every rug will thrive in an environment in which condensation is common. You can find rugs and mats that are specifically made to be put in a bathroom, so focus on these.

Plunger and Toilet Brush

This one may seem obvious, but sometimes people will overlook a plunger or toilet brush in their bathrooms. Plungers are incredibly important to keep in your bathroom because you really never know when you might need it. Some may think that it is an eyesore, but there are ways to incorporate it in your bathroom to make it a nice accent to the area around your toilet. You can purchase a plunger that comes with its own housing, or you can simply store it in a closet or vanity cabinet. The same can be said with a toilet brush. A toilet brush is essential if you want to keep your bathroom clean and healthy. Similar to a plunger, many toilet brushes come with their own stands and housing that make them not only a useful item, but a stylish accent. If you would rather have it hidden, you can store it close to your toilet as well. You should always have both of these items accessible.

Waste Basket

The inclusion of a waste basket is absolutely necessary in any bathroom design. Almost every bathroom has disposable products in it, whether it be razors, tissues or any other similar items. If at all possible, try to include a waste basket of decent size. If it’s too small, it will fill quickly and you will have the annoying task of emptying it more often than you should be. You don’t need to use a waste basket that is the same size as the one in your kitchen for example, but it should be big enough so that you do not need to worry about constantly emptying it. Common placements for a trash can in your bathroom include right next to your vanity, in your vanity cabinet or in an open corner.

Laundry Basket

In addition to a waste basket you should also try to incorporate a laundry basket for your linens or towels. This is definitely one of the most overlooked aspects of a bathroom design. You should wash your daily clothes and your bathroom linens separately, to help keep everything separated and organized. This will also prevent you from constantly just hanging your wet towel up on the bar, day after day, without actually washing them. Similar to a waste baskets, laundry baskets can add a great design value to your bathroom.