This Year’s Bathroom Trends

Now that 2020 is in full swing, you can start thinking about what design elements you want to introduce to your bathroom. You want to try to make it stand out and thrive. These 2020 bathroom trends are beautiful, so it is important to keep up with what is working and what isn’t. Many people see the new year as a fresh start for both you and your home design, and there are many different ways that styles are evolving. No matter what design you have in your bathroom, there is always something to improve on. This could be quite literally any aspect of your bathroom. For example, improvements in technology, fresh color combinations, ergonomic fixtures, convenient accessories and several others are popular. Aspects of bathroom design trends are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly affordable and available. This guide will highlight some of the best ways that you can improve, update and style your bathroom. It will also lead you into 2020 with a comfortable and relaxing bathroom environment.

Beautiful Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom design trends revolve around beauty and function. There are many beautiful deign trends that can be used in 2020 and beyond. It is important to optimize your bathroom design to achieve peak comfort levels by incorporating the most beautiful elements of design. Trends such as the inclusion of a matte black fixture, beautiful plant life, a freestanding bathtub and several others are worth consideration.

Bathroom Trend #1: Improved Lighting For Energy Efficiency

Bathroom Trend - Improved Bathroom Lighting
Bathroom Trend - Improved Bathroom Lighting Mirror

Lighting has always been an important aspect to any bathroom design, but as 2020 gets going, there are more stylish ways to incorporate it in your design. The first thing to consider is LED lighted mirrors. Many people incorporate lighted mirrors in their bathrooms. However, LED lighting is still skipped on in some designs. As we get more concerned about energy efficiency in all aspects of life, LED lighting on your bathroom mirror is a great place to start. It may cost a little bit more immediately, but LED lighting lasts longer than incandescent bulbs by a long shot. You will absolutely make your money back and more if you use LED lighting.

Bathroom Trend #2: Creative Lighting

Bathroom Trend - Creative Bathroom Lighting
Bathroom Trend - Creative Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Stand alone lighting fixtures will also be incredibly beautiful options for a bathroom design that needs more decor. Natural light is also a great way for light to reach your bathroom. Because energy is so important natural light is a must. If there is any way for you to do this, you should definitely look into it. 2020 bathroom trends in terms of lighting are all about creativity. This can come in the form of skylights, bay windows, circular windows and other beautiful window designs. Some bathrooms struggle to incorporate larger windows, so if you can’t incorporate windows in your design, consider some LED lighting. If you have a basement bathroom, a hopper window might be a good option for you. All in all, efficient lighting is an important thing to focus on for the longevity of your bathroom.

Bathroom Trend #3: Freestanding Bathtubs

Bathroom Trend - Freestanding Bathtub
Bathroom Trend - Freestanding Bathtub Clawfoot

A freestanding bathtub has become an important aspect of a complete bathroom design. A freestanding bathtub elevates your bathroom to another level of beauty and comfort and is one of the most beautiful 2020 bathroom trends. Many bathrooms include a shower in an alcove bathtub or just a shower area. Bathrooms are becoming more important to a home design in terms of both comfort and value.

A freestanding bathtub will benefit your design in every way possible. It gives you the option to relax in a luxury bathtub at the end of a long day instead of having to stand in a shower area. Freestanding bathtubs have evolved significantly over the past few years, coming with a number of comfortable and efficient features. They may not be great for small bathrooms, but they are beautiful for bathrooms that can accommodate them.

Bathroom Trend #4: Bathtub Features and Spa Area

Bathroom Trend - Bathtub Features and Spa Area
Bathroom Trend - Bathtub Features and Spa Area Black Bathtub

Your bathtub can now come equipped with a arm and back rests/pads, spa features such as jets, electric heating controls and several other luxury options. In addition, they can be made of very durable and stylish materials with a number of different colors and finishes.

Some of the more colorful bathtubs can be made of acrylics. Versions of some of the more neutral bathtubs can be made of ceramics, natural stone or other similar material. Of course, space is something that you need to consider. If you have the space, this is definitely something you should have on your mind. If you aren’t too sure that you can accommodate a freestanding bathtub with the space you have now, you shouldn’t try to force anything. An open shower should also be something to consider for a spa area. A bathtub and open shower combination can be a great duo to incorporate into your design. A freestanding tub is one of the most beautiful aspects of a bathroom design that can use it, and it is a great focal point.

Bathroom Trend #5: Bathroom Friendly Plants and Natural Elements

Bathroom Trend - Bathroom Friendly Plants
Bathroom Trend - Bathroom Friendly Plants and Natural Elements

This trend is one to note because it can serve as both a decorative feature as well as a useful one. In terms of decor, there are many different types of plants that can thrive in a bathroom environment.

Plants can be housed in pots, jars or other similar items. Just make sure that they have enough space so that they aren't touching anything that could damage them. It is important to keep your plant healthy so they last as long as possible. Some of the most popular bathroom plants include aloe vera, bamboo, orchids, spider plants, snake plants, ferns and some lilies. Aloe vera is a very popular option due to the great combination of beauty and usefulness. Aloe vera is commonly known as a great source of helpful antioxidants, perfect skin treatment, skin care and overall health benefits.
All of these plants work so well in a bathroom environment because there is little to no attention that you need to devote to them. The condensation that naturally gathers in a bathroom will indirectly water the plants, many of which do not need much water to begin with. If you don't want to go with real plants, you can include some fake plants. These will give your bathroom a very similar feel as real plants do. This goes back to how important a natural element is to a bathroom design. You might just need one or two small plants to have your bathroom embrace a bit more comfort and nature into your area. Plants are great for a boost in your interior design.

Bathroom Trend #6: Matte Black Fixtures and Accessories

Bathroom Trend - Matte Black Fixtures and Accessories
Bathroom Trend - Matte Black Fixtures and Matte Black Accessories

A returning trend from 2019, the matte black finish is still an incredibly effective and beautiful finish. This finish can be implemented in essentially any area of your bathroom, making it one of the most versatile finishes of the past few years. If you really love this finish you can make it a focal point of your bathroom.

If you want it as more of an accent to your bigger fixtures or areas, it will be very effective there as well. Some of the most popular areas for this finish are bathroom sinks, towel bars and vanity accessories. Matte black fixtures work incredibly well in a contemporary design due to their modern feel and look.
For bathroom sinks, try a beautiful vessel sink with a sleek matte finish to highlight your modern bathroom design. Complement your sink with a white countertop and some matte black accessories. Use accessories such as toothbrush holders, soap dishes, soap dispensers or similar accessories. If you use a perfect ratio of fixtures and accessories, you will find that the matte finish is a beautiful finish for your bathroom design. This finish will work especially well in a modern bathroom design. Because black is such a versatile color, this can work in essentially any design you want. Matte black doesn’t seem to be fading out of style any time soon, so you can expect to have this as a staple part of your bathroom design for years to come.

Bathroom Trend #7: Minimalist Storage Options

Bathroom Trend - Minimalist Storage Options
Bathroom Trend - Minimalist Storage Options Vanity

There are so many things that you need to incorporate in your bathroom, that it can sometimes be difficult to store everything efficiently. This year is a great time to start to remedy that issue. There are several ways to do this, no matter what size your bathroom is. If you can create some hidden storage areas in your wall, you should consider this.

This is one of the best ways to create space and store any items that are laying around. Incorporate some doors or drawers into your wall so that you can store items such as toilet paper, towels, laundry or any other thing you can think of. This eliminates the need of any specific fixtures for your design and will open up space for other important additions to your bathroom. Another great option is indented shelves. These are perfect for a shower area as well as your vanity area.
If the shelves are indented into the wall, the chances of you knocking any items off are lowered and even more space will be created. Not to mention, both of these options will make your bathroom look more sleek and beautiful. If neither of these are appealing to you, consider a storage unit that you can place conveniently into a small area of your bathroom that is out of the way but easy to access. Your storage unit can separate and organize various different items for an efficient and practical storage method. The more you can hide your storage, the better. You will have more space to work with in your bathroom and you can be more creative with your design. This will be a helpful addition to your powder room as well. 2020 bathroom trends are very friendly for minimalist storage solutions, so consider this for your next bathroom renovation or remodel.

Bathroom Trend #8: Exciting and Bold Color Schemes

Bathroom Trend - Exciting and Bold Color Schemes
Bathroom Trend - Exciting and Bold Color Schemes Sink

Color is always an important part to any room in your home, let alone the master bathroom. However, the bathroom can be the room that benefits most from a beautiful and bold color scheme. The best thing about color is that it is always subjective in terms of which ones you prefer. If you want to use a variety of different colors in one design, it is recommended that you use a mainly white base for the main areas of your design.

Bold accents are always great for a lively bathroom design because they help to highlight the areas of your bathroom that may otherwise not get enough attention. Bright colors will help a bathroom that may struggle incorporating light through natural means. This is definitely something to keep in mind. These colors can also be used in towels if you don’t want to use them in your accessories or smaller fixtures. If you need a boost in excitement in 2020, use your favorite colors to spice up your existing design. Color is always something to focus on, especially in a variety of 2020 bathroom trends

Bathroom Trend #9: Water Efficient Fixtures

Bathroom Trend - Water Efficient Fixtures
Bathroom Trend - Water Efficient Fixtures Bathroom Sink

Along with energy efficient lighting, fixtures that help you save water are increasingly important in bathrooms as the years go on. Essentially every fixture is available in a version that does help you save water through either manual options or inherent features. For example, many toilets have two types of flushing options that will help you save water. As long as you stay consistent with it, you will save water and money in the long run. High quality faucets are also incredibly important because they are the main deciders of how much water you get while going through your daily routine.

Bathroom Trend #10: Fix Leaky Fixtures

Bathroom Trend - Fix Leaky Fixtures
Bathroom Trend - Fix Leaky Fixtures Bathroom Sink

A leaky faucet will cost you hundreds of dollars, even if it is just one drop at a time. Many faucets are designed to prevent leaking and release a consistent flow of water when needed. Many shower heads will do the same. Leaky faucets are very often overlooked because it is often seen as a small issue with little to no impact. If you thought this before, it is important to change your mindset and remedy the issue immediately. You should be looking at essentially every fixture that comes in contact with water to see whether or not it can be improved upon. The more efficient you can make your fixtures, the easier your future will be on your wallet while your design flourishes.

2020 Bathroom Trends You Should Focus On

In a perfect world, you should take all of these points into consideration and implement them where you can. Because bathrooms come in many different shapes and sizes, it can often be difficult to incorporate everything you want. However, you should always be searching for ways to improve your overall bathroom design while keeping up with trends. All of the points on this list are meant to increase both the efficiency and quality of your bathroom design. Focus on making your design beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Consider these 2020 bathroom trends for this year and beyond.