5 Reasons to Invest in the Best Floating Vanity

Does your new bathroom need that one last piece to make everything else click together? There’s one thing you could be missing: an upscale bathroom vanity. But what makes floating vanities so special?


Why you should invest in the best floating vanity for your bathroom

  • Increased floor space

Nobody wants a bathroom that looks crowded. But what can you do when you need to fit several fixtures— from a new bathtub to a shower and toilet?

A floating vanity might just do the trick. These structures hover over your floor, allowing the flooring to extend to the wall and naturally make the bathroom look bigger.

Not only that, but floating vanities will maximize your available space. For instance, if you want to add radiant heating, these upscale bathroom vanities will ensure your feet are nice and warm wherever you stand.

  • Increased storage space

Thanks to the extra space granted by a floating vanity, you now have more freedom to add cabinets and storage boxes. For example, you can install under-sink open shelving or place a laundry basket without worrying about making the room too disorganized.

  • Improved aesthetics

Upscale bathroom vanities can make your interior design shine. They will showcase the beauty of your porcelain tiles, adding more texture to the room. Plus, luxury vanities are highly customizable—you can choose from a wide variety of finishes, drains, and taps.

  • Reduced maintenance

You’ll never have to worry about cleaning your bathroom with a floating vanity. Because it isn’t attached to the floor, you’ll have an easier time getting rid of dust and water droplets that escape under the sink.

  • Better accessibility

The best floating vanities can accommodate any height. Generally, they stand at a height most convenient for the average person, but you can install them according to your specific needs.

And if you have kids around the house, you can always keep a stepping stool under the sink.


Are you ready to give your bathroom the design it deserves? Invest in an upscale bathroom vanity offered by leading furniture suppliers now! Top providers have an extensive inventory of luxury bathroom fixtures and guarantee exceptional service for every customer.


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