7 Impressive Unique Bathroom Vanity

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Updating your bathroom vanity is an excellent way to refresh the overall look and feel of the space. But you’ll want to do it carefully and make sure you choose a unique bathroom vanity that suits the room’s aesthetics, size, and needs. The vanity will be the centerpiece of the bathroom, after all.


What makes a unique bathroom vanity, you ask? It has artistic and interesting features you won’t find in conventional vanities. It could have a one-of-a-kind and striking shape, like round or curved instead of the traditional square or rectangle. It may also incorporate bold colors or a handcrafted body. You will also find a bathroom vanity with drawers for added functionality. Here are seven impressive examples.


  1. Skyland Wall Mounted Vanity


The modern, minimalist, and streamlined design makes this bathroom vanity unique and suitable for any interior. Black metal makes it sleek and sophisticated, and the counter has enough room for storage and toiletries.


  1. Retro 1050+7300 Bathroom vanity


This bathroom vanity has retro vibes, a timeless design, and a one-of-a-kind shape, but it suits many bathroom designs. The polished chrome washstand doubles as storage for towels and other bathroom essentials, and the countertop space is found on both sides of the sink.


  1. WS Bath Collections Ambra 120DBL Double Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vanity


This bathroom vanity with drawers is perfect for busy bathrooms shared by two or more people. It has two sinks, and the console comes in different finishes to suit your bathroom.


  1. WS Bath Collections Ambra 60F Free Standing Bathroom Vanity


Made in Spain, this unique bathroom vanity combines pristine craftsmanship with cutting-edge design for a modern feel. It comes in various sizes and finishes to provide the functionality and look that will suit your bathroom.


  1. WS Bath Collections Rondo 80 Pack 1 Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity with Mirror


A wall-hung design provides a streamlined and clean look. It comes fully assembled and available in anthracite and gloss-white finishes.


  1. WS Bath Collections Cento 3534 + 9123K1 Console Bathroom Sink


This unique bathroom vanity is designed by Marc Sadler from Italy and features free-standing legs in ceramic white. The sleek and sophisticated design makes it suitable for any contemporary or traditional bathroom.


  1. WS Bath Collections Contea 100P Console Bathroom Sink


This ceramic white bathroom vanity has free-standing legs and ample counter space on the sides.


There are no limits to making a bathroom vanity unique or distinctive. You can look into DIY or handmade vanity ideas for inspiration, add a backlit mirror, or craft one from existing furniture. Or buy a one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity with drawers from an online retailer of luxury bathroom fixtures and accessories. That way, you won’t have to go through the hassles of building one yourself.



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