8 Types of Designer Bathtubs and How to Choose the Right One

8 Types of Designer Bathtubs and How to Choose the Right One

Who knew that there could be so many types of luxury bathtubs? From clawfoot to walk-in tubs, the possibilities are endless—and overwhelming. So how do you find the best luxury bathtub for your needs?


Choosing the perfect designer bathtub for your home

There are four factors to consider when searching for a bathtub: bathroom space, water heat capacity, floor capacity, and purpose. While shopping, you’ll need a balance of these four elements, ensuring that your brand-new luxury bathtub suits your needs.


It’s also important to familiarize yourself with the eight different types of designer bathtubs:

  • Alcove bathtubs are the most common type of bathtub in the USA. They are surrounded by a wall on all three sides, making them ideal for bathrooms with insufficient space. However, don’t expect to enjoy a long and relaxing bath in one of these tubs due to their small size.
  • Corner tubs are, as the name suggests, attached to the corner of a room. Like alcove bathtubs, they are backed into the wall but only surrounded by one or two sides. They’re also great for space-saving. Many corner tubs are installed with cabinetry to enhance their look and make use of extra space.
  • Clawfoot bathtubs are popular for their vintage look. They are typically made with cast iron, making them one of the best options for long baths. However, these tubs are usually installed away from a wall, taking up more space.
  • Drop-in tubs are mounted into an existing surround, giving them a lifted appearance. These bathtubs offer a lot of room for customization; however, installing them can be quite complicated.
  • Japanese bathtubs are deep and round, reminiscent of traditional onsen baths. Their unique look makes them beautiful centerpieces for large baths, but note that these tubs are better suited for soaking rather than bathing.
  • Do you want a massage chair and a bathtub all in one? Then, jetted bathtubs should be at the top of your list. These tubs come with hydrotherapy jets to soothe sore muscles, which is best for people with chronic pain.
  • If your bathroom is mostly made of stone or marble, under-mounted tubs would be the perfect addition. They are elegant yet practical, typically installed under the counter rather than on top.
  • Finally, for households with disabled members, walk-in tubs are the most accessible. They come with built-in seats and grab bars for stability; some models may even have jets for pain relief.

Have you found the ideal tub for your home? Make sure to purchase your luxury bathtubs from a high-end supplier offering the latest and most innovative bathroom fixtures!


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