Slim bathroom sinks are becoming increasingly popular.

Slim Bathroom Sinks

In many bathroom designs, fixtures are getting sleeker and slimmer. One of the most popular fixtures to incorporate these slim features is the bathroom sink, specifically slim edges. The growing trend of slim style is causing more appearances of these sinks in bathrooms everywhere. Slim bathroom sinks work well in many bathroom designs, due to their versatile styles designs.

Why They are Gaining Popularity

Bathroom sinks with slim edges are gaining popularity for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they are very beautiful options for bathroom sinks. With all of the different finishes and shapes of sinks you can choose from, it is guaranteed that you will find a sink that will work in your bathroom design. Sinks with slim edges can be produced in many styles as well, with the most popular styles being vessel sinks and wall mounted sinks, but can also come in other styles as well. Because of the versatility and variation that slim edged sinks offer, they are a popular and beautiful choice for any bathroom. These sinks can be used in any size bathroom, whether it be small or large. They do work a little better in a large bathroom due to the space that you have to work with, but they also work magnificently in smaller and medium bathrooms.

Slim Edges

Sinks with slim edges are a growing trend in several different bathroom designs. The combination of slim edges and smooth design makes this particular style very appealing to the eye and a great addition to the bathroom. This kind of sink works especially well in a modern bathroom design, playing very well into the concept of minimalism and sleekness. With slim features, it makes the sink look less bulky than a traditional bathroom sink. The less bulky and clunky a bathroom sink is, the more attention it will get with luxury in mind. Slim edges are also just more appealing to the eyes. Nowadays, people are more interested in the slimness that many products offer. For example, smartphones, televisions and essentially any other products are getting slimmer, keeping up with the trends of today.

The Transition To Modern Style

Over the years, we see various stylistic practices go in and out of style. One trend that that has been very popular for quite some time, is making things more compact. This is seen in not just bathroom sinks, but in other products as well. For example, smartphones, cars and computers are all striving to pack more function into a smaller and sleeker body. The same thing can be said with bathroom sinks. This slim and compact style makes things more convenient for everyday use while simultaneously adding a trendy and aesthetically pleasing look. The fact that space is conserved in another great aspect about the slim and compact style.

It Just Works

To sum it all up, slim bathroom sinks are just one of the most versatile sink styles on the market today. The combination of size, shape and design is perfect for a variety of different locations and bathroom designs. Whether it be the corner of your rustic design or on the floating vanity of your modern design. Not only that, but this kind of sink will impress any guests you might have while simultaneously giving you a sense of satisfaction, knowing that you chose a beautiful and trendy sink for your home. This sink will fit in essentially any aspect of any bathroom, meaning that it should be one of the first styles to consider when purchasing a sink for your bathroom.


Like any other bathroom fixture, the price of a slim bathroom sink will vary depending on the quality, material and size among other aspects. However, a slim bathroom will tend to be of higher quality than the other sink designs on the market. That being said, the price tends to be only slightly higher than a traditional sink you might find. For a good slim bathroom sink, expect to pay around $500 on the low end and over $1,000 for the top of the line sinks.

Faucet Pairings

Slim bathroom sinks can work with a number of different faucets that will accentuate the beauty of the design. Wall mounted faucets are a bit trickier to install but they work brilliantly if that is the route you want to go down. Deck mounted faucets will also work wonderfully, especially if you choose a sink with faucet holes that are pre-drilled. These are the two most popular kinds of faucets to pair with these kinds of sinks, but depending on your bathroom design, you should definitely find the one that works best for you.