A bathroom design should be optimized for both comfort and aesthetic design. Due to this, a review of your bathroom may be in order. Chances are your bathroom design is missing at least one essential component. There are several things that you may be overlooking that can absolutely increase the quality of your design. This guide will go over the possible items you may be missing and why they should be included in your bathroom design.

Stools and Seats Help Maximize Comfort

Stools and Seats Help Maximize Comfort
Stools and Seats Help Maximize Comfort

One of the most overlooked aspects of a bathroom design is comfortable seating. Of course, not every single type of bathroom will be able to accommodate seating. However, many medium to large sized bathrooms should think about including some type of seating. Bathroom seating can come in a variety of different forms. For example, the two most common types of seating will be shower seats and bathroom stools.

Shower seats are great for several reasons. First of all, they are basically necessary for individuals that experience difficulties with mobility in a bathroom. Second of all, they are great additions for comfort maximization in a shower. Anyone can use a shower seat, and they can be mounted in various ways. As for stools, they can be placed essentially anywhere, even in a shower. Of course, the stool must be shower safe in terms of design. Either way, seating is a very important aspect of a comfortable bathroom area.

Laundry Baskets are Often Overlooked

Another one of the most overlooked pieces of a bathroom design is the laundry basket. In general, laundry baskets are used to store towels and linens until they are ready to be washed. This is important for a variety of reasons. First of all, this will give you a dedicated location for your dirty linens. This is crucial for the health and organization for your bathroom design. In addition, laundry baskets can also serve as an incredible design element in your bathroom. Laundry baskets can be made of leather, metal, plastic and essentially any other bathroom safe materials.

Wastebaskets are Necessary

As one of the staple pieces of bathroom design, wastebaskets are needed for a healthy bathroom. Much like a laundry basket, wastebaskets are needed for a healthy and clean bathroom design. They essentially serve one main purpose. That purpose is to hold trash and disposables until they are ready to be emptied. If you do not want a wastebasket, or do not have room for it, there are some alternatives. For example, you can hang some type of bag inside your vanity to serve as a different way to hold your trash. Other creative ideas can be utilized as well. However, a wastebasket will almost always be the most effective.

You May Need Some Small Cabinets

Cabinets are generally included in bathrooms, but very often overlooked. In most cases, cabinets do not need to be overly large. Most of the time, a set of small cabinets can be exactly what you need. For example, consider two small wall cabinets that you can put on either side of your mirror. You can also decide to go with a small medicine cabinet. Cabinets are great for holding small items and toiletries. This makes them very convenient storage options to bring into a bathroom design. Cabinets can also be a great option if you want to go with some recessed wall mounted bathroom storage.

Consider Some Bathroom Hooks

Bathroom hooks are some of the most versatile bathroom accessories you can include in a bathroom design. They can be used for various different purposes, all of which will help improve the overall quality of your bathroom design as a whole. For example, you can use a bathroom hook to hold a towel, which is the most common use. However, you can also use a bathroom hook to hold hangers, caddies, robes and virtually anything that will fit on the hook. Perhaps the most attractive aspects of a bathroom hook are the price and the size. They are very small and relatively affordable compared to most other bathroom accessories.

A Clock Brings Style and Functionality

A Clock Brings Style and Functionality
A Clock Brings Style and Functionality

Although it may not be absolutely necessary, a clock can be a great improvement on your current bathroom design. The combination of functionality and design makes a clock one of the most unique pieces of decor you can include in a bathroom space. If you are looking for an elegant option for your clock, definitely go with an analog clock. If you want a simplistic and modern clock, some digital clocks can be good options. For a bathroom, analog clocks will be best in most cases. This is simply because they are more aesthetically pleasing.

Bathroom Accessory Stands For Added Convenience

A bathroom accessory stand can be a great addition to almost any bathroom, due to the incredible versatility it offers. There are many combinations that bathroom accessory stands can include. One of the most popular versions will include a toilet paper holder, towel bar and toilet brush holder. This will provide your bathroom with three essential bathroom accessories that you need at a moment's notice. In addition, it keeps all of these accessories in one accessible location.

Make Sure You Have Additional Storage

Storage might be one of the most important aspects of an organized bathroom design. Luckily, storage comes in various effective forms. If you need some more storage space, try something like a larger cabinet or an individual storage unit. If you only need small storage space, consider a series of shelves. When it comes to storage, there are almost infinite choices in terms of style, size and installation. Storage should be sufficient enough to hold all of your necessities comfortably.

In Conclusion

When you look over your bathroom design, it is important to realize what you might be missing. Each of the items on this list can only serve to improve your bathroom in the right situations. A complete bathroom should include all of the necessary fixtures while also including the items that greatly increase comfort, accessibility and convenience. In general, there is always something you can add to your bathroom in order to improve it.