These bathroom colors are staying trendy.

Black and White

Black and white colors offer the perfect contrast that is being used in bathrooms more and more. Many fixtures are starting to become available in black and white finishes, including matte finishes, which are very trendy at the moment. Black and white are colors that can be incorporated in almost any bathroom design, due to the neutrality of the colors.

The good thing about black and white, is that you can use both of them at the same time or you can use one or the other. These colors can be found in almost any bathroom design in at least some capacity. Black and white have worked together for years and show no signs of ever becoming unpopular. They have always been a great option for a bathroom, along with essentially any other aspect of your home. These neutral colors will work great with any brighter colors that you may want to include in your bathroom design, so doing some experimenting with color swatches will always be a good idea. All of these options are gaining popularity and extremely effective in any design.


Fitting in with both modern and traditional bathroom styles, grey is a great neutral color that never goes out of style. Gray bathroom vanities and accessories can accent your bathroom very well or fit into a bigger picture of an all gray bathroom. Much like black and white, gray can be used in a variety of different bathroom designs because it is another neutral color. For example, the combination of blue and gray is a common combination that is used in many bathrooms today.

Gray, much like black and white is a neutral color that can match well with a variety of other colors. This includes blue among others. One of the more popular ways to include gray in your bathroom, similar to black and white, is through matte finishes. Matter finishes are becoming very popular with neutral colors because of how well they blend with other aspects of the bathroom. Experiment with gray using color swatches to see what colors you think would work best with gray in order to find your perfect gray color combination.


Blue is a traditional color that is also slowly gaining popularity. Using it sparingly and in the right manner is important for including it in your bathroom. As mentioned above, gray is a color that can work well with others.  Blue, as well as black, white and other similar colors are all great. Using blue as accents to your bathroom can give your bathroom a marine-like feel by incorporating it in your floor trim, rugs or other subtle ways.

Blue bathrooms can make you feel more comfortable due to the water themed aspects and similar features. Blue is also a great option for any bathroom that is going for a natural style or something similar. Light blue can simulate a sky color as well. This works great for a rustic style that includes natural elements such as wood and plant life. Overall blue is a great general color for essentially any bathroom design. Keep it in the back of your mind when planning your bathroom look.


To the surprise of some, brown is a color that is gaining popularity in many bathrooms. The reason for this is the organic look of brown and its shades. The versatility of brown makes it easy to incorporate in almost every aspect. This is especially since wood, a common bathroom material, is usually associated with the color. Brown can be used in flooring, wall tile, cabinets, vanities to name the most popular methods of utilization.

The rustic bathroom design is probably the most beautiful design that incorporates brown. With a design so heavily focused on natural colors, brown fits in magnificently. Because brown is an inherently natural color, you can pair it with a number of other natural colors. Use colors such as gray, dark green or other similar natural colors. These combinations will create a beautiful natural styled bathroom. Try combining brown with other natural tones to create a beautiful atmosphere.

Final Note

All colors have their own range of benefits. However, keeping up with current bathroom color trends is helpful for remodeling your bathroom or starting one from scratch.