Bathroom Design Idea: Emphasis on Floating

Floating bathroom fixtures and accessories are very beneficial for a bathroom design. When it comes to a functional and healthy bathroom design, floating design elements can deliver quite a bit to an area. This guide will go over all of the benefits of floating fixtures and accessories. In addition, it will cover how floating fixtures can be used as both design elements and functional pieces of a bathroom area.

Floating Bathroom Fixtures and Why They are Important

Bathroom fixtures are obviously key pieces of the foundation of a good bathroom furniture arrangement. They offer convenience, comfort and above all, function. There are several unique benefits that floating fixtures can bring into the area. Each of which is worth consideration. They free up space in a bathroom design, first of all. They are also great for emphasizing a minimalist design. In addition, they are relatively easy to install. This is despite being mounted on a wall or surface. Any type of bathroom fixture or accessory, such as floating showers, sinks or storage units, can be mounted on the wall, with a few exceptions.

Floating Bathroom Vanities Offer a Plethora of Benefits

One of the most important bathroom fixture ideas in a bathroom is a bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanities store items, house a bathroom sink and serve as one of the most used fixtures in the area. Floating bathroom vanities are great options to consider here. Also referred to as wall-hung bathroom vanities, they are great for saving space and opening up some new options for you. Wall-mount bathroom vanities are exactly like free standing bathroom vanities. However, they just do not have the legs. Here are some key things to know about floating bathroom vanity ideas before you make the purchase.

Floating Bathroom Vanities Offer a Plethora of Benefits Floating Bathroom Vanities Offer a Plethora of Benefits

Wall-Hung Bathroom Vanities Create Space

One of the most beneficial aspects of wall mounted bathroom vanities is their ability to open up the space in a bathroom design. They should be mounted at a general height. There will be about a foot of space underneath, give or take a few inches. This space can be utilized to store items or to simply increase the floor space in your design. If you choose to store items underneath your wall-hung vanity, consider keeping those items in a small bin or basket. This will help to keep the area as organized as possible. If not, the area underneath the vanity will serve as a great small open space to increase the floor area of your bathroom.

A Wall-Mounted Vanity Adds to a Modern Design

Modern bathroom designs are some of the most popular types of bathroom designs. This is due to a variety of different reasons. The sleek features, modern colors and up-to-date technology is extremely attractive to many homeowners. To begin this design process, proper bathroom fixture ideas need to be chosen. Floating bathroom vanity ideas are amazing options in this regard. Because they have no legs, the design is very sleek and minimal. Of course, there are many designs to choose from aside from modern floating designs. However, in a modern bathroom design, a sleekly designed wall-hung bathroom vanity is a perfect choice.

Cleaning Is Much Easier

The incorporation of floating bathroom vanity ideas will also make cleaning much easier. Because there are no legs on the vanity, and the vanity itself won’t touch the ground, sweeping and mopping is incredibly easy. In addition, it is much easier to fit a vacuum cleaner underneath it as well. Vanities that sit on the floor can often gather grime or dirt in the crease between the vanity and the floor. This issue is non-existent with a wall mounted bathroom vanity.

Wall-Hung Bathroom Sinks Are Perfect for Any Design

Much like a floating bathroom vanity, floating bathroom sinks are incredibly versatile. Wall mounted bathroom sinks are available in a plethora of different floating designs and features that can improve a bathroom design. Many of the benefits of a wall mounted bathroom sink are similar to a wall mounted bathroom vanity. However, there are some key differences that you should take into consideration.

Wall-Hung Bathroom Sinks Are Perfect for Any Design Wall-Hung Bathroom Sinks Are Perfect for Any Design

Floating Bathroom Sink Ideas for Great Design Statements

By having a standalone bathroom sink mounted on the wall, it becomes a great focal point. Wall mounted bathroom sinks are small, yet incredibly impactful when looking at the bathroom as a whole. The look is very streamlined and they fit well in both modern and vintage bathroom design. To go along with that, they can be paired with beautiful modern bathroom faucets. Consider matching your floating bathroom sink ideas with a wall mounted bathroom faucet. This will create a beautiful combination that is cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

They Are Extremely Easy to Care For

Because they are mounted on the wall, wall-hung bathroom sinks can be cleaned and cared for rather easily. This is due to how they are positioned and installed. Because only one side of the sink is mounted to the wall, all of the other areas of the sink are exposed. Of course, this means there is more area for the sink to get dirty. However, this also makes it much easier to clean. Each side of the sink will be able to be cleaned thoroughly and properly.

They Open Up The Area

Wall mounted bathroom fixtures excel at creating space and opening up the area. Floating bathroom sinks are especially effective at doing this for a number of reasons. First of all, they are relatively small compared to the larger bathroom fixture ideas in the room. Of course, wall mounted sinks can come in a variety of different sizes. Because of this, trough wall mounted bathroom sinks can be implemented, as well as single floating bathroom sink ideas. Either way, the wall mounted bathroom sinks are great at opening up the area, no matter the size.

Utilize Floating Bathroom Cabinets

When It comes to storage in a bathroom, there are a few ways to go. First of all, a bathroom can have a closet. Not every bathroom will have one, so this won’t be a reliable option for you. Another option is a bathroom vanity. However, not every single bathroom will have one of them either. If you can not accommodate a closet or a bathroom vanity, consider one or more floating bathroom cabinets.

Floating Bathroom Cabinet Ideas That Optimize Storage Space

If you are specifically looking for storage space, wall mounted cabinets will be the best thing for you to incorporate. Luckily, there are many different floating designs and sizes for you to choose from. Because these floating bathroom cabinet ideas will be mounted on the wall, they can be placed essentially anywhere they are needed. For smaller items you can incorporate a small floating bathroom cabinet idea where it is convenient for you. If you are looking for more storage space, larger floating bathroom storage cabinets can be mounted around eye level in order to have easy access. These dedicated storage fixtures are critical for optimizing storage space in your bathroom design.

Wall Mounted Cabinets Are Great for Convenience

In terms of comfort and convenience, it doesn’t get much easier than wall mounted cabinets. Floating bathroom storage cabinets will comfortably hold all of your necessary toiletries and items in a convenient manner. They can be opened with traditional doors or sliding doors. Both of which are very functional and easy to operate. The main purpose of a floating bathroom storage cabinet is to store items. This is one of the first fixtures to look at when looking for some storage space.

Consider Medicine Cabinets for a Versatile Wall-Hung Fixture

In smaller bathrooms, medicine cabinets are incredibly useful. They combine two very important elements of a bathroom design. The combination of a bathroom mirror and a convenient storage unit is very valuable in terms of design. Bathroom mirrors are some of the most important fixtures in a bathroom. They are already important on their own. Combining them with storage units mounted on the wall makes them even better.

Mounting Wall Mounted Bathroom Fixtures

When mounting a fixture or accessory on the wall, there are two main methods to go about it. First of all, there is the hardware installation method. This is perhaps the most common type of installation you will find for most bathroom fixtures. Hardware installations are typically used for heavier fixtures that need a secure installation. However, you will also be able to find this type of installation in small bathroom accessories as well, such as floating showers.

The other main type of installation is a self-adhesive installation. This type of installation is commonly used in smaller accessories such as towel bars or soap dishes. However, it can also be used in some larger fixtures or accessories. This depends on the size. The main benefit of a self-adhesive installation is the ease of the process. In addition, there is very little risk of damaging the wall or surface due to possible hardware issues.

Why it is Important to Have Floating Fixtures

Wall mounted fixtures are some of the best types of bathroom fixtures available. They can be mounted almost anywhere and various amazing designs are available to choose from. If you have a small bathroom, need more floor space, or simply, want a more convenient solution to some of your current fixtures, floating fixtures will be the best consideration. Even if you do not need floating fixtures, they are still worth a bit of consideration.

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