Bathroom Design Trends to Expect in 2022

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A bathroom design is one of the most important designs in a home. Not only will the bathroom be used essentially every day, but your bathroom routine is a reflection of your health and state of mind. In 2022, there are many beautiful and exciting design trends that can help improve your current bathroom design. Each of these trends are incredibly beneficial and act as great ways to change up your bathroom and mix things up a bit. This guide will go over some of the best bathroom design trends to expect in 2022.

The Spa Bathroom Design is on the Rise

One of the most popular bathroom designs of 2021 is carrying over to 2022. A spa bathroom design revolves around comfort and relaxation. In addition, it also gives off an incredibly aesthetically pleasing design. When deciding what to put in your spa bathroom, there are a few great places to start. First of all, a spa bathroom should always have slightly warm or neutral colors to make the bathroom as comfortable as possible in terms of setting a tone. Color is one of the most important pieces of a design’s foundation, so it is important to choose a color you love that still fits within the theme of a spa bathroom.

After you choose a proper color, you can start to look more towards the luxurious aspects of physical comfort. Spa bathrooms will generally have several iconic features. For example, most spa bathrooms will have either a luxurious spa bathtub or a beautiful walk-in shower. Depending on the size of the bathroom and the potential budget, both of these can be implemented. In addition, spa bathrooms center around open space and easy accessibility. The most important thing to note about spa bathrooms is that they should be customized and optimized to maximize comfort for those using it.

The Spa Bathroom Design is on the Rise The Spa Bathroom Design is on the Rise

Emphasis on Natural Materials

In today’s home design industry, elements of nature have become incredibly attractive in all aspects of the home. Unfortunately, due to current supply chain issues, natural materials can be hard to come by. However, if you can manage to get your hands on these raw materials, you can transform your bathroom into a beautiful natural environment. Some of the most popular materials used in modern bathrooms will be either wood or stone. The variety of options you have with both of these materials is great. Many different shades, textures and colors are available for a beautiful update to your design.

In terms of what you can do with these natural elements, you have plenty of options available to you. For example, a nice wood grain texture is one of the most popular and attractive textures to go with. Another option is the stone route. Stone is one of the most versatile bathroom materials due to the durability and beauty that it can display. Most bathrooms will go with a marble texture or something similar. Of course, you can always go with an alternate natural material other than wood or stone, as several other options are viable.

Walk-In Showers are Gorgeous Focal Points

If you are looking for a substantial bathroom upgrade and a beautiful new trend, a walk-in shower will be for you. This is one of the most attractive and sought after aspects of a modern bathroom design due to the comfort and accessibility it brings to the area. This won’t be possible in every type of bathroom, but it can be an incredible addition if it can fit. In a modern bathroom design, walk-in showers are staple pieces.

When designing your walk-in shower, there are a few things to note. First of all, walk-in showers can feature some incredibly attractive materials. One popular option in modern bathroom designs is a pebble floor or pebble walls. This is a unique and beautiful option in a bathroom that centers around natural features. You should also consider a half wall or glass shower door/walls. The more open your walk-in shower is, the more comfortable and accessible it will be.

Mix Old and New Styles

In 2022, several designs are making their way into the spotlight. However, sometimes it can be a bit difficult choosing one that fits well with your preferences. Luckily, one more trend is coming to the forefront. Try mixing old design elements with new ones. There are almost infinite possibilities when it comes to this design trend. This will be especially easy to accomplish if you have an existing bathroom design that features either of these design elements.

By mixing older and newer styles, your bathroom will take on a unique and beautiful look. For example, try mixing older, vintage finishes with modern colors and fixtures. A beautiful chrome faucet will match wonderfully with a matte black sink. Another option is matching your older fixtures with some brand new finishes. Matte white and matte black are incredibly beautiful options. In addition, they are some of the most popular finishes in modern bathroom designs. Of course, there are plenty of other options in terms of mixing older and newer styles. Keep your options open!

Combine Some Beautiful Textures

Texture is one of the defining factors of the overall tone of a bathroom. A modern bathroom design in 2022 will typically feature sleek and trendy textures. However, there is always the option to combine some textures to create a beautiful and unique look for your personal design. Some textures are incredibly attractive, while others may be a bit more plain. However, mixing these textures can create something special.

When it comes to popular textures for 2022, there are various options to consider. For starters, natural textures are some of the most aesthetic in modern bathrooms recently. Wood and stone textures are both very popular in modern bathrooms today. You should also consider some more modern and sleek textures. Textures that are similar to matte finishes or glossy surfaces match well with most metallic or natural finishes. Combine some of your favorite textures to create a cohesive and comfortable design for yourself.

Bring in Some Luxurious Bathroom Fixtures

Although this can be a trend for basically every year, it has been especially important in 2022. As health and cleanliness have become more important in the past few years due to the ongoing pandemic, it is important to incorporate high quality bathroom fixtures. Luxurious bathroom fixtures are both great for bathroom health, and incredibly good looking aesthetically. Of course, bathroom fixtures come in various forms and materials, so it is important to choose the ones that fit your preferences.

There are some bathroom fixtures you should focus on more than others in terms of importance. For example, you should definitely prioritize bathroom sinks, bathroom mirrors, showers, bathroom vanities and toilets. These are the staple pieces of a bathroom design. A luxurious bathroom vanity area with a beautiful sink and high quality bathroom mirror will be extremely rewarding. A high quality shower head, like a rain style shower head will make your shower area a luxurious and comfortable environment. Explore your options to find the bathroom fixtures that will work best for you.

Indoor-Outdoor Merger

One of the best ways to update a bathroom design in an exciting way is to establish a connection to nature. This can be done in a few different effective ways. First of all, decide whether or not windows can be an effective factor in your bathroom. For example, if you have a beautiful outdoor landscape outside of your bathroom, larger windows can help connect the indoors with the outdoors.

If this isn’t possible for you, consider bringing in some nature to your bathroom itself. Various amazing plants will work great in this regard. Aloe Vera, bamboo, different ferns and orchids are all great options. Not only do they look great, but they thrive in a bathroom environment. The moisture will be great for the plants, plus it is less work you will need to do in regard to caring for the plants.

In Conclusion

To wrap things up, bathroom trends in 2022 are some of the best we have seen yet. With bathroom design limitations constantly expanding and changing, new trends are popping up left and right. This list includes some of the absolute best trends, but there are still more of them out there for you to discover.

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