Create space in your bathroom with these organization tips.

Creative Bathroom Organization

Organization can come in many different forms. There are several different storage fixtures on the market today as well as some options that you can do at home without needing to purchase any extra storage products. Experiment with your bathroom, move things around, add some new storage elements and you could open up some real possibilities. This is your chance to get creative in your bathroom and add your own personal touch to your bathroom design. On the surface, it may not seem like there is sufficient room for all of your bathroom supplies, but with a few modifications to your bathroom, you will find that there is much more space than you initially thought.


The most obvious and easiest way to organize your bathroom items is on shelves. Shelves are a very practical way to tackle the issue of creating space. Shelves can be a very versatile fixture due to the vast amount of places that they can be fixed. For example, shelves can be put into corners to be put out of the way while still holding everything you need them to hold. Other popular places to put shelves are above toilets, underneath wall mirrors and possibly above your door to hold folded towels.

You can also install shelves in your shower as well if you don't want to include shower baskets. Both shelves and shower baskets are great for holding items, but it will ultimately come down to your personal preference. For some ideas on how to utilize shelves as decorative pieces in your bathroom visit our article on How to Incorporate Shelves in Your Bathroom. Having a set of shelves in your bathroom is helpful for both organization purposes and it is a very helpful storage option.

Holders For Everything

You definitely don’t want your bathroom countertop to be cluttered at any point with toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps or similar items to dirty up your space. In order to prevent this and organize your bathroom to the maximum, consider getting specific holders for each of your individual toiletries. Toothbrush holders are convenient to have because it keeps everyone’s toothbrush separate and available so that there is never any confusion.

A toothpaste dispenser can be helpful in that there are no half used toothpaste tubes leaking toothpaste on your counter. Soap dispensers and soap dishes ensure that your counter is kept clean and house your soap in a decorative manner that appeals to the eye. If you can think of any other holders for your bathroom supplies, you should definitely consider incorporating them into your bathroom design. All in all, you should try to get holders for all of your toiletries in order to keep your bathroom both clean and organized.

Hanging Options

Hanging things from your ceiling or walls is a great way to get things off of the floor and out of the way, while keeping it accessible and decorative. Everything in your bathroom can be used as a decoration point if it is used in the right way. For example, depending on the style of your bathroom, a hanging basket could be a great way to express your design in a natural way while holding important bathroom accessories such as soaps, shampoos and other toiletries. Baskets can be small or large and can be hung from either your wall or your ceiling.

If you want to include ceiling hangers, try incorporating some kind of baskets to make your bathroom gain a beautiful design element as well as an effective way to store some of your bathroom supplies. Hooks can be a great way to store certain things as well. The first thing that comes to mind are towel hooks. Towel hooks are always a good way to hang towels but those aren’t the only thing that hooks can be used for. Hooks can be used for virtually anything that can be held by them. You can get creative and experiment with hooks in your bathroom in order to create your perfect layout for your bathroom.

Bin Organization

Although there are vanities, medicine cabinets and other storage units in your bathroom to hold your items so they are out of the way, if you do not organize your items within them, it becomes difficult to keep things in order. This can be fixed by organizing your items into bins, and then place them in your larger storage units. You can also get some smaller bins to help you organize items in your vanity.

This will work more effectively in a vanity with doors because of the increased space that you will have. You can get creative with these bins so that you can still express the design that you want your bathroom to have. You can use plastic, wood or wicker baskets to name a few examples. Using bins to store your items is a great way to keep categories of items separated from each other while still in the same place, as well as being easily accessible.

Drawer Dividers and Cabinet Door Shelves

When thinking of ways to keep your bathroom organized, take into account how you keep other parts of your house organized. For example, many people organize their kitchen drawers so that they can separate their spoons, knives and forks. You can incorporate the same idea in your bathroom. Your bathroom drawers can often be cluttered with bobby pins, Q-tips, cotton balls and other things of the like, so installing a few drawer dividers into your drawers is a good way to make sure everything is easily accessible as soon as you want it.

One of the most convenient things about drawer dividers is the ease of installation. Dividers can be simply placed into your drawer for a snug fit, or they can be glued, screwed or nailed into your drawer in order to ensure their fixture to the drawer itself. Cabinet door shelves function in a similar way. If things are getting cluttered on your countertop, installing shelves on the inside of your cabinet doors (if they are not already there of course) can help you save even more space and further organize your bathroom.

Recessed Storage

A convenient way to save space in a small bathroom is through recessed storage. Recessed storage is very effective. In addition to effectiveness, it can come in different forms. For example, you can decide to incorporate some recessed shelves. Recessed shelves are very convenient and simple ways to store your items. These shelves will be built into your wall. This might make it a little difficult for some people to incorporate them. However, if you can, they're very rewarding. These shelves work as any other type of shelf would. The only main difference is that the shelves are recessed into the wall. Because of this, you will have to do a bit of renovation. If you have the means to do so, this can be a great addition to your design. If not, you may want to just use standard shelves.

You can also incorporate a full recessed storage unit. This is great if you need to store larger or more items. Again, you're going to need to do some renovations to incorporate this fixture. If you can, this is one of the best fixtures to incorporate in your entire design. Storage units are incredibly effective and are hidden away. In addition to that, they make your bathroom look and feel bigger. You can store your items in the wall, instead of a closet or a standalone storage unit. If you have a wall with space behind it, this is something for you to consider. Recessed storage units and shelves are two very effective and convenient fixtures to include in your design.

Laundry and Trash Bins

If you don't have a laundry bin, you should consider one. This is one of the easiest ways to organize your bathroom more effectively. Instead of throwing your clothes in a pile, a laundry bin will help you greatly with clearing up your bathroom space. They can come in several designs that can match your overall bathroom design as well. In addition, laundry bins are simply effective and efficient items to have in your bathroom. You should also consider incorporating a trash bin. Trash bins work similarly to laundry bins. You should have a place to throw your trash at all times. Both of these items are incredibly helpful to a bathroom design. Consider both of them when remodeling or renovating your bathroom.

Final Note

Organization is a key element to a comfortable bathroom design. There are many ways to organize your items, so explore your options. Make sure all areas of your bathroom are as organized as they can possibly be. If you need any organization tips, consider contacting a professional. this way, your organization process can be easy and efficient. As long as you keep up with organization practices, you will have a clean and healthy bathroom.