Small Bathrooms

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what you want to do with your small bathroom in regards to design and remodeling. If you are having trouble with this dilemma take a step back and look at your bathroom in all aspects. There may be more ideas than you think, so here are a few bathroom remodel ideas for small bathrooms. This guide will help you with some small bathroom remodeling ideas that you can implement in your design.

Corner Sinks

In a small bathroom, a corner can really open up space and add a fixture that can work as an effective piece to the bathroom. Corner sinks are conveniently installed in the corner, giving more room in the bathroom for another person, which is very helpful if you are cleaning a bathroom or if the bathroom is being used by other people. This is one of the most convenient fixtures to include, mainly because corners are often unused. People usually overlook corners in their bathrooms because it isn't usually seen as a great area for a fixture. However, this is not true at all. Corners are very useful for sinks along with shelves, vanities and several other fixtures. A corner sink will give you more space in the rest of your bathroom while allowing you to utilize a very efficient fixture.
Because the bathroom itself is small, you should expect the corner bathroom sink to be small as well, but don’t let that turn you off from the idea. For your faucet, you may be fairly limited. For example, a corner might struggle to incorporate a wall mounted faucet. Your best bet is to find a sink that can incorporate a deck mounted faucet and take that route. If you can use your preferred faucet, you should do so. However, functionality is important, so make sure your faucet covers both of those bases. A corner bathroom sink is one of the best features to add to a small bathroom.

Floating Vanity

Another one of the best things to do to a small bathroom is to float the vanity. This is effective for a few reasons. The first reason is that you can float the vanity at any height, making it the perfect size for whoever is using the bathroom. Mounting a vanity of this size is a fairly easy task. However, if you need help with the installation, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional. it is much better to get it right the first time. Another benefit is the storage space that a floating vanity creates. With a floating vanity, you can store items underneath the vanity as well as inside the vanity. It is important to note that because these vanities are generally smaller, it will be harder to store all of your items. It is recommended that you store items that you need daily or a number of cleaning supplies. The creation of storage space is particularly important for small bathroom spaces.
You should also consider the sink that you vanity will hold. You will most likely be able to find any type of sink for your small vanity. However, a corner vanity may be different. the shape of your sink will definitely be something to consider. If you had a wall mounted corner sink already, you might be able to use it as a vessel sink. It is important to know whether or not your sink is compatible. If it is not, you will most likely have to purchase a new sink.

Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets are some of the most effective and useful fixtures you can use in a bathroom. These aren't only;y great in smaller bathrooms, but they work in essentially any bathroom design. Because small bathroom usually struggle to find storage space, this will be an extremely useful fixture. The best thing about a medicine cabinet is that it is two fixtures in one. It incorporates both a mirror and a cabinet, making it one of the most versatile fixtures out there. First of all, a mirror is one of the most important and necessary fixtures of a bathroom design. The inclusion of a medicine cabinet mirror will help you with both visibility and accessibility.
In addition to a mirror, you will be able to utilize a cabinet as well. This is incredibly important for a small bathroom design. you are going to need all of the storage space you can get, and this is a great way to do so. Medicine cabinets are great for holding smaller items. For example, toiletries, soaps and other similar items are perfect to keep in your medicine cabinet. You are encouraged to store whatever you might want in your medicine cabinet, while fitting it all comfortably. A fixture that doubles as both a mirror and a cabinet is a perfect fixture for a small bathroom. You should definitely take this into consideration for your small bathroom remodel.

Fixture Placement

The placement of your fixtures is one of the most important elements of a small bathroom design. There is a strategy to this, so don't put your fixtures wherever you want. The first thing to take into consideration is accessibility and convenience. This is important because you are looking to a very small space for this to happen. The two fixtures that need to be next to each other are your toilet and your vanity. This is for cleanliness and convenience. After you use the toilet, it is important to have your sink right there. Not only is this great for cleanliness, but you can also put your toilet paper holder on the side of your vanity. If not, you can put your toilet paper holder across from your toilet on the wall. Either way, a vanity next to your toilet is absolutely necessary in a small bathroom.
Once that is settled, you can work around it. A popular design choice is to put the shower right next to the toilet. Again, this is one of the best ways to conserve space and optimize the accessibility of your small bathroom design. If all of your fixtures are placed in random locations, you will immediately understand why fixture placement is important. It is crucial to focus on placement first, then you can focus on personal design choices. Keep this in mind when designing your bathroom.

Small bathroom Decor

Decor is an important aspect to any bathroom design. For a small bathroom design in particular, decor can help make your bathroom appear bigger. Decor can come in many different shapes, styles and sizes, so feel free to get creative with your specific design. One possible piece that you can include is an analog clock. this is a beautiful piece of decor as well as a functional fixture. It is always important to know the time, especially if you go through a daily routine. Another option is to include some pictures or paintings. These can add personality and style to any design. If you are an artist or have a painting that you like, consider using it in your bathroom.
Consider using some decorative mirrors as well. Of course, you need to make sure that you have your vanity mirror and possibly a magnifying mirror. Once those are taken care of, you can use mirrors to create space in your bathroom. Mirrors don't literally create space, but they are incredibly effective at creating an illusion of space. If placed correctly, you will immediately see the benefits.

Wall Mounted Accessories

Because counter space will be limited, it is important to have your accessories available at all times. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing wall mounted accessories. First think about incorporating shelves in your bathroom. Shelves will allow you to store all of your smaller items and accessories. These items can be anything you may want to store to have easy access to. Shelves can be mounted on your wall flatly or in your corner. This is one of the most beneficial aspects of shelves.
Aside from shelves you should try to find wall mounted versions of each of your accessories. This is one of the best ways to keep your accessories at the ready without having to get rid of any of them. Any accessory that you may need will have a version that you can mount on your wall. Soap dispenser, toothbrush holders and several other accessories will be available for you to mount on to your wall. Explore your options here and choose your most preferred accessories.

Focus on Comfort

Comfort is crucial to any bathroom environment. This is especially important for a small bathroom design. You need to optimize to accessibility and comfort in your bathroom to really appreciate your complete area. Try to include rugs and soft colors if you want a relaxing environment. If you want a bold bathroom try some brighter colors. The most important thing to take into consideration is that you should strive for your personal comfort. There are several different ways for you to do this, so take your time and find out how you can personalize your comfort.