Smart Bathroom Sink Storage

Your bathroom sink area needs to have sufficient storage in order to be as organized and comfortable as possible. There are several ways to incorporate bathroom sink storage through the use of bathroom vanities, organizers, storage bins and many others. Because storage is so important when it comes to a bathroom sink, it is crucial to maximize it in your design. This guide will highlight some of the best ways to utilize the best bathroom sink storage ideas.

Under Bathroom Sink Storage Ideas

Under Bathroom Sink Storage Ideas
Under Bathroom Sink Storage Ideas Shelf

Drawer Units

Drawer units are great ways to store and organize any items in your bathroom sink area. In a drawer unit, you can utilize a divider in order to perfectly organize any items or accessories. This will give you easy and quick access to any item that you may need. The number of individual drawers will also help with the amount of storage space that you have. Drawers can be incorporated onto a vanity or be included as individual fixtures in order to get some efficient storage underneath your sink. If you are looking for a stand alone drawer unit, consider a unit from the Runner collection.

Bathroom Cabinet

A bathroom cabinet will allow you to store items that might not be able to fit in a drawer. Bathroom cabinets can incorporate shelves that can be removed depending on what you need to store. For example, if you want to store a plunger or a toilet brush holder, you may want to remove a shelf in order to accommodate them. You can also keep the shelves inside of the cabinet to better organize your items for easy access. Like drawers, cabinets can be incorporated in a vanity or as an individual unit.

Bucket Style Organizers

A great way to incorporate a unique organization method is through bucket style organizers. If you want an affordable way to organize items, purchase some durable plastic buckets that you can sort your items into. Metal is a solid option if you want a long lasting version of this storage method. Buckets should fit comfortably under your bathroom sink with plenty of space to hold all of your items. Buckets can be round or rectangular, depending on the design that you prefer.

Storage Baskets

One of the easiest ways to incorporate storage underneath your sink is through simple storage baskets. These are very affordable, especially if you have baskets around your home that you can use. Make sure these baskets can fit comfortably under your bathroom sink so there is minimal clutter. Much like bucket organizers, baskets are versatile and simple ways to store your smaller items in a neat fashion. Baskets are great for storing cleaning supplies as well. Consider a set of woven baskets or even a metal wire set of baskets. The material depends on what you prefer.

Wire Pull-Out Organizers

If you are looking for an efficient way to store your smaller items, consider a wire pull-out organizer. These organizers are easy to use due to their smooth pull out accessibility. They incorporate drawers that are made of wire, so you are able to see the items that are being stored. These organizers are very affordable and popular in all areas of the bathroom design, especially underneath a bathroom sink.

Caddy Storage

Caddy storage is incredibly effective due to how versatile it is. First of all, it can be used as a great way to store a variety of different items all in one container. A caddy will usually have several compartments of different sizes. In addition to this, a caddy will have a handle in order to transport it to wherever you need it. You can keep a caddy under your sink that you can then bring into your shower. When done with your shower, you will be able to store it neatly back under the sink for future use.

Hanging Cabinet Organizers

If you have a cabinet unit or vanity, a hanging cabinet door organizer could be a great way to include so convenient storage. This storage method will hang over the cabinet door, usually by using the hooks attached to it. This is a great way to maximize the storage in a cabinet because it still allows for storage inside of the cabinet itself. For example, you will have storage space on the door in addition to the open space in the cabinet.

Large Storage Bins

If you do not have a vanity or cabinet/drawer unit underneath your bathroom sink, you should consider large storage bins. These storage bins should not get in the way, so make sure they fit snugly and comfortably under the sink. These storage bins should not exceed 18” in length because they could get too big and unorganized. If you have a wall mounted bathroom sink, this is a method that you should consider using.

Stackable Drawers

As another convenient and unique storage method, stackable drawers can be very efficient. They are very similar to a drawer unit, but each drawer is an individual component. You will be able to stack these drawers on top of each other or put them side by side. The greatest benefit is that you can position these drawers however you want in order to maximize on the storage space underneath your sink. Consider a set of clear stackable drawers so that you can see which items are in each drawer.

Storage Ideas For Above the Bathroom Sink

Storage Ideas For Above the Bathroom Sink
Storage Ideas For Above the Bathroom Sink Cabinet

In addition to the many storage options below the sink, there are also several storage options above the sink. This can come in the form of a medicine cabinet, shelves, and wall cabinets to name a few. If you prefer to store your items higher up so you do not have to bend over, these above-the-sink storage methods will be something to consider for you.

Medicine Cabinets

If you are looking for a great source of storage that also doubles as a vanity mirror, a medicine cabinet will be the way to go. A medicine cabinet will store items such as vitamins, medicine and other toiletries in a convenient fashion. They often incorporate a series of shelves that can be used to effectively organize items for easy access. A medicine cabinet is usually open with one or two doors that open out, but other door designs are available as well.

In addition to storage, a medicine cabinet doubles as a bathroom mirror for your sink or vanity. This is one of the best features of a medicine cabinet, especially if you need additional storage in your bathroom. The mirror will help you go through your morning routine easily while the cabinet aspect will give you easy access to any thing you might need that you have stored.

Bathroom Shelves

A great way to store and display some of your accessories and items is through the inclusion of a bathroom shelf. This way, you will have easy access to your items without having to open any drawers or doors. Shelves can be flat all the way through or utilize a lip so that items will have a harder time falling off of it. Either way, make sure that the shelf is mounted perfectly flat to make sure the stored items do not slide off.

Shelves can be mounted on to your wall hardware, adhesive or even suction. Depending on the material you are mounting the shelf on, the mounting process will vary. Include multiple shelves or a shelving unit if you need more storage space. Shelves also serve as beautiful pieces of decor as well, featuring a number of stylish colors and designs to choose from.

Hooks Over Your Sink

Similar to shelves, hooks will be able to hold a number of different items that can also be put on display. One of the best ways to utilize hooks is by hanging a caddy from them. This way, you will have a way to remove all items from the hook at once and move them to where you want them. You can also use hooks to store individual items. For example, if you have a hairbrush with a rope on the end of it, you can hang it comfortably with a hook. Use this same line of thinking for other items or accessories that you may need to store while having easy access to them.

Over-the-Sink Organizer

An organizer is always an efficient way to store items, especially above the sink. This type of storage method is similar to a cabinet or shelf in the sense that it gives you easy access to all of your items. Where it differs, is the efficiency of the organization. An organizer will help you allocate your items into separate compartments that you can use for easy access. These organizers can be mounted on your wall under your mirror and above your sink. They can also be mounted on either side of your sink at around eye level.

Other Bathroom Storage Methods

Side Bathroom Cabinets

Side bathroom cabinets are typically mounted on either side of your vanity mirror, above your bathroom sink. These cabinets are perfect substitutes for medicine cabinets if the medicine cabinet design isn’t for you. Use the side bathroom cabinets to store your toiletries and cleaning supplies, much like a medicine cabinet. In addition to your toiletries and accessories, you will be able to store larger items. This will depend on the size of your cabinets. Larger cabinets will allow for more storage space, but they will also take up more space on your wall. If your bathroom needs more storage space however, larger cabinets should be something that you should consider.

Tier Shower Baskets

Shower storage is also an incredibly important element to a bathroom design. Single shower baskets are very common while also being quite effective. However, many showers will need more than one basket in order to hold all of your soaps and other items. A tier shower basket is a shower basket that includes two or more individual baskets all in one hanging accessory. Two to three baskets is an efficient version of this storage method because it has enough basket space without being too bulky or space consuming. Hang this shower basket on your shower door so it is out of the way while still being a very accessible method to reach your items.

Integrated Sinks With Open Compartments

Storage can also be utilized within the bathroom sink itself. For example, an integrated sink can incorporate a built-in shelf or storage compartment. This is a great way to incorporate a sink, vanity and storage compartment all in one fixture. Because it is three fixtures made into one, it will be better in terms of price as well as versatility. If you are working with a small bathroom, this is one of the best fixtures for you to include. It will give you sufficient space to store the items you have in your small bathroom area. Depending on the size of the storage compartment, you may need a bit of additional storage, but an integrated sink with an open compartment is a great place to start.

Bathroom Trays

Bathroom trays allow for some small storage on your bathroom sink countertop or vanity. Common items you will store on a tray are soap dishes, soap dispensers, makeup/shaving accessories, cleaning supplies and other small items. A bathroom tray also makes transporting items much easier. Trays can be made of wood, wicker, metal, stone and several other materials. Choose a material and color that will work well with the design of your bathroom sink or vanity.

Magnetic Storage Options

One of the quickest and easiest ways to store small metal items is to incorporate a small magnetic strip. This strip can be placed on the side of your sink in order to hold small items such as scissors, nail clippers or other metal items. Make sure you place this strip in an accessible location that is also somewhat hidden.

Ways to Make Your Bathroom Sink Storage More Efficient


Labels will ensure that you are storing your items correctly while keeping them as organized as possible. There are several affordable ways to make your own labels or purchase them. Purchase a label maker to quickly label each of your bins or simply type out the labels on a document and print them out. By utilizing labels, it will be much easier to locate your items quickly and efficiently.

Clear Bins/Drawers

Clear drawers or bins will give you a transparent look into your containers. This will allow you to see the items in each storage container. In addition, clear storage containers are often very easy to clean and maintain. They are often made of plastic, so make sure you are using a durable plastic when using them in your bathroom.

Strategically Place Your Bathroom Sink Storage

One of the most important aspects of storage is how you place it. When it comes to individual bins or drawer units, make sure you are placing them perfectly to maximize the space in the rest of your bathroom. Place these directly under your sink or in your vanity to ensure that there is enough room to move comfortably in your bathroom. For wall mounted storage methods, try to mount them either directly over your sink or to the sides of the sink. You want to make sure that they are within an arm’s reach of where you are when standing in front of your bathroom sink.

Recessed Storage

Recessed storage is a unique way to incorporate storage. This type of storage is built into your wall, making it much easier to store items while increasing the overall space of your bathroom. To utilize this type of storage, you will need to renovate some of your walls. You will have to cut out portions of your wall and modify them to accommodate a recessed shelf or storage unit. Contact a professional in order to make this process as smooth and efficient as possible.