Bathroom Sinks For Tight Places

If you happen to have a smaller bathroom, or just not much space to put a bathroom sink, you will most likely be trying to get a sink installed in a relatively small space. There are a few different types of sinks that can achieve this goal.

Sink Styles

Almost any style of sink can be used in a tight space. If you have an open corner in your bathroom, the best sink style to use would most likely be the corner sink style. This style is particularly useful due to the seamless fit into your bathroom design. Another great style of sink that works is a small wall mounted bathroom sink. Small wall mounted bathroom sinks are versatile in the sense that you can mount them at any height, on essentially anywhere on your bathroom wall.

Sink Sizes and Shapes

If you are trying to find a sink for a tight space, you are definitely going to need to incorporate a small sink size. When talking about smaller sink sizes, the typical size for a small sink is generally around 20 inches. This size can definitely vary depending on where you are planning to put your sink in your bathroom. As for the shapes of these sinks, you will most likely be using either a rectangular sink or a rounded edge corner sink. These are the most space conserving and efficient sink shapes that you can use when installing a bathroom sink for a tight space.

Corner Sinks

Corner sinks are incredibly effective if you are dealing with small spaces. There are several reasons as to why that is. First of all, corner sinks are incredibly useful in terms of convenience. If your bathroom itself is a tight space that you are dealing with, this should be one of the first things that you consider. Not only are these sinks important for space conservation but they are very comfortable as well. Just because they are small, doesn't mean that they necessarily sacrifice comfort.
Despite being so small and in a relatively uncomfortable location, corner sinks are great in terms of comfort and durability, if you get a good sink of course. These sinks are designed to be comfortable, in spite of where they are located. There are also many different ways to complement your bathroom corner sink.
For instance, you can incorporate a corner cabinet or mirror. These are designed to fit nicely into a corner to go well with a corner sink. This is definitely something to consider if you are dealing with a small space. These cabinets will help you with storing and organizing any items that you might not otherwise have room for. This is important especially if you are dealing with tight spaces. The more storage you have, the better off your design will be in the long run.

Choosing a Good Vanity

When you are dealing with small spaces, it may be difficult to choose a good vanity. Vanities are often some of the larger fixtures in a bathroom, so it is important to choose one that fits in your bathroom comfortably. If you have a small bathroom space, there are several directions in which you can go. First, consider a corner vanity. If you want a vanity instead of simply a wall mounted corner sink, this is something to consider. A wall mounted corner vanity will help you with storing your needed items as well as giving some good housing for the sink. These vanities can be wall mounted or freestanding, so choose the vanity that will work best in your design.
If you decide that you do not really need a corner vanity, you can go with a traditional flat backed vanity. This is the type of vanity you will find in most bathrooms around the country. These vanities will be pressed up against your wall to create as much space as possible. Traditional vanities will work in many bathroom sizes, unless the bathroom is incredibly small. They aren't always the best in terms of creating space, but they get the job done.
No matter what type of vanity you are looking to incorporate, you always need to focus on quality. Quality ties in comfort, durability and reliability. Look for all three of the elements when choosing a vanity. If you have all three of these boxes checked, you'll have a great vanity for your bathroom design. Comfort is key, so it is important that you do not overlook this in your vanity.

Importance of Space

Space is one of the most important elements that a bathroom design can have. The more space you have, the more possibilities you have in every area of the room. In small bathrooms, this is perhaps the most important thing you can possibly consider. Because the space is already so small, you are going to need to deal with constraints already. Luckily, there are many ways to make your bathroom just a bit bigger to help maximize comfort and accessibility in regards to your sink.
First of all, do not buy a sink that is bigger than what you need. If you do, it will only serve to be a clunky part of your design. Most of the time, a sink that is just big enough for your needs is perfect for the design. You need more room in your bathroom than just your sink area so this is something that you should definitely consider.
On the other hand, you do not want your sink to be too small. This is something that you should consider as well. Make sure that your sink is big enough to do necessary tasks without making it too big. You should be able to wash your hands comfortably without having an excess amount of space that is getting in the way of other fixtures.

Pairing a Faucet

One of the most challenging tasks of incorporating a small sink is finding the right faucet. Luckily, it can be made much easier if you know what you are doing. There are many different faucet styles to choose from, so sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. There are two main things to consider when purchasing yours. First you need to choose a faucet that works with the size of your sink.
If you purchase a faucet that is too big, you will likely make the area more uncomfortable to be in. If the faucet is too small, the same can be said, but for the opposite reason. You need to make sure the faucet is sized accordingly to prevent splashing or water pressure issues. In addition to that, you also need to be sure that you are focusing on how high the faucet is mounted. If it is mounted too high or two low, you can run into similar problems.

Types of Faucets

You also need to know whether your faucet is going to be wall mounted or deck mounted. This is a very important element that you need to consider before making any decisions about your sink. If you want a deck mounted faucet, you may want to make sure that you sink has faucet holes drilled. This will determine whether or not you are going to need to drill holes of your own or look to buy a different sink. You may want to contact a professional for some help if this is the case. Deck mounted faucets are very common, so you should not have any problem doing this.
You can also go with a wall mounted faucet. Wall mounted faucets will sometimes be tricky to implement in some places depending on the location of your sink. For example, if you have a corner sink, you will have to either mount your faucet on the left or right of your sink. The spout can still be in the center of your sink or wherever you would prefer it. This is something to consider if you do have a corner sink. Make sure that this particular faucet is mounted at an appropriate height. Wall mounted faucets are varied in design so the height may be different depending on other variables.

Importance of Small Sinks to Create Space

Small sinks are incredibly valuable if you are working with small or tight spaces. Because it is one of the most important and most used elements of a bathroom design, this is something you need to look into. Small sinks have all of the features of larger sinks, minus the large size. This shouldn't be an issue if you are designing a small area however. In a small design, you want a small sink anyway.
All in all, small sinks are great for small bathroom designs. You should absolutely consider one for your design if you are in this situation. There are several different designs and styles to choose from, so you have a number of options. Take the appropriate amount of time to find the right one for you.