There are some bathroom trends you might want to ignore.


Intricate Design

An intricate design can come in many different forms. The main issue with an intricate design is the clutter. Sometimes there can be too much there as far as design goes. Often times, the best thing to do with your bathroom design is to keep it simple and easy. Whether it be tile design or wallpaper, an overly intricate design can be a little tough to look at at times. If there is too much going on, overly complicated bathroom fixtures can diminish the visual quality of your bathroom. If your tiling is composed of many small tiles or a collection of tiles with many grooves and crevices, it can be become difficult to clean and you will be cleaning them more often that you may like.

Outdated Fixtures and Furniture

Outdated fixtures and furniture can cause a number of problems in both the short and long term. Outdated fixtures made of wood can require more maintenance than you may be okay with. Condensation in your bathroom can cause damage to older wooden bathroom furniture and fixtures, requiring you to perform constant repairs, such as sealing. Though, it is usually more of a design issue than anything else. If you implement newer and more effective fixtures into your bathroom, not only will you benefit from the increase in quality, but the lifespan and longevity of your fixtures and furniture will increase as well.

Material Selection

Some materials are more suited for bathrooms than others. That being said, most materials can be used in bathrooms, it is just a matter of where those materials work the best. Try to avoid making your bathroom composed of just one material. In order to keep your bathroom looking fresh, new and appealing, combining different materials such as wood and stone could be what your bathroom needs to stand out and be the bathroom you want it to be. As a side note, it is important to keep up with which finishes are going in and out out style as well. Consider reading our articles on matte, chrome and gold finishes.

Fixtures and Complements

Of course, every bathroom needs its own set of fixtures and complements. However, it is important to make sure these fixtures and complements go well with the design of your bathroom. You definitely do not want your bathroom to be cluttered with unnecessary items that just take up space. Make sure you have the correct storage units to accommodate your needs. Another issue you can run into is carpeting. Carpeting can certainly be a nice way to complement the rest of your bathroom, but there are a few things to avoid. Think twice when trying to include too much carpeting in your bathroom. Too much carpet can either collect water or get in the way. Often times it can be a hassle to clean and replace as well. Consider using smaller separate floor rugs that can be easily moved around and washed.


Just like the design of bathroom fixtures changes over time, color popularity changes over time as well. Some of the most popular color schemes today include designs based on black, whites, greys and blues to name some of the most used. Try to avoid colors that can be too bright or too dull. These colors include bright yellows or variations of pink. Most bathrooms lack in natural light, so using pinks and yellows combined with artificial light may not look right. On the other hand, both artificial and natural light can be used to accentuate the more popular colors listed above.

Final Note

Being a room that is used multiple times every day, you want to make sure your bathroom is everything you want it to be in terms of comfort, appeal and design. Staying away from certain bathroom trends can help you achieve your perfect bathroom.