Wallpaper can include bright colors and beautiful design to improve bathroom design.

Bathroom Wallpaper

When designing a bathroom, it is important to make sure that your wall is presentable while being subtle and stylish. Wallpaper can achieve this quite easily if it is used correctly. Several different designs and colors of wallpaper are available to you if you choose to go this route. Not every bathroom uses wallpaper, as some use paint. However, if you choose to incorporate wallpaper into your deign, there are several benefits to doing so. In this guide, we will be covering the cost, application, variety and durability.


Like paint, wallpaper is available in thousands of different colors and designs. In other words, chances are that you will find a wallpaper design that will almost exactly fit your preferred design. A benefit to wall paper is the variety of patterns that can be printed on it. This gives you the freedom and ability to choose from a wide selection of designs and styles. If you are more of a hands on or creative person and decide that you want to paint your own design on your bathroom walls, personality is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom design. That being said, with the massive selection of wallpaper, your creativity can flow just as strongly. With many different designs, qualities, patterns and prices, take your time to choose your perfect wallpaper.


The durability of wallpaper is perhaps one of the most important things about wallpaper in a bathroom. In a bathroom, condensation and water damage are very real things that will happen. High quality and durable wallpaper will be on the more pricey side, but will last in your bathroom for upwards of 20 years. The average lifespan of bathroom wallpaper is generally about 10 to 20 years ranging from the low/average quality to high quality. You definitely want to make sure that you choose a wallpaper with a high water resistance in order to ensure the longevity of your wallpaper as well as the overall design of your bathroom. At the end of the day, a lot of the decisions you are going to making come down to persoanl choice and budget options, so take the time to really know what your bathroom needs for its specific design.


Wallpaper, like many other products, come in a variety of different qualities, meaning that the price will vary much of the time. To start off, it should be said that it is generally cheaper to paint your bathroom rather than wallpaper it. Cheap paint won’t necessarily better in quality than cheap wallpaper however. Cheap paint tends to be much thinner and opaque than quality paint and cheap wallpaper tends to be thinner and less durable than the more quality wallpaper at a higher price. Quality wallpaper that is on the more expensive side will be much more reliable and durable, so you will be getting what you pay for. Wall paper will typically cost $20-$60 a roll, so depending on the size of your bathroom, papering your bathroom walls can cost as low as $350 to upwards of $1000. Again, if you are choosing between paint and wallpaper while you are on a budget, you need to find the best combination of quality and cost so you can have the easiest possible situation for yourself.


Wallpaper application can be done in two ways. You can do it yourself or you can pay somebody else to do it. If you decide to apply the wallpaper yourself, you are going to have to put a little work into it. Aside from the wallpaper, you will need adhesive, a paint roller, paint brush, paint tray, putty knife, buckets, straight edge, level, utility knife, sandpaper and some possible other items to aid you in the process. If you decide to hire somebody to apply your wallpaper, the average cost can be around $500-$800 depending on the size of your bathroom and the rates of the installation company. Some companies charge by the hour and some charge for the size of the bathroom/amount of wallpaper that needs to be installed, so it is important that you weigh your options to hopefully save as much money as possible.

Final Note

Your wallpaper is an important piece for your bathroom in terms of both the conservation and design of your bathroom.