Design and tech are constantly changing to adapt to a more futuristic bathroom style.

Future Thinking Design

Ten to twenty years ago, nobody could have predicted what the future of bathroom technology and design would look like. Today, we have automatic toilets, bluetooth speakers, adjustable lighting and many other features. Just like every other aspect of life, technology keeps evolving and styles keep changing. People keep finding ways to improve the standards of comfort in the bathroom, making small updates that have big impacts every day. As you look around in your daily life, you see technology everywhere and new ideas coming out every day, all of which could have some influence on the technology that you can incorporate in your bathroom design. You should always be looking out for new ways to increase the level of comfort in your bathroom, and technology is one of the most effective ways to do so.

Automatic Fixtures

Automatic Fixtures - Bathtub
Automatic Fixtures - Mirror

Automatic fixtures are becoming more and more accessible to the general public as time progresses. Most of the time, you would only see automatic toilets and faucets in public restrooms, but now they are available and easy to obtain. Perhaps the best thing about automatic fixtures in the fact that they are hands free. This keeps your fixtures clean, resulting in an overall cleaner and more presentable bathroom. One downside to automated fixtures is the electricity usage. Electric toilets can be more expensive in the long run compared to pressure assisted toilets. However, electric toilets can offer a number of different benefits to a futuristic bathroom, including heated seats and comfort factors that a pressure assisted toilet may not include. Hands free or automatic faucets are good for bathroom cleanliness and offer some of the same benefits as other automatic fixtures. Though usually more expensive than non-automatic fixtures, automatic fixtures offer a number of benefits that will make your bathroom more comfortable and easier to use.

Improved Lighting

Lighting has become one of the most important aspects to the atmosphere of a bathroom. Because of the versatility and selection of different types of lighting available, the options are endless. Automatic lighting comes in several different forms. Motion sensing lighting and sound sensing lighting are popular because they are very convenient and simple to use. You can turn your lights on by simply saying “lights on” or simply by just walking into your futuristic bathroom. The most efficient kind of lighting is LED lighting. This is due to the cost efficiency as well as the quality of light that LED bulbs emit.

LED lighting is becoming more popular built in to mirrors, making for a great two-in-one fixture for any bathroom. There are many different types of adjustable lighting fixtures, so another thing to consider is dimmer switches or slide switches so you can adjust your lighting to the perfect brightness. It is the little things like this that can make your bathroom perfect for you.

Add Luxury to Your Design

Luxury Design - Sink
Luxury Design - Bathtub

Bathrooms, being a very commonly used area of the home, have been transforming into a more luxurious and relaxing place over the years. The inclusion of televisions and bluetooth speakers is becoming a norm recently. If your bathroom includes a bathtub, a television or sound system will greatly add to the comfort you will experience. Your bathtub can include padding or jets that can be remotely controlled, adding even more comfort to the whole experience of a futuristic bathroom.

As bathrooms keep evolving, comfort is becoming one of the most, if not the most important aspect of a bathroom. This is where you can get creative with your bathroom design and accessories. Add your preferred luxurious items so that you can enjoy your bathroom to its fullest potential. You can even include some items that you might not typically find in a bathroom. If your bathroom has enough space, you can include some beautiful furniture for added relaxation.

Style and Color

When it comes to style and color, a future thinking bathroom tends to stay simple and sleek. This particular design incorporates sharp designed fixtures with smooth design aspects. Nowadays, the simple design coincides with the “less is more” mentality. As for colors, monochromatic color schemes are popular choices as well as black, white and gray color schemes. Vibrant colors fit in more with a vintage style bathroom, a completely different style that has its own benefits.

This is another situation where your personal preferences will get you the best futuristic bathroom design for you. When thinking to the future, your favorite colors most likely won't change, so including your favorite colors in your bathroom will work just fine. This is something you should definitely consider. If you are using your favorite colors for your design, you are much more likely to appreciate it in the long run.

Space Creation

In a future thinking bathroom, space is one of the most important elements to take into consideration. There are several reasons as to why this is. First of all, space will open up the rest of your bathroom to incorporate more fixtures and accessories. This is, of course, important for the amount of accessibility and comfort you will receive in your bathroom design. If you want to incorporate any brand new tech fixtures, you will need space to incorporate them. By opening up space in your bathroom, you'll be able to do this easily. Some tech fixtures tend to be rather large, so this is going to be something that you can consider. even if you aren't using the space to incorporate more fixtures, having an open area is great for any bathroom design.
This should be something that you take care of sooner rather than later. if you wait to create space in your bathroom, you may have to move fixtures that you don't want to move. Because of this, you should place your fixtures in the optimal locations before your bathroom design is completed. If you need any help with this at all, don't hesitate to contact a professional. Professional help will ensure that your future bathroom design gets dealt with efficiently and seriously. This may cost you more in the short-term, if you're unsure about anything, this will definitely be the choice for you to make.


To have a complete future bathroom design, you were going to need some form of entertainment. This is especially true if you plan on doing this for your master bathroom. There are several different ways to incorporate entertainment into your bathroom. Where's the best ways to do this, is to incorporate music. When it comes to music, there are several different routes you can take. First of all, you should consider some kind of speaker system in your bathroom. This can come in two main forms. First, you can simply incorporate a small Bluetooth speaker. This will allow you to connect your phone easily so you can listen to some beautiful music while you relax in your bathroom.

The other way that you can do this, is by incorporating a speaker system into your bathroom. You can install some waterproof speakers around your bathroom to get a surround sound system. This is one of the most rewarding and relaxing elements of a bathroom design. If you're relaxing in your bathtub, simply press a button and music will start playing in all areas of your bathroom. This is great for a future bathroom design.


Aside from music, you can also incorporate the television. This isn't as common in bathrooms, but if your bathroom is striving for technology improvements, it should be something to consider. Make sure you put your television in an appropriate location that is effective for you. There are many different areas in which you can put your TV. For example, you might want to put it right across from your bathtub. If you do this, your TV will be right in front of you whenever you are taking a bath. You can also decide to put your TV on one of your walls that is accessible from all locations. No matter where you are in your bathroom, you'll be able to see and hear your TV clearly. They're all so different types of entertainment as well, so explore your options and find which one will work the best for you.

Final Note

A future bathroom design incorporates all of the most innovative technology and design, making for an extremely comfortable and rewarding experience. You should always be looking for new ways to improve your bathroom to the use of technology. Because technology is becoming increasingly available, this is becoming a much easier process as the years go on. You can choose to incorporate small bits of technology into your design, or you can incorporate larger tech fixtures.

Either way you choose, technology will serve to improve all areas of your future bathroom design. Do you need any help with incorporating any tech, contact a professional who can help you with it. This will ensure that the process goes smoothly and you have all the tech fixtures that you want. There are countless ways to incorporate technology into your bathroom, so take your time and explore your options.