Bathroom Trays

The inclusion of bathroom trays in a bathroom design is a great way to organize your accessories and other small items you may have in your bathroom. Organization is very important in any aspect of your home, but a cluttered bathroom prevents you from getting the most out of your bathroom experience. The benefits of a bathroom tray are very important to the overall accessibility of your bathroom design. This guide will go over some of the best benefits of bathroom trays and why you should have one in your bathroom design.
Benefits of Bathroom Trays
Benefits of Bathroom Trays - Wood

Bathroom Tray Materials

One of the best things about bathroom trays is the many materials that they can be made of. For example, bathroom trays can be made out of essentially any material that will mesh well with your overall bathroom design. A marble bathroom tray is a beautiful choice, being one of the higher end maeterials. If you want a cheaper bathroom tray, there are plastic and some ceramic trays that are perfect for the average bathroom.
If you want a high end bathroom tray, there are leather trays, woven trays and stainless steel trays are very beautiful options. Other materials include glass and even some types of stone. If you plan on keeping your tray purely decorative, a stone tray is a very beautiful option for you. If you are going to be transporting your tray many times, consider getting a metal or wooden bathroom tray due to the materials being a little cheaper. A wooden bathroom tray is beautiful as well, with many different types of wood to choose from.

Why They Are Useful

Bathroom tray organizers are useful for a number of reasons. The main reason for trays is to organize other items as efficiently as possible. Trays can hold just about any small toiletries or washcloths in order to organize things in a beautiful and visually appealing manner. Another great thing about trays is that they can sometimes come paired with a soap dispenser or another accessory that can compliment the tray beautifully. Trays are also very useful for transporting items as well, just in case you needed to move anything around your bathroom while keeping it organized at the same time.
You can put your trays in your drawers and vanities to give you some more effective storage that can be a little more organized. If you happen to be cleaning your shower or bathtub, you can put the items you took out of your shower into your tray to ensure that they stay organized and you can keep track of them. Overall it is a good idea to include at least one or two trays handy in your bathroom.

Where You Should Put Them

There are several places in which you can put your bathroom tray, but some will definitely work better than others. Perhaps the best place for you to put your bathroom tray organizer is on your vanity. This is the best place for a number of reasons. The first reason is that this is where it will be the most accessible for you. If you have the tray on your vanity, you will be able to access any items in it. Bathroom vanity trays are incredibly effective and useful.
You can also put your bathroom tray on a separate table. This is a common practice in many different bathroom designs. Stand alone tables are very effective for a number of different things, including holding trays. Make sure that you keep your table in an accessible location so that you always have access to it. Bathroom counter trays are great due to accessibility and comfort. It is important to keep your tray within an arm's reach so that you are always near it when you need it.

What Should You Keep in a Bathroom Tray?

You can put essentially anything you want in a bathroom tray organizer. However, much like where you can place them, there are several different possibilities. You will most likely want to put some of your most used bathroom items in there. For example, items such as soap or other similar items. You mainly want to focus on things such as hand sanitizer, soap (liquid or bar) or toothpaste. These items are easy to lose, so keeping them organized is a healthy practice.
You can also place some miscellaneous items as well in order to organize your items a bit better. You might want to put a comb or maybe some jewelry in your tray that you might want later. It is important to note that you can really put whatever you want in your bathroom tray, so think outside the box. You could put in some beautiful display items or use the tray to hold some loose things that you do not want to lose track of. It is really up to you, so do what you think is the best thing to do.

Match it With the Rest of Your Bathroom

Just because a tray is one of the smaller items in your bathroom design, doesn't mean that you should overlook it. You need to make sure that your small bathroom tray is receiving attention. This means you have to match a design with the rest of your bathroom. This should be a fairly easy process however. If your bathroom is centered around the colors white and black, get a corresponding tray.
If you utilize a good design in your tray, you'll notice the benefits soon. Instead of a small accessory to a large bathroom, you have something much more. You will now have a beautiful accessory that will complement the rest of your bathroom design. If you have a bathroom vanity tray or bathroom counter tray, make sure it matches with the location and surrounding environment. This is something to consider no matter what kind of bathroom design you have.


One of the best aspects of bathroom tray decor is that it is portable. The ability to pick it up and move it wherever you want is an incredible benefit. If you have to move several small items all at once, just put them in your small bathroom tray. You can then move them together without worrying about making multiple trips. They are also great if you do not want to drop anything.
If your tray has a lid, this process will become a bit easier. A lid will keep all of your items secure while you are moving the tray. This is not really an essential part of your tray, but it is worth consideration.

Accessory Sets

One of the best ways to make sure that your tray goes well with the rest of your accessories is through an accessory set. Accessory sets are affordable and easy ways to match your accessories. You should definitely consider some like this if you are in the market for new accessories. These accessory sets are very affordable which is one of the best features of it. When you buy multiple different accessories separately, it will often cost more than buying a set. It might be a little more limiting to buy a set because of this. However, you will have all of your accessories in a much cheaper method while maintaining high quality.
Accessory sets are also great for ensuring that they all match each other. It can sometimes be difficult to match all of the accessories if you buy them separately. They can be close, but they might seem a little off from each other. This is something you want to take care of if you want a cohesive bathroom design. Accessories are extremely important for a complete bathroom design, so take this into consideration. Trays are no exception to this, so make sure you take them into account. If you are unsure, choose a neutral color with a neutral design. This will help your tray fit into a number of designs. Although it may be bland, it might be your best option in terms of small bathroom tray decor.

Cleaning a Tray

If you do have bathroom tray decor, it is going to need to be cleaned more often than other accessories. This is mainly because it will be touching many items that are used for different things. If your tray has items including soaps, toothpaste or other items you will be touching frequently, you should clean the tray regularly. It is important to keep up with cleanliness in order to stay healthy and organized.

Bathroom Trays and Their Importance

Bathroom trays are not essential to a functional bathroom, but they are very helpful. Trays allow you to organize your bathroom accessories and toiletries. This is an extremely useful element of the tray, making it something you should definitely consider. Organization is a key element to every bathroom design. There aren't many accessories that do what a bathroom tray does, so keep that in mind. Whether you are trying to transport items or simply keep them in order, a tray will help you.
Should you buy a bathroom tray? The easy answer is yes. A bathroom tray is very helpful for a number of reasons. In addition to that, bathroom trays can be very affordable. You can even decide to make your own. This is one of the best things about a bathroom tray. They are very versatile and will help you with many tasks in your bathroom. All in all, you should probably include a tray in your bathroom so you can tie your area together. Affordable and stylish bathroom trays will upgrade any bathroom design.