Recessed Bathroom Fixtures

If you have a smaller bathroom or you are simply a fan of minimalist design or style, recessed fixtures can be incredibly appealing and useful for a variety of reasons. These types of fixtures are very effective at conserving space as well as adding a unique design aspect to your bathroom. They can come in a vast variety of shapes, sizes and designs including fixtures and storage methods among others. All of these can improve the overall quality of your bathroom design. Consider including some recessed or semi-recessed fixtures in your bathroom design.

Semi-Recessed Bathroom Sinks

Semi-recessed bathroom sinks are very beautiful and stylish for any bathroom design. These sinks are great for saving space on a counter and they are very comfortable. This is due to them being almost flush with your vanity counter. Semi-recessed bathroom sinks are also extremely popular sink styles to incorporate in your bathroom. Available in several different sizes and styles, semi-recessed sinks are incredibly useful in virtually any bathroom design. You will most commonly find rectangular versions of this sink. This is mainly due to how easy it is to install along with design aspects. These sinks come with several different benefits that set them apart from other styles of sinks. For starters, they are incredibly effective in terms of saving space. Because they protrude just a bit, they will give you some more space to work with. This is especially true on your vanity in terms of accessories and other vanity items.
They are also very accessible because of this. Accessibility is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom design, so this is a big one. They are also quite easy to clean because of how they are installed. That will help in terms of bathroom upkeep and cleanliness. This is one of the most popular ways to incorporate a sink into a bathroom design, so it is definitely worth some consideration if you want to go down this route.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can be seen as the best option for a bathroom design because they are some of the only times of lighting that can be safely used in a shower area. Being waterproof is an extremely important quality, especially in a bathroom design. This will ensure a degree of longevity to your lighting situation while simultaneously giving you a beautiful and reliable source of light. As the name suggests recessed lights are lights that are built into your ceiling. Lights like this are flush or close to flush with the surface of the ceiling. These will work great in any design, but are especially effective in any modern or minimalist design. Recessed lighting creates a more open looking bathroom to make you feel more relaxed and less cluttered. One thing that you do need to take into account is that these lights are a bit more difficult to include in a given bathroom design. This is because you have to make some renovations to the ceiling itself. If you value a more open space with a minimalist look, this is something to look for.

Recessed Storage

This is one of the best ways to incorporate recessed features in your bathroom. Incorporating something like a recessed cabinet will conserve space and give you more space to store any given item. If you have room to do this in your bathroom, you should absolutely consider doing something like this. You can put a mirror door over the cutout to give your bathroom an additional stylistic and practical benefit.
If you don't necessarily need or want another mirror in your bathroom, just install a nice wooden cabinet door in order to make your bathroom style look complete. Another way to accomplish this is through a built in wall drawer unit. If you can incorporate a drawer unit into your wall, you can increase your storage space exponentially. The main problem with doing this is that it is a bit difficult to actually put into practice. This comes down to money and whether or not you are willing to make the fairly large changes to your home. This will require you to cut out a significant portion of your wall. However, you will be rewarded an ample amount of storage space so that you can have a clear and clutter free bathroom.

Recessed Shelves

Shelves are always great options for storage in a bathroom design. Shelves are a bit more unique in terms of storing items because they double as effective display areas. Recessed shelves allow you to do this in a more conservative manner than you would be able to do with typical wall mounted shelves. These shelves work very well in your shower especially, which is one of the most important areas of your bathroom for saving as much space as possible. If you feel as though shower baskets aren't really your style, consider shelves. Recessed shelves are very good at holding any item that you would otherwise put in a basket. Though they work best in a shower, they can be just as effective wherever you need them. For example, popular areas for shelves are above your toilet and next to your vanity. These are the areas in which you need the most items, so this is something to take into account when thinking about shelf placement.

Recessed Medicine Cabinets

Another form of storage in a sense, recessed medicine cabinets can be extremely useful and very stylish pieces for a bathroom design. One of the best features of a recessed medicine cabinet is that it can be seamlessly hidden by using a mirrored door. This is great for keeping your vanity area very sleek and smooth looking, while still having enough space to store all of your smaller items inside of your medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets are good for storing toothbrushes, toothpaste, medicine, shaving accessories and any other smaller items that you might need to use on a regular basis.
You should also consider keeping any first aid in there as well, in case of any small emergency. Similar to recessed drawer units, your medicine cabinet will need to be fitted into your wall, so make you are using a wall that can accommodate the size and shape of the medicine cabinet that you want to use in your design. This can be a difficult road bump to overcome if you don't plan it out first. Make sure you know where you can put your cabinet before you actually purchase it.

Rain Shower Heads

This isn't typically thought of as a recessed bathroom fixtures, but it is in many ways. This particular shower head is installed similarly to how recessed lighting is installed. However, it is different from many of its shower head counterparts. The biggest difference is the way that the water comes out. As the name suggests, rain style shower heads let the water fall freely from the shower head, simulating a rainfall. These are amazing shower heads because they are incredibly relaxing and they are mounted on the ceiling. This reinforces the comfort and minimalist qualities that this kind of fixture can represent in terms of simplicity and space. These will be a bit harder to install because of where they are in your bathroom, but you can easily solve this problem by contacting a professional to either help you through the process or just have somebody do it for you.

Toilet Paper Holders

If you are having trouble fitting a traditional toilet paper holder in your bathroom, a recessed toilet paper holder could be exactly what you need. This will open up a bit of space while giving you a sleek new fixture for your bathroom. Some of these can also hold multiple rolls of toilet paper, making it a little more convenient for you as well. Having a fixture that can function while doubling as an effective way to store another roll. This is one of the most overlooked recessed fixtures in a bathroom, but it can often be one of the most useful. If you are looking to incorporate something like this in your bathroom, it will only benefit the overall quality of your design. As a final note, you shouldn't overlook the smaller recessed fixtures. They can be very effective if used in the right areas.

In Conclusion

Recessed bathroom fixtures are both stylish and effective aspects to a bathroom design. They create space, add unique design elements and are incredibly efficient. They can be implemented into many different bathroom designs, especially the designs that revolve around the notion of space conservation and minimalist features. Many of these fixtures can be splashed into any design, so you should always consider them. As far as cost goes, you won't have to spend more money on the fixtures themselves. However, since they are recessed, you will need to make some changes to your bathroom walls. Areas will need to be cut out of your wall to accommodate your fixtures. This, of course, will inevitably cost you a bit more money, so that is something to keep in mind. Overall, recessed fixtures are unique and beautiful ways to save space and create a comfortable bathroom environment.