Walk-In Shower Benefits

If you plan on renovating your bathroom or constructing a new one, you probably are thinking of some of the best fixtures and aspects to include into your design. A walk-in shower is one of the first things you should consider due to the number of amazing benefits you will get from it. Because a shower can be one of the most comfortable experiences you have during your day, you should definitely prioritize a high quality walk-in shower. This guide will highlight some of the best ways to build and design a walk-in shower to allow your bathroom design to become as beautiful and comfortable as possible.

Space in a Walk-in Shower

Space in a Walk-in Shower
Space in a Walk-in Shower
One of the most important walk-in shower benefits is the amount of space you have. This is mainly due to the shower standing on its own and not part of a bathtub/shower combination. This means you don’t have to worry about stepping over the bathtub in order to get in your shower. Walking right into your shower will increase comfort as well as open up the space you have in general. This is extremely important if you or somebody else who is using the shower has any problem with mobility or joint pain in the knees. You will be able to comfortably step into your shower without having to worry about anything at all. Some of the showers will have a bathtub combination, but they can come available with a door of the tub itself that can open and close. When it is closed, it will seal in the water if you decide that you want to take a bath instead. This also means that your shower can come in a variety of different shapes, other than just a bathtub shaped area to stand in.
Because these particular types of showers will have more space, you are free to choose a shower shape that you like and are more comfortable with. The traditional rectangular design might be a little too small or tight for you, so you should definitely explore your options to see which shape is the best for you. Usually, a larger rectangle or a square shower are will be fine, just as long as they have a sufficient amount of space. If you want to use a circular or half circle shape for your shower, that can be effective as well. The minimum size of a walk-in shower shower should be 36 inches by 36 inches. This is just the minimum, so it is encouraged that you see how a larger area will be in your design. The bottom line is that you need to have enough space in your shower in order to be as comfortable as possible. The size possibilities are great benefits of a walk-in shower.
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Shower Heads for Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers will allow you to incorporate any type of shower head into your design, or even multiple shower heads depending on what you want specifically. There are several different shower heads that you can incorporate into a walk-in showers, each of which come with unique functional and design features.
One of the most beautiful shower heads for a walk-in shower is a rain style shower head. This shower head is mounted on your ceiling, and should be centered in your shower. This particular style of shower head is designed to let the water fall down from directly above you, simulating rain. This is a great luxury fixture to incorporate in your shower design to build the most comfortable environment as possible. Another great shower head for a walk-in shower is a hand shower. Hand showers double as both hand held shower heads and wall shower heads. Depending on what you need to be doing at the time, either version of this shower head will be available for you to use.
If you have problems with mobility, you should consider this shower head because of how maneuverable it is. One of the most common shower heads you will find in any shower design is a traditional wall mounted shower head. These shower heads are very common because they are very effective. Often times they will come with an option to change the spray style and pressure of the water that is coming out. If you are not sure about what kind of shower head you should use, this is the one you should go with. It is extremely versatile and you can't go wrong with it. With that being said, all of these options are great for a walk-in shower, so explore your options to find the one that will work the best in your particular design. This is one of the best walk-in shower benefits.

Shower Curtains and Doors

The typical walk-in shower will have either a curtain, door or both, depending on how you want to design your shower area. The most common method for a walk-in shower is to include some kind of door. A sliding door is one of the best ways to go about this because it is both effective at keeping the water in while being one of the most efficient ways to space space. Because the door slides, it essentially won't take up any extra space. There is always an option to include a door that will open in and out, but if your shower isn't big enough on the inside, it can become a bit uncomfortable to use. If you don't have enough space on the outside of your shower, the same issue will occur. One of the best benefits of walk-in showers is how many options you have for shower curtains and doors.
Sliding doors will be the best option here, but the other option is always available. Shower doors are typically made of laminated glass or laminated tempered glass. This glass will remain intact, even if the glass breaks due to the laminated coating. This is an extra safety precaution because slipping will happen in a shower if you aren't careful. As far as shower curtains go, they aren't as popular as doors, but they are still an option. If you want to include a shower curtain, it will cost less, so it is something to consider. Curtains are also better for incorporating a unique design aspect because of the several different patterns and designs that can make your bathroom stand out a bit more. Sometimes shower doors can block the inclusion of shower curtains, but if you really want to include both of them, it isn't impossible.
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Walk-in Shower Accessories

Every shower needs a set of accessories to achieve a complete and comfortable design. The most important accessories will be your shower baskets. Shower baskets eliminate the issue of shampoo and soap bottles falling all over your shower floor.
This problem can cause you to slip or trip on a bottle and cause an unnecessary injury. If you include shower baskets in your walk-in shower, you will have the ability to store your shower items effectively while also keeping them accessible and easy to reach. Shower baskets can be hung in many different places. You can hang them on your shower head, mount them on your wall permanently, or mount them through the use of suction cups. This makes them quite versatile and very easy to include in a shower area.
Brass based chrome or stainless steel shower baskets are very stylish and extremely durable, so this is what you should look for when you are going out to buy yours. Plastic options are available as well, but these shower baskets will not last nearly as long and can often be unreliable. You should always be focusing on high quality in order to save money in the long run, even though you might be spending a little more money in the short term.
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Walk-in Shower Seating

Seating isn't necessary in every single shower area, but it can be an incredibly useful and luxury addition. There are several different ways to include seating in your shower area. If you want a compact and easy to incorporate a piece of seating in your bathroom, a wall mounted shower seat can be one of the best options for you. This seat can be mounted right on your wall, and some models can be folded up into the wall so it doesn't get in the way when you aren't using it. Another option is a removable shower seat. These seats are bigger than a wall mounted shower seat, so they will be a bit harder to deal with if you want to move them in and out of your shower area.
In addition to that, if you don't want the seat in your shower at any given moment, it might be a little hard to store if you don't have the necessary space. Sometimes, these seats can be taken apart or folded up for easy storage, so it is definitely something to look for. The seats are typically mounted securely and made of quality material, making sure everything is ADA compliant. If they are not ADA compliant, you should definitely think about changing that to ensure your safety or the safety of a relative. This is one of the best walk-in shower benefits if you need a bit more accessibility in your bathroom.

Design Choices

You have a number of beautiful design options when it comes to a walk-in shower design. You can choose a sleek and simple design, or you can choose an intricate and complex design. For example, a smooth white walk-in shower with a glass door is a great and simple design that will give you just what you need. On the other hand, you could incorporate a pebble wall or floor to add some beauty and style to your shower. There are so many ways you can go in terms of designs that the possibilities are essentially endless. The most important thing to take into consideration when designing your walk-in shower is to make sure it fits exactly what your preferences are.