Changing Up Your Bathroom

If you want to get away from the traditional neutral bathroom design, you might want to think about spicing up your area in several different ways. There are many ways you can do this no matter what kind of design you currently have in your bathroom. Whether it be through the use of decor, fixtures, rugs, curtains or any other area of your bathroom, there are always ways to brighten up your bathroom and spice up your bathroom experience. This guide will highlight some of the best ways to incorporate some great attention grabbers in your bathroom to boost the appeal of your design.

Wall Decor

Wall Decor
Wall Decor Clock

One of the best ways to add some flare into your bathroom design is through the use of bathroom decor. Oftentimes, a bathroom has little to no decor to begin with, so it might be easier to implement than you might think. Many bathrooms have empty wall space, which is the perfect place to start with incorporating your decor. When it comes to decor, the possibilities are essentially endless. If you want to start simple, think about incorporating a painting or a picture. This can be a beautiful photograph that you might have bought or even a painting that you made yourself. Along with that, you can also frame your photo or painting with a beautiful frame. You can use a beautiful wooden or metal frame that will accent your art magnificently. Another piece of wall decor that can be a great addition to your design is a clock.

Clocks can come in a number of different forms, with the main two being analog and digital. It is recommended that you go with an analog clock because it is much more aesthetically pleasing and there are many different variants available to you. Digital clocks are okay to use as well, but they seem a little out of place in a bathroom. Analog clocks will generally have much more creative designs.this is because they have hands and numbers that are always visible. There are so many different designs in regard to analog clocks, so they should at least be something to consider. If you really want a digital clock, you can definitely go that route.

Bright Colors

Bright Colors
Bright Colors Sink

This is probably the easiest way to attract attention to your bathroom design. Bright colors can be implemented in essentially any area of your bathroom. Anywhere that you might want to use a bright color, it is likely that you will find some way to do it. One of the most popular ways to do this is through your bathroom accessories. Bathroom accessories come in a number of different types, shapes and sizes. Because of this, they are extremely versatile in many regards. When it comes to color, there are several different things to consider. If you do want bright colored accessories, it is advised that you make sure they match. If you have accessories of several different colors, it could get a bit overwhelming. It is best to choose one color and use that. Make sure that the color that you choose goes well with the overall design of your bathroom as well

Another great place for bright colors are your towels and curtains. These two aspects can be changed easily in a bathroom, so this is another easy method. Towels are necessary for any bathroom design. Because of this, you have the freedom to choose whatever color you want at any given time.
Depending on the theme of your bathroom, some colors will work better than others. For example, if you have a brighter theme, try using brighter colors. These colors include red, orange and yellow for a warmer touch of style. If you have a darker bathroom, consider green, blue and purple. Of course, you can choose the colors that you want to fit your preferences. If you have a white bathroom, this will be especially effective for you. A white bathroom with any bright accent will definitely catch the eye of anybody using it.

Beautiful Fixtures

One of the best ways to get the attention of anybody who uses the bathroom is to incorporate beautiful fixtures. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so choose the fixtures that you think are most appealing. You should focus on a few key fixtures in this regard. These fixtures include sinks, vanities, bathtubs and mirrors. Each of these, if displayed correctly, can make for beautiful points of interest in your bathroom design.

Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks, while being necessary, can also be very beautiful fixtures. There are several different types of sinks that you can incorporate in your design, so you have choices. One of the best sinks to serve a piece of art, is a vessel bathroom sink. Vessel sinks are effective in this sense because they have the most to display. This is especially true if your vessel sink is raised above your countertop quite a bit. When trying to attract attention, you want to focus on two things. The first is the inherent aspects of the sink. This can be the shape and size of the sink. If you have a uniquely shaped sink, that will be something to look at right off the bat. If the sink is large, that is another area of focus as well. It is important to note that you shouldn’t overstep the limits of your bathroom. Make sure the sizes of your fixtures are proportional. In this case, make sure your sink fits comfortably on your vanity.

Now you can focus on how the actual sink looks in terms of color or finish. There are so many different routes to go here, so you have many choices. Many bathroom sinks utilize ceramics for their makeup. This is one of the most common bathroom materials because of how versatile it is in a bathroom design. Because ceramics generally utilize a white color, they serve as great bases for other color combinations.

Personalized Decor

One of the best things you can do to a bathroom in terms of decor, is to add your own sense of personality. This is where you can get the most creative. Everybody has their own likes and dislikes, so it is important for you to put them on display, only if it is just a little bit. There are several different ways you can go here. For starters, you can go the obvious route and add some wall decor. It is recommended that you use something of your own creation or something deeply connected to one of your interests. This opens the door to infinite possibilities.

If you don’t want to use wall decor, look to your counters and shelves. These spaces are great for the inclusion of decor. Again, consider some pieces of your own creation. You should also consider some pieces of memorabilia. This will give your bathroom a great design element and an attractive piece of decor. It is important to add personality where you can, especially where it is most visible.
If you can, you might want to hang some items from the ceiling as well. There are many ways to do this to get the attention of anybody using the bathroom. For example, one of the most beautiful ways to do this is by using hanging plants. Hanging plants will give your bathroom a connection to nature while providing your design with some beautiful elements of decor. If you do want to do this, make sure you are using bathroom friendly plants. Consider ferns, aloe, snake plants or orchids. These plants will thrive in a bathroom design, so think about which plant would best fit your design.
Aside from plants, you can hang other pieces of decor as well. Install hooks on your ceiling that will be able to support the weight of your items. You can get very creative with all of these options, so consider everything when you are thinking of incorporating decor into your design.

Beautiful Flooring

Often overlooked as a key element to a bathroom design, your floor can be an amazing attention getter. The possibilities are essentially endless when it comes to your floor and there are several ways to do them. First, focus on the composition of the floor itself. Many bathrooms utilize either tile or hardwood flooring. If you really want to get creative, go with a tile design. If you want a more rustic feel, hardwood will be the choice for you. As for tile, there are many different possibilities in terms of color, shape and size of your tiles.

For starters, you can choose whatever colors you want. This is much easier to do with tiles than hardwood due to how much easier it is for tile to utilize colors. Tiles can come in any color you want, making it easy for you to utilize any design you want. Lay out the tiles in such a way that it will create a pattern or unique design. This will be one of the most unique and attractive things you can possibly do to your bathroom.
You should also consider adding a rug. Don’t carpet your whole bathroom, because that could end up being a bit damaging due to the moisture. It is okay to incorporate some rugs however, to make for a comfortable and warm design. Similar to tiles, rugs are quite versatile in terms of design. You can utilize a number of amazing rug designs to mesh well with the rest of your bathroom. In addition to that, it will give your bathroom a great piece of comfort and functionality.

Windows With Style

Windows are beautiful elements of any room in the house. They let in light while serving as a source to connect with the outside environment. If you have any windows in your bathroom, you should definitely try to optimize them to be some of the most attractive fixtures in your design. There are several ways you can go about this, all of which have their own design benefits.

First, make sure your windows have a beautiful design. The design should match the rest of the area while being a focal point in and of itself. There are many different window styles to choose from, so pick one that will mesh with your theme. These can be bay windows, storm windows, hopper windows or any other style. The design you choose will have an impact on the flow of light into your room, so take your time to choose carefully.
You should also pick a beautiful color for your windows and trim. This color should also match your overall bathroom design while standing out on its own. White is a very popular color because it goes with essentially any design. This is a safe option. If you want to make a statement, try a bold color like black. This will give your bathroom design a great modern feeling. Depending on the design you currently have, a simple color change could improve your windows dramatically.

Importance of Attention Getters

There are several reasons as to why it is important to have attention getters in your bathroom. First of all, it is important to include highlights in any design. This is especially important in bathrooms because they all tend to follow a similar pattern. They all have the same fixtures and they are usually placed in similar locations as well. Because of this, you should make your bathroom stand out from the rest.

Another reason why they are important is to make your bathroom a more exciting place to be. There is nothing worse than a boring design, no matter what room you are in. Adding beautiful design elements that serve as focal points is a great way to spice up your design.
Adding personality to a bathroom design is also a very important element. By adding items that will grab you or a guest’s attention, they will feel more at home. Personally created pieces of decor are fantastic for this. Every point on this list will serve to help your bathroom thrive and become a beautiful part of your home.