Find the best color combinations for your bathroom.

Bathroom Color Combinations

When designing and styling your bathroom, one of the most important aspects to cover is the colors you decide to use. A bathroom can utilize a variety of color combinations to aid your bathroom in standing out and fitting your stylistic preferences.

Cream and White

This particular combination of colors is a simple yet effective way to give a great color combination to your bathroom. Cream and white are almost the same color, but cream has more of a milkier and slightly darker tone to it, giving it a nice little contrast to pure white. One good way to incorporate this combination into your bathroom is to you use white fixtures such as bathtubs, toilets and sinks, while utilizing cream for your walls or vanities. The slight contrast will give your bathroom a comfortable neutral feel with a relaxing vibe.

Black and Red

Black and red is a more uncommon combination that has been on the rise over the past few years as the modern bathroom design is becoming more popular. Black fixtures and the finishes that come with the color (especially the matte finish) are becoming more and more popular because of their sleek and neutral appearance. As for the color red, small dashes in combination with the black overtone will be a style that will help make your bathroom pop and gain that eye-catching effect. You can use red in small fixtures or furniture in your bathroom, such as carpets, mirror frames or other small aspects of your bathroom.

White and Powder Blue

As per the design of most bathrooms, white is commonly used in many bathroom styles. This is mainly due to the fact that many bathroom fixtures like sinks and toilets are very commonly available in porcelain or ceramics, which are usually white, making it a good fit for any bathroom. If you aren't necessarily a fan of vibrant and popping colors, the softness of powder blue and white is a great option for you. This specific color combinations simulates a sky-like atmosphere with can add a level or serenity and comfort to your bathroom. These colors are great for kids too, offering a welcoming and comfortable color scheme.

White and Light Green

Similar to white and powder blue, this color combination is a white bathroom complemented with another light color. Instead of blue however, light green is another great option to include in your bathroom. Paired with white walls or fixtures, light green offers another soft option for bathroom coloring. Light green can simulate a more natural feel for your bathroom, so this color schemes could work well in a rustic style bathroom or a nature based bathroom. If you plan to include any plant life or nature inspired fixtures, this color combination will definitely benefit the overall theme of your bathroom with an immersive feel.


Lavender works the most effectively when used as a complement more than a main color of a bathroom, though it can be effective as a main color as well. Like many other colors on this list, this particular color will work amazingly with white. If you use lavender towels or lavender accessories in tandem with white walls and fixtures, you will end up with a neutral bathroom style with popping accents of color.

Final Note

Many of these colors are great bathroom colors overall. These are just a few combinations that will work in your bathroom, but you should definitely explore your options to make sure you know what colors fit your bathroom for the most appealing atmosphere.