The best bathroom colors for 2019

Colors of 2019

As 2019 begins, bathroom designs and trends change and adapt to incoming style choices. One of the aspects included is the colors used in bathrooms. Bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in your home, so you want to make sure you have a nice pallet of colors in your bathroom. Most of the colors on this list are returning colors from 2018 and some colors will work better in different place in your bathroom, making for some versatile options available to you. With the modern bathroom moving more toward a spa, maximum comfort is becoming more of an important factor of a bathroom. Color ties a bathroom design together and wraps up the overall theme of your bathroom together. When discussing colors and which ones work best in your bathroom, two things are typically brought up. The first is the colors that are commonly used in bathrooms today, and the second is the methods in which they are incorporated. Both of these will be covered in this bathroom color guide.

Incorporating Brown into your Bathroom

Brown is increasingly becoming one of the more popular colors in bathrooms today. Brown works well with other popular bathroom colors such as white and black, two neutral colors that can be used in most color toolboxes. Brown is popular most commonly through usage on the walls, but it can be used in almost any aspect of your bathroom. One of the most beautiful bathroom designs that utilizes the color brown is the rustic design. A rustic design incorporates a number of different fixtures, accessories and materials that include natural colors. One of the most prominent and common natural colors is brown. You can also use this color in a naturally centered bathroom design that includes plants and other natural aspects. For example, many vanities and other wooden fixtures are made of wood, which is typically brown in many cases. If you really want that natural aspect in your bathroom, a variant of brown should definitely be something you consider. Brown is used in about 35-40 percent of bathroom in the United States, making it the most popular color for bathrooms in 2019.

Incorporating White into your Bathroom

If there is one color that will always remain popular in bathrooms everywhere, it is white. White has been used in bathrooms for many years and shows no sign of decreasing in popularity. White can be used in basically every aspect of your bathroom. It is most commonly used in fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs or any ceramic built fixture. White walls are still popular in today’s bathroom design, being an easy color to complement with striking colors and other neutral colors such as black and gray. No matter what type of bathroom design you have, you can almost always include white due to how well it goes with virtually every color. Again, this goes back to how white can be used in essentially any aspect of your bathroom. Think of any fixture you can include in your bathroom, and white can be implemented in one way or another and always look visually appealing. White is one of the most versatile colors in this regard.