Finding the best bathroom sink for your budget.

  • Mounted Sinks
  • Vessel Sinks
  • Undermount and Drop-In Sinks
  • Semi-Recessed Sinks
  • Free-Standing Sinks

Wall Mounted Sinks

Wall mounted bathroom sinks offer a number of benefits. They save space, can be installed at any height, and come available in several different styles and colors. Because of those aspects, wall mounted sinks are easier to clean as well. As far a price goes, wall mounted sinks, like some of the other sinks on this list, can vary in price. Whether you have high or low budget, you will most likely be able to find a wall mounted sink for your bathroom. Wall mounted sinks are a very popular sink for master bathrooms and even guest bathrooms for these reasons. If you want to include a vanity in your bathroom design, a wall mounted sink could also work in that style as well. Some wall mounted sinks can double as vessel sinks, making for a versatile sink style. These particular types of sinks can work in virtually any sized bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, it can help create some extra space, and if you have a large bathroom, a wall mounted sink will be a beautiful floating fixture for your design plan.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel bathroom sinks offer an elegant aspect to your bathroom. They sit nicely on the surface of your countertop and can be made out of a variety of materials, including porcelain, glass, crystal, stone and brass to name a few. Prices for vessel sinks can fluctuate considerably based on the material, size and design. However, simple and appealing vessel sinks can be found at moderate prices. Design orientated vessel sinks can often reach up to several thousands of dollars. One of the best features of vessel bathroom sinks is how beautiful and practical they are. You can incorporate a vessel sink on virtually any type of vanity, making it a valid consideration when you are looking to purchase a bathroom sink. Vessel sinks can be paired with a deck mounted or wall mounted faucet. If you have less space on your counter for a deck mounted faucet, a wall mounted faucet is a beautiful combination for a vessel sink.

Undermount And Drop-in Sinks

Undermount bathroom sinks can conserve space while the design incorporates a seamless transition between the sink and the countertop. Undermount sinks are quite common in many bathrooms, whether they be in a home or elsewhere. Undermount sinks are very common sinks in many bathrooms due to their effective ability to save space as well as offer a great design aspect. Many undermount sinks are available in ceramic and metal most commonly, with many bathroom designs choosing to go with a traditional ceramic material. Metal sinks work well in a vintage or rustic style bathroom, if you decide to go that route. The simplicity of undermount bathroom sinks usually make them a very affordable option. Undermount sinks are typically one of the most common types of sinks you will find in a bathroom due to the quality design as well as the affordable price point.

Semi-Recessed Sinks

Semi-recessed bathroom sinks can be seen as somewhat of a combination between an undermount sink and a vessel sink. They are slightly raised above the countertop while the lower part of the sink is built in to the the countertop. Much like an undermount sink, the installation process only requires a cutout in the countertop, along with the necessary piping underneath. Semi-recessed sinks usually have a simple and clean design and are priced moderately. Semi-recessed sinks, much like undermount sinks and wall mounted sinks, are most commonly made of ceramic material anc can come in a number of beautiful finishes.

Free Standing Sinks

Free standing bathroom sinks, typically referred to as pedestal sinks, can give your bathroom a classy feel while offering a unique design quality. They tend to work very well in small bathrooms and medium sized bathrooms. However, if you have a larger bathroom and you want to include a pedestal sink, you always have the option to do so. A beautiful pedestal sink can look good in any bathroom size or design if integrated properly. Free standing sinks are slightly more expensive than something like an undermount sinks, but are still a very practical and popular choice for bathrooms. These types of sinks are great for a traditional bathroom design in which you want to show of the beautiful designs of your bathroom fixtures.