Here is a list of some of the best sinks that you should consider for your bathroom design in 2019.


Simple 60 Wall Mounted/Vessel Sink - ModoBath

A versatile and popular style of sink in 2018, the same can be said in 2019. The Simple 60 can either be mounted on the wall or mounted on the counter top as a vessel sink. Its simple design makes it versatile and usable in every bathroom. The Simple 60 is available with zero, one or three faucet holes, meaning that you can use virtually any faucet that you want. Mounting hardware is included with this sink, making the installation process much easier. The rectangular design is sharp and simple, making this sink fit into many bathroom designs. This particular type of sink will work very well in esentially every bathroom design, so it is definitely a sink to consider.

Memoirs Undermount Sink - Kohler

This particular sink from Kohler is a beautiful and sleek option for a bathroom sink. Because of its design, it can be used in almost any bathroom theme or design. The build and installation makes for a smooth design factor for your bathroom and is easy to clean. This sink has an rectangular basin and it can use a wall mounted faucet or a deck mounted faucet, though the deck mounted faucet will have to be installed on the countertop due to the sink being undermount.. If you are designing or renovating your bathroom, this is a great sink to consider.

Town Square S Pedestal Sink - American Standard

The Town Square S pedestal sink is another pedestal sink that can offer a stylish design to your bathroom. This sink brings a sense of classic architecture to your bathroom with unique molding to make it stand out from the rest of the bunch. This sink proves useful in saving space for your bathroom while still being effective and a great focal point for your bathroom. The width of this sink measures 30 inches, giving you sufficient space for whatever you need. The lip in the back of the sink gives you space to store your toothbrush holder or anything similar, acting as a built in shelf.

Unlimited 60 Wall Mounted/Vessel Sink - ModoBath

The Unlimited 60, similar to the Simple 60, is a sink that can either be wall mounted or act as a vessel sink, offering that versatility factor. The Unlimited 60 is available with no faucet and one faucet hole, so if you decide you would prefer a wall mount faucet, you can definitely go that route. It is available in ceramic white, a color that works with most bathrooms. The rectangular shape meshes well with the geometry of a modern bathroom, or any bathroom for that matter. The Unlimited 60 is a beautiful piece for your bathroom if you are renovating or need a new beautiful sink.

Retro 1047+1070 Pedestal Sink - WS Bath Collections

The Retro pedestal sink is a beautifully crafted sink made in Italy, made of ceramics. This sink includes mounting hardware, making for a simple installation process. It is also available with one or three faucet holes, making it easy for you to incorporate the faucet that you want to have for your sink. This particular sink offers a classic feel and can help your bathroom add a factor of elegance and beauty to your bathroom that you could need.

Reve Pedestal Sink - Kohler

Pedestal sinks are often overlooked but in 2019, they are slowly making their way back to the top of the list. This sink combines a traditional style with a modern flare. The Reve has a v-shaped basin, a rectangular pedestal and a sleek design, making it a solid option for virtually any bathroom. This sink has a single faucet hole giving you plenty of options for the type of faucet you want to install, as long as it only requires one hole. It also has a overflow drain as an added feature, and is made of fire clay. The sink measure 39 inches in width.

Energy 60 - ModoBath

The Energy 60 is a simple yet stylish wall mounted sink. The Energy 60 is a rectangular shaped sink that is available with either one or three faucet holes. Mounting hardware is included with this sink allowing for a simple installation process. This sink is suitable for both residential and commercial use because of its neutral design and color. The Energy 60 is composed of ceramic, a common material used for other bathroom fixtures, making it mesh well with your other bathroom fixtures.

Celerity Above Counter Vessel Sink - American Standard

This sink is simple and easy. If you are looking for a sink that fits well in a minimalist or simple design, consider the Celerity. The Celerity is a vessel sink that encourages a simple and modern feel for your bathroom. Its white color and composition of vitreous china makes it a nice neutral styled sink. This sink does not come with faucet holes, so will have to use either a wall mounted faucet or a counter mounted faucet, which is not a negative by any means.