7 Best Makeup Mirrors

7 Best Makeup Mirrors

Criteria for Determining the Best Makeup mirrors

  • Build quality and design.
  • The overall utility of the makeup mirror is based on practicality and usability.
  • The makeup mirror is both functionally comfortable and beautifully designed.
  • Price. The best makeup mirrors should be well-priced and suitable to be used for medium to large projects, as well as residential projects and home renovations.
  • Availability, the makeup mirrors should be readily available in stock.


Beauty 500T Makeup Mirror - ModoBath

The Beauty 500T wall mounted magnifying mirror is one of the premier makeup mirrors on the market today. The makeup mirror is beautiful in design and functionality. It is finished in polished chrome and made of a durable solid brass base. In addition to a beautiful design, the Beauty 500T magnifying mirror comes with a sensor LED lighting feature.


It also has a continuous LED light range that changes from a cool white to a warm white, operated using a simple touch sensor. In addition, the lights are very efficient, being able to last for up to 50,000 hours. It also has a double jointed arm. This allows you to position the mirror to your preferred location. Also, the face of the makeup mirror is jointed, allowing for even more precise positioning. It is mounted on the wall as well. The 5x magnification factor makes it easy and comfortable for you to use the magnifying mirror for any task.


WS 91WR Magnifying Makeup Mirror - WS Bath Collections

The WS 91WR wall mounted magnifying mirror is a beautiful mirror with a number of great design elements. The magnifying mirror is composed of a solid brass base. It can be finished in matte white, matte black and chrome, giving you three stylish looks. The WS 91WR magnifying mirror also has an LED lighting feature.


The mirror charges with a micro USB as well. To turn the mirror on, you simply have to look in the mirror. It is mounted on the wall as well, with extendable arms and a swivel face. This will allow you to comfortably position the magnifying mirror. The WS 91WR magnifying mirror also has a 5x magnification factor as well. The reflection is extremely clear and there is no distortion at all. The sleek design combined with the great lighting feature makes this mirror one of the most useful makeup mirrors available.


Sensor Mirror Pro Wide View Makeup Mirror - Simplehuman

The Sensor Mirror Pro Wide View magnifying mirror is a large mirror that will give you a high quality reflection. Because it can be difficult to apply makeup in dim light, this makeup mirror fixes that problem. The tru-lux light system allows you to see subtle variations in your makeup color much more effectively.


In addition, you can choose presets or use the phone app to capture light settings from your surrounding environment and recreate them on the makeup mirror. This makes the makeup mirror incredibly useful and very effective. The magnifying mirror also has sensor technology, turning on when you look into it. It will never turn off unexpectedly due to the motion sensor increasing its field. In addition, it is charged with a micro USB, with one charge lasting up to four weeks. The magnification factor can range from 1x to 10x.


Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi 8" Round Makeup Mirror - Simplehuman

The Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi makeup mirror is a beautiful makeup mirror that includes a number of incredibly useful features. First, this makeup mirror is beautifully designed. The body of the mirror is sleek and the face of the mirror is modern. The lighting in the mirror is sensor activated, making it very easy and comfortable to use.


In addition to that, the makeup mirror incorporates the unique feature of utilizing Amazon Alexa into its design. The speaker is custom designed and allows you to listen to music or podcasts while you are getting ready. On the side of the makeup mirror, there is a light control bar that you can use to perfectly adjust your mirror's brightness. The tru-lux light system is designed to simulate natural sunlight's full color spectrum. The mirror needs to be plugged in. The magnification factor is 5x.


LED Oval Rechargeable Vanity Makeup Mirror - Frontgate

This mirror is simple, yet very effective as a makeup mirror. It is one of the most affordable makeup mirrors on this list, making it very accessible.


There are several features that make this mirror worth consideration. First, the LED lights are rechargeable, with one charge lasting about five hours. It also has a touch-sensitive dimmer switch to adjust the brightness level. There is a 5x magnification factor as well, which is great for visibility and a high quality reflection. This makeup mirror can be placed anywhere in your bathroom. It comes with a 72 inch cord, giving you plenty to work with when you want to plug it in. It also has 360-degree endless mirror head rotation for precise positioning.


Spiegel 1095.060.17 Magnifying Makeup Mirror - Modobath

The Spiegel is a great makeup mirror for any situation. This magnifying makeup mirror is both unique and familiar, equipped with various helpful features. On one side of the mirror, you have a 7x magnification. On the reverse side, you have a 3x magnification. The mirror is hard wired, utilizing a direct power connection.


The light is dimmable as well, allowing you to adjust the brightness to a preferred level. It is mounted on the wall and has a swivel arm. The arm extends 12 inches. This allows you to move the magnifying mirror to a desired location. Composed of a solid brass base and finished in chrome, this mirror can fit into any design. The Spiegel magnifying makeup mirror is a very beautiful mirror that will serve as an effective accessory for your bathroom design.


OUTLINE Shaving/Make-up Mirror - Smedbo

The Outline Shaving/Makeup Magnifying Mirror provides you with all of the necessary elements of a high quality mirror. For example, the makeup mirror has LED lighting, powered by AA batteries. The light will turn off after 15 minutes, to ensure that you don't waste energy if you forget to turn it off. Warm and cold light are features of the LED lighting in the makeup mirror as well. It also has a 5x magnification factor, giving you a great reflection and high quality visibility. It is mounted on your wall as well, making it easy for you to mount it at the perfect preferred height. The Outline is finished in a beautiful polished chrome, making it easy to integrate the mirror into any bathroom design.


Build Quality of a Makeup Mirror

There are several elements of a makeup mirror that need to be considered when purchasing a new mirror for your design. First, look to see what the base material is. A brass base material is common in magnifying mirrors. Brass is both very durable and very versatile. As far as a finish goes, you want to choose one that will last a long time. the last thing you want is a low quality finish that chips away or fades. Consider high quality and easy to clean materials to ensure that your mirror has a long lifespan.

You also need to consider the quality of the lighting. This is something you should look at very closely. First, look at the longevity of the lights. LED lighting is very efficient, so make sure you prioritize it when looking for your next mirror. Quality lighting is also important. Loose pieces will end up damaging the quality of your mirror as well as the overall bathroom design.

Lighted Magnifying Mirrors vs. Non-Lighted Magnifying Mirrors

When purchasing a magnifying mirror, one of the most important elements to consider is whether you want it lighted or not. There are several factors to take into account. For example, If you have access to a power outlet in an accessible location, a hardwired magnifying mirror might be the best option for you. This will allow you to have a continuous source of power without having to replace or recharge any batteries. You could also go with a battery operated magnifying mirror. These mirrors can be moved to a desired location without having to be plugged into the wall. Rechargeable mirrors are the same way. As long as the mirror has its batteries charged or replaced, you’ll have a sufficiently lighted magnifying mirror.

If you already have sufficient lighting in your bathroom, you may not even need a lighted magnifying mirror. If this is the case, consider a beautiful rimless magnifying mirror. This type of mirror will fit seamlessly into any bathroom design due to its sleek and versatile look. In addition, you won’t need to spend on batteries or worry about wires. Depending on your specific situation, decide whether or not you need a lighted magnifying mirror for your bathroom design.

Best Light Types for Magnifying Mirrors

There are several things to consider when it comes to the lighting used in a magnifying mirror. First of all, the best type of lighting is LED. This is mainly because they consume low amounts of energy and last extremely long amounts of time. In many cases, they can last up to 50,000 hours. LED lighting is also incredibly effective at resembling the color spectrum of natural light. If at all possible, try to utilize natural light where you can. This is definitely something to consider if you have a non-lighted magnifying mirror.

There are also some types of lighting that you need to avoid. For starters, avoid fluorescent lighting. It is too bright to be comfortable and can distort the image of your reflection. You should also avoid many types of colored light such as yellow and pink. The color can make your reflection look brighter or darker than it actually is. To adjust the brightness of your magnifying mirror, consider a dimmer device. This will allow you to perfectly adjust the brightness to a precise level.

How Much Magnification is Sufficient?

Magnification factor is an integral part of a high quality magnifying mirror. The range of magnification can be anything from 1x to 20x. However, there are a number of things to consider here. For example, the higher the magnification factor, the more distortion your mirror will have. A 5x to 7x magnification factor is common. By utilizing this magnification factor, you will get the best combination of visibility and quality. Try to avoid passing 10x magnification. Anything above 10x could prove to be a bit too much and possibly uncomfortable. A 3x magnification factor is generally good for most people, but if you have vision issues, consider a higher magnification factor. It is important to remember, the higher the magnification, the smaller the field of view.

Ideal Makeup Mirror Arm Extension

The number and versatility of arms on a magnifying mirror are two of the most important elements of the mirror. First of all, it is important to be able to position your magnifying mirror to a desired location. A mirror with one arm can be extended. The face of the mirror can sometimes be on a pivot, allowing you to position the mirror to a comfortable spot. If the mirror has two arms, it will often be easier to position the mirror. The mirror will also be able to extend much further out than a single arm mirror in most cases. You should always make sure that the magnifying mirror is comfortable to use when standing in front of your sink or vanity without having to lean.

The position of your bathroom sink or vanity is important to consider here. The magnifying mirror should be placed in a location that is comfortable to reach. Try to place your mirror in an accessible location for comfortable use each and every time. If the mirror is mounted on the wall, make sure that it can be extended far enough for easy use. For mirrors placed on the counter, make sure that the mirror can be adjusted to accommodate you wherever you are standing. Comfort is key when mounting or installing a magnifying mirror.

New Makeup Mirror Trends

  • Sensor activation that detects you are using the mirror just by looking at it. Sensor technology allows for energy efficiency and a hands-free experience. This type of sensor turns off automatically after you are done using the mirror, sensing when you leave the area.
  • Continuous color ranges make a magnifying mirror much more precise in terms of a high quality reflection. The ability to choose a preferred color allows for a heightened comfortable experience.
  • Touch sensors are great for both operating the magnifying mirror light as well as other possible tech features of the mirror. They are very similar to motion sensor activated mirrors in many ways.
  • Battery operated mirrors and rechargeable mirrors are both efficient and versatile. Because they are not wired, they can be placed in many different locations easily. Charges will typically last about 5-10 hours of use in most cases. Batteries must be replaced after a while (typically around 6-12 months).
  • Matte white and matte black are two extremely beautiful and popular finishes for magnifying mirrors. They are sleek and stylish, fitting into many different bathroom designs. The matte trend is also trending in other areas of the bathroom as well.

Best Makeup Mirrors by Category


Best Rated Lighted Makeup Mirror - Smile 850T Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror

The Smile 850T Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror is a great makeup mirror with several beneficial features. It is hardwired, making it convenient to power on without replacing batteries. In addition, the dimmable lighting is great for precision and comfort. It also has a double jointed arm, with the mirror capable of rotating in all directions. This makeup mirror is made in Germany, with a high quality build.



Best Rated Inexpensive Makeup Mirror

A very versatile and affordable makeup mirror, the Conair 3-Way Touch Control Lighted Makeup Mirror is a solid choice for any bathroom design. This makeup mirror comes in a beautiful matte black, making it both stylish and attractive. Although this is one of the less expensive makeup mirrors on the market, it has a sturdy build quality and many great reviews by customers.



Best 3x Magnifying Mirror

Featuring a sleek and beautiful design, the Mevedo 5594 Freestanding Magnifying Mirror is a great magnifying mirror for your bathroom. The 3x magnification is crystal clear and free of any distortion. In addition to that, the magnifying mirror rotates in all directions, making it easy to position to a preferred location. The solid brass base with a polished chrome finish makes for a durable magnifying mirror that will last a long time in your bathroom design.



Best 10x Magnifying Mirror

The stainless steelSensor Mirror Pro Wide View Freestanding Makeup Mirror is perfect for close-up reflections. This makeup mirror has a 10x magnification factor with tru-lux lighting technology, giving you a consistent high quality reflection. In addition, the makeup mirror is capable of 50,000 color variations via presets or a phone application. The light will never turn off unexpectedly, utilizing dependable sensor technology.



Best Gold Makeup Mirror

The Smile 360 Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror is a high quality and beautiful makeup mirror. This makeup mirror has a 5x magnification factor and is made of solid brass. It has a beautiful gold finish, with other finishes to choose from as well. In addition, it is hardwired so you don't have to think about battery replacements or recharging. The LED light makes the mirror reflection very clear and comfortable to use. Made in Germany, this makeup mirror is built very well.



Best Matte Black Makeup Mirror

The beautiful matte black Spiegel WS 33 Magnifying Makeup Mirror is a versatile and stylish accessory for any bathroom design. This magnifying mirror has a double arm that is extendable, with a swiveling face. The matte black finish makes this magnifying mirror a bold yet stylish statement for your design. It is also double sided, with a 5x magnification on one side and a 1x magnification on the other. The reflection is free of distortion for a clear and quality reflection.



Best Double-Sided Makeup Mirror

The Kimball & Young 925135 Makeup Mirror is an extremely useful mirror to incorporate into your design. This makeup mirror has two sides, with 1x/5x, 3x, and 7x magnification factors to choose from. The low energy LED diodes consume 1/12 the power of comparable incandescent bulbs. Finished in brushed brass, this mirror exemplifies beauty and should be considered if you need a high quality makeup mirror.



Best Hard-Wired Makeup Mirror

The Beauty 500T Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror is operated by touch sensor technology that turns the light on and off and changes the light color. This magnifying mirror is also made of solid brass and finished in polished chrome. Click here for the full review on the Beauty 500T.



Best Battery-Operated Makeup Mirror

The best battery operated makeup mirror on the market today is the Conair Fluorescent 1x/10x/15x Fluorescent Mirror. This makeup mirror has energy saving fluorescent bulbs that will last a lifetime. In addition, you can choose between a 1x, 10x and 15x magnification factor. This makeup mirror has a beautiful satin nickel finish as well, making it a perfect fit for many different bathroom designs. It is also very affordable if you are looking for a high quality makeup mirror.



Best Wall-Mounted Makeup Mirror

The Jerdon Style 6.5" x 9" 5X LED Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror offers a number of great features. The double arm extends 15.5" from the wall giving you room to position the mirror to a preferred location. The bright LED bulbs in the makeup mirror will never have to be replaced and they are powered by a 6" power plug with a grounded plug. The 6.5" x 9.5" mirror face is large enough to give you a full high quality reflection for anything you might need to do in your vanity area. The 5x magnification is also very helpful in this regard.



Best Free Standing Makeup Mirror

The Smile 710 3x Magnifying Makeup Mirror is a beautiful high quality makeup mirror. It has a 3x magnification factor, giving you a comfortable reflection. The makeup mirror is finished in polished chrome or matte black, giving you two beautiful finishes to choose from. The solid brass base makes this makeup mirror sturdy and reliable as well. It is also adjustable with a swiveling base, making it easy to position the mirror. The Smile 710 is freestanding as well, giving you the option to place it anywhere on your vanity or countertop.


How Will Your Makeup Mirror Be Used?

A makeup mirror is typically used for applying makeup, shaving or other similar tasks. Depending on the size and magnification factor, some makeup mirrors will be more effective than others. This will ultimately come down to personal preferences. However, there are a few guidelines to follow. For example, try not to go over a 10x magnification factor because it can be a bit too difficult to comfortably use.. You should also avoid a makeup mirror that is too large. Choose a size that is small enough to comfortably maneuver and position for comfortable use. It should still be big enough to be able to see a large enough reflection however. If you need to constantly reposition your mirror, consider a mirror with multiple or extendable arms. In general, your makeup mirror should be tailored to your specific needs.

Battery Power Makeup Mirrors Vs. Hardwired Makeup Mirrors

There are several key differences between battery operated and hardwired makeup mirrors. First of all batteries will need to be replaced after a certain amount of time. However, with energy efficient lights in many makeup mirrors on the market, battery replacements won’t be necessary very often. This is especially true if the makeup mirror has sensor activated lights. The type of battery needed in each makeup mirror will differ depending on the model you are using. Rechargeable batteries are becoming very common, but some makeup mirrors will need replaceable batteries.

Hardwired makeup mirrors are convenient in the sense that they have one continuous power source with no need for battery replacement. However, they do require a power outlet to power them. This generally isn’t a problem for most bathroom designs, but make sure you know where the nearest outlet is before you install your makeup mirror. Oftentimes you will be able to wire the makeup mirror behind the wall for a clean look with no exposed wires.

Key Features of a Makeup Mirror

A makeup mirror should be built well with a beautiful design. A good makeup mirror will have several key features that will make it as useful and comfortable as it can get. Below is a list of the most important features of a makeup mirror.

  • Build Quality - The build quality of a makeup mirror is dependent on the materials used as well as the strength of the mirror in terms of longevity.
  • Quality of the Reflection - You need a clear and clean reflection in order to fully enjoy the capabilities of your magnifying mirror. Clean it regularly to ensure it is clean for every use.
  • Design - Design is subjective, but a great design that matches your overall bathroom design is important. Materials and finishes will play a big part in the design of a makeup mirror.
  • Size - The size of a makeup mirror will depend on what you need it for. If you prefer a large reflection, get a larger mirror and vice versa.
  • Lighting - LED lighting is the best option for a lighted makeup mirror. Other types of lighting can be used, but it is important to focus on efficiency.
  • Power - There are two ways to power a makeup mirror, batteries and hard wiring. Batteries can be rechargeable or replaceable, and hard wiring requires consistent power source but won’t need batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Makeup Mirrors


Q: How Should I Clean My Makeup Mirror?

A: First, lightly wet the surface of the mirror with a damp cloth and cleaning solution. Wipe the mirror softly but thoroughly. Ensure that you are properly removing any smudges or marks. Wipe the mirror up and down to avoid any streaks in your mirror.

Q: How Should I Care For My Makeup Mirror?

A: Dust your and wipe down your mirror regularly to keep it clean and beautiful. Depending on the material used in your mirror, the process could vary. Because most makeup mirrors are composed of some type of metal, a general microfiber cloth and some cleaning solution should do the trick for the entirety of the mirror.

Q: How Should I Install a Makeup Mirror?

A: A makeup mirror can either be installed on your wall or on a countertop. A wall mounted makeup mirror is usually fastened to the wall via screws or similar hardware. A countertop makeup mirror can be fastened to a countertop in a similar way. In addition, it can simply be placed on the countertop to be moved at your leisure.

Q: What is the Price of a Makeup Mirror?

A: The price of a makeup mirror will depend on the material used, size, build quality and a number of other factors. Well built makeup mirrors that have beautiful design features will end up costing more than a cheaply made makeup mirror.

Q: Who Will Be Using the Makeup Mirror?

A: Makeup mirrors are generally a one person fixture. However, if multiple people are going to be using the makeup mirror, make sure it is accessible. For example, mount it at a comfortable height and consider including multiple arms for versatile positioning.

Q: Should You Consider a Luxury Makeup Mirror?

A: If you plan on using this makeup mirror every day, you should absolutely consider a high end luxury makeup mirror. This will ensure that your makeup mirror is reliable, comfortable and durable. Although it will cost a bit more money in the short term, it will definitely be worth it if you plan on using it on a regular basis.

Q: How Do I Know if I Need a New Makeup Mirror?

A: If your makeup mirror has any cracks in the mirror or frame, try to get a new one as soon as you can. In addition, your makeup mirror might just be old or outdated. If this is the case, you should look for a brand new modern makeup mirror. This will add a beautiful element of design to your bathroom.

Q: What do I Need to Know Before I Buy a New Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity?

A: It is important to know the material, price, size, build quality and reliability of a makeup mirror. You should also look around to purchase it from a trusted seller. A makeup mirror is extremely helpful for close up reflections. If you plan on using it more often than not, consider a high quality and reliable makeup mirror.

Q: What is the Best Lighting for a Makeup Mirror?

A: The common consensus on the best lighting for a makeup mirror is LED Lighting. Led lights are low voltage (energy efficient) lights. They last up to 50,000 hours which is essentially a lifetime, and provide the best natural lighting for applying makeup or shaving. Moreover, many led lighted makeup mirrors include additional features such as dimmable led lights and continuous color ranges.

Q: How Much Magnification is Enough?

A: Excluding very specific situations where you need more magnification, we recommend 5x magnifying mirrors. However, it is very important to purchase a high quality mirror. High quality mirrors will have no distortions giving you a very clear reflection that is not disturbing. Many lower-end magnifying mirrors are available in 10x magnification and higher. Those mirrors are typically very distorted and do not feel very great to use.

Q: How to Determine the Length of the Cosmetic Mirror that I Need?

A: Typically, the mirror should extend past the vanity or the sink so that it is comfortable to use without leaning. If you have open space in your bathroom, then the length may not be an important factor and you can place the mirror in an area that is not obstructed. If you are placing the mirror to the side of the vanity or sink, you should measure the width (front to back) of the counter. Ensure the mirror’s arm extension is within a few inches of that width. It is worth mentioning that one of the best spots to put a mirror is on the side wall if you are able to and not on the same wall as the vanity.


Final Note

Magnifying mirrors are great pieces to include in a bathroom design. They offer both design and functionality. Magnifying mirrors and makeup mirrors should be included in a complete bathroom design, aiding you with anything that requires a close-up view or reflection. Consider all of the makeup mirrors on this list if you are in the market for a high quality makeup mirror. Whether you want and slim rimless mirror or a high-tech LED mirror, you will find the makeup mirror that fits in your bathroom design the best. Make sure your makeup mirror has all of the features that you wan in order to maximize the functionality and comfort of your bathroom design.

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