Best Natural Bathroom Materials

Best Natural Bathroom Materials

Some of the best materials a bathroom can use can be found in nature. There are beautiful options to consider when choosing these natural materials. Materials such as different types of wood and stone encompass many different beautiful tones and textures for various different spaces. In addition, several other great natural materials can play a great role in a bathroom design as well. This guide will cover the best natural bathroom materials and how they can be implemented into a bathroom design.

Best Natural Bathroom Materials Best Natural Bathroom Materials

Wood is Beautiful and Reliable

As one of the most common natural bathroom materials, wood is a great option to consider for different areas of your design. It is commonly used in bathroom vanities. However, it can be used in various other areas of your bathroom as well. For example, wood is very nice when used in bathroom sinks, bathtubs and mirror frames, among many others. The plethora of tones and textures that wood can offer also makes it one of the most versatile materials on the market. The types of wood allow you to find the perfect one for your specific design plan. Here are some of the best types of wood that are commonly used in a bathroom design to help your bathroom embrace nature.


As one of the most versatile types of wood for everyday life in general, plywood is a solid option. It may not be the most naturally aesthetic types of wood, but it serves as a canvas for some great finishes. Plywood can use any type of wood finish or colors, making it easy to use into any bathroom design. Plywood is commonly used in bathroom cabinets or bathroom vanities.


One of the sturdiest and most durable types of wood is maple. Maple is a great wood material to use in various aspects of a bathroom, mainly including bathroom vanities, cabinets and even bathtubs or sinks. Maple is also one of the most recognizable bathroom materials, with the dark tones making it a focal point in a bathroom.


Birch is a great contrast to maple due to the generally lighter tones. This type of wood is great for any wooden bathroom vanity, mirror frame or cabinet. Birch is a hardwood, making it great for any type of bathroom environment with high durability. If you are looking for a more neutrally colored wood, birch will be a great option for you.

Medium Density Fiberboard

Although it is not quite as strong as other woods such as maple or birch, medium density fiberboard has a lot to offer to a bathroom design. This material is great for the longevity in a bathroom because it is resistant to termites and quite affordable in most cases. Medium density fiberboard is most commonly used in storage units and similar pieces of furniture.


Teak is a great type of wood that can be used almost anywhere in a bathroom. It is used in shower areas due to the natural resistance to moisture and fungus. It can be used in shower mats, shower baskets and other common shower items. In addition, it can be used well as a bathroom vanity and cabinet material.


Another durable and versatile type of wood, fir is a great option for all areas of the bathroom. Douglas Fir is a great wood to use in bathroom flooring. It can also be used in other mainstay bathroom fixtures as long as you provide it with proper upkeep.


Stone Brings Personality and Durability to a Design

When it comes to natural bathroom materials, stone is one of the best for displaying the creativity and quality of the design. Various different types of stone are available to use in bathrooms. All of which provide the bathroom with a unique element of design. Because stone will tend to be heavier and more dense than other common bathroom materials, it can serve several purposes. Here are some of the best types of stone to use in a bathroom design.

Best Natural Bathroom Materials Best Natural Bathroom Materials


A suitable material for most bathroom vanity counters, as well as other areas of the bathroom, is granite. Granite is one of the most reliable materials for countertops in both bathrooms and kitchens. This is due to the solid surface that is easy to clean and maintain. In addition, granite can come in many colors, able to fit various situations well.


Marble is an elegant bathroom material that shows high quality and class in a bathroom design. In most cases, marble will be a lighter, creamier tone. However, other types and colors of marble, such as black, as well as others. Marble can be used in countertops, accessories and even shower spaces.


Very similar to granite, quartz is one of the most commonly used bathroom materials when it comes to vanity countertops. Quartz can be bold or subtle, depending on your preferences. It is very durable and very reliable, making it a solid choice for any bathroom design.


Commonly used in the floors or walls of a bathroom design, slate is a great option for high quality bathroom designs. Slate is a darker type of stone that works to make a bathroom beautiful and elegant. As long as it is properly maintained, slate can add a great level of design and class to a bathroom environment.


Why Natural Materials Benefit a Bathroom

Natural materials bring a great level of comfort and design to a bathroom design. Materials such as wood and stone are some of the best natural materials that can be used in the bathroom due to the strength and aesthetics. Stone is one of the most elegant and durable bathroom materials. Wood offers a generally affordable and comfortable option to the overall design of the bathroom space. The use of these bathroom materials will serve to boost the quality of your bathroom design.

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