Best Plumbing Showrooms in New Jersey

We researched the best plumbing showrooms in New Jersey. Based on our criteria, we have determined the best locations across the state. Our criteria was based on the following factors: Production selection, brands offered, pricing, quality of the staff, location, reviews and several others. This guide will highlight the best plumbing showrooms in New Jersey, so you know where to find fixtures and accessories for your next renovation.

General Plumbing Supply - Green Brook Township, New Jersey

General Plumbing Supply has a vast amount of plumbing fixtures, as well as various other elements for home design. They carry some of the most reliable names in the industry, including Kohler, Moen, Matco, Kissler and several others to choose from. If you are a fan of Kohler, there are several Kohler-specific locations around the state as well. The showroom displays a number of different fixtures for kitchens, bathrooms, lighting and accessories, laundry rooms and numerous different accessories. In addition to a showroom, General Plumbing Supply also offers heating and HVAC services as well.

The staff at this showroom is helpful and ready to give you assistance as soon as you walk in. If you make an appointment, you will be able to receive a one on one consultation with one of the expertly trained staff members. If you visit their website, you can make your appointment online. In addition to that, you can take a virtual tour of the showroom. This way, you will be able to get an idea of what the showroom looks like. You’ll also get an idea of the fixtures that are on display. The showroom has plenty of open space for you to move freely and browse the selection comfortably.

Atlantic - Tom’s River, New Jersey

Atlantic Supply’s showroom features some of the most streamline and popular brands on the market today. For example, you will find leading names such as American Standard, Aquatic, Moen, California Faucet, Grohe and Toto among many others. They incorporate both kitchen and bathroom plumbing, as well as other interior design elements such as cabinet hardware. Visit their website to browse their catalog in order to get a good idea of what kind of products you are looking for. You can view each fixture by brand, making it an easy process for you.

If you want a personalized experience, consider making an appointment online or over the phone. The staff will help you explore all areas of the showroom in order for you to get what you are looking for efficiently and effectively. The showroom also has flexible hours, being open six days a week. Atlantic has several showrooms around the state, so you will most likely have a location accessible to you. If you have any questions about the showroom, it is encouraged that you contact the showroom as soon as possible.

Weinstein Supply Showroom - Egg Harbor, New Jersey

The Weinstein Supply Showroom features some of the most beautiful and trustworthy fixtures in the industry. Both kitchen and plumbing hardware is available here. You will find brands such as Kohler, Duravit, Delta, Grohe, Barclay, Elkay and a number of other reliable brands. In addition to several beautiful brands, you can find a wide selection of different pieces of hardware and appliances. For example, you can find everything from bathroom faucets to kitchen cabinets. This makes it one of the most versatile showrooms in the state. There are several locations to this showroom, so there will be a showroom relatively close to you.

This showroom is open six days a week, from Monday through Saturday. It is recommended that you make an appointment if you want a one on one consultation with no interruptions. If you want to visit on a Saturday, it is highly recommended that you make an appointment due to how busy it can get. If you have any questions or concerns, visit their website. The website highlights each brand and fixture in order to provide you with the information that you need.

Ocean Bath & Kitchen - Ocean, New Jersey

The Ocean Bath & Kitchen showroom is located in the beautiful town of Ocean, putting it in a very scenic environment. This showroom carries a number of trustworthy and mainstream brands. For example, you can find names such as Rohl, Lenova Sinks, Panasonic, Native Trails, Fleurco and several others. The showroom is 3,000 square feet, giving you plenty of space to browse a vast selection of beautiful fixtures and accessories. They are the area’s largest independent bath and kitchen showroom as well.

If you plan on making a visit, consider making an appointment. This will ensure that you are getting the undivided attention of one of the expertly trained staff members. You can make an appointment online or over the phone. It is advised that you detail your plan so the staff member knows exactly what you want your project to be. They can work on both residential and commercial projects, giving you some flexibility. They have helped architects, homeowners, contractors and everything in between.

HM Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom - East Brunswick, New Jersey

The HM Kitchen and Bathroom showroom focuses on displaying some of the most beautiful and durable bathroom and kitchen hardware. They incorporate a number of trustworthy brands into their showroom displays. The main focus of this showroom is to display showers, bathtubs, toilets and other larger plumbing fixtures. In addition to large plumbing fixtures, they specialize in cabinets and tiling as well. They work on both kitchens and bathrooms, providing you with expert craftsmanship and care when installing any fixture into your design.

The staff is trained in cabinetry and interior design, giving you a reliable source to consult. Their services also include tiling, bathroom/kitchen accessories and home improvement. If you want to visit the showroom, you have two options. You can either schedule an appointment or walk into the showroom at your own convenience. It is recommended that you make an appointment in order to get a productive and personalized experience. You can schedule an appointment online or over the phone.

C&S Kitchen and Bath, Inc. - Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

This showroom is massive like some of the others on this list, but they provide some of the highest quality plumbing fixtures around. They feature various original fixtures to give you a personalized and beautiful selection to choose from. You can view all of these fixtures and more on their website, via their online gallery. This will give you an idea of what you can expect before you visit the showroom. In addition to plumbing hardware, they also offer tiles, cabinets and countertops. This will allow you to browse for some of the other areas of your bathroom as well.

They also offer a variety of different services for you to utilize. For example, they offer free in-home design consultation. This will allow a highly trained staff member to get the perfect idea of what you want to do in your bathroom or kitchen design. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, they can increase home value, create space, increase comfort and build the quality of your design. If you are interested in making a visit, schedule a visit or consultation to get personalized experience.

Blackman Plumbing Supply Showroom - Mahwah, New Jersey

Blackman Plumbing features some of the most popular and streamlined brands on the market today. Being a Ferguson showroom, they include brands such as Kohler, Moen, Elkay, Duravit, Grohe, Eurofase and several other high quality names. The showroom is one of the largest in the state, giving you a vast selection of beautiful pieces of hardware to choose from. They offer a great selection of hardware, plumbing, lighting and tile for you to browse. With dozens of fixtures and brands to choose from, you are bound to run into something you like.

Blackman also has great staff that is always ready to assist you no matter what stage you are at in your project. If you want a one on one appointment, it is suggested that you schedule it ahead of time. This way, you are guaranteed a personalized consultation. If you can’t make it to the physical location, you can schedule a virtual appointment as well. They also have an online image gallery that will show you many of the fixtures on display in the showroom. You can also purchase directly from the online showroom.

Kitchen & Bathworks - Cherry Hill, New Jersey

This showroom displays some of the most beautiful streamline fixtures on the market. As one of the premier Kohler showrooms in New Jersey, you will find a variety of high quality Kohler products. In addition, you will also find over one hundred different brands to browse. These brands include Elkay, Toto, Panasonic, Brasscraft, Barclay and several others. You can visit their website in order to view their online gallery to view some of their most beautiful fixtures. This way, you can get a solid idea and plan of what you want to do when you visit the showroom.

In addition to a wide selection of plumbing hardware, the showroom has several experienced staff members available at all times. You can also make an appointment to get a comprehensive guide as to how you can optimize your design. If you have any questions, you can ask online or over the phone to get your questions answered as soon as possible. The showroom itself is larger than most, so you are guaranteed to find something to fit into your perfect bathroom or kitchen design.

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