Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are both necessary and beautiful pieces of bathroom furniture. As trends and designs change, you should always be looking to improve your own design with a wall mounted vanity. Wall mounted vanities are some of the most rewarding fixtures that you can incorporate into a design. With sleek features, unique design components and increased comfort, a wall mounted vanity should be something to consider.

This guide will highlight some of the best wall mounted vanities of 2020. We review each vanity on build quality, design versatility and accessibility among other features. Our reviews are unbiased and we are not receiving any compensation for writing this article from any of the companies and showrooms that we mention.


Ambra 60 - Modobath.com

The Ambra 60 is one of the most reliable and stylish vanities on the market today. Made in Spain, this vanity is equipped with a number of efficient features designed to make it as user friendly as possible. The ambra 60 is available in multiple sizes, giving you a variety of choices for your specific design. Designed to fit in any bathroom, this vanity will have everything you need.

One of the most notable features includes an integrated sink and vanity top in gloss white ceramic. This allows you to integrate this vanity into your design flawlessly. In addition to that, this vanity is designed with ergonomics in mind. The handles are integrated on the front of the furniture, giving you easy to open drawers. Soft close drawers with hidden parcel extraction runners are highlighted as a major upside as well. As an added benefit, the upper drawer includes an organizer. This is great for organizing your vanity items and smaller toiletries. Remember, the functionality of your vanity is of utmost importance, and the Ambra 60 focuses on that greatly.
As far as finishes and materials go, you will find the most streamlined and beautiful design elements in this vanity. The structure and front are made of engineered wood in wood finishes and high gloss lacquered. The Gloss White, Nordic Oak, and Samara Ash finishes are utilized perfectly in this vanity as well. Design is an important element to your bathroom design as a whole, therefore, you have an option as to which finish will work the best in your layout. The Ambra 60 is one of the best vanities on the market, so give it some consideration if you are going through a bathroom renovation or remodel.

This vanity retails at $870.00 at modobath.com.

Jute - Kohler

This vanity is a sleek and stylish fixture of high quality. The Jute vanity boasts a number of features that puts it on the list of the best bathroom vanities of the year. For starters, the sleek design is an effective and beautiful aspect of the fixture. Available in 7 different colors, you will be able to select your preferred option for your specific design. The vanity itself is made of solid wood, making for a natural and welcoming look. The stain is hand-applied as well, giving the vanity a personal touch of design.

The vanity is built with a number of great functional features as well. Because the doors on the vanity have 110 degree opening capability, you have easy access to any items you might need. Optional in-door accessories and medicine cabinet side kits are available, but they will need to be purchased separately. This is something to consider if you want to prioritize organization and convenience. The vanity itself has interchangeable vanity tops, allowing for a variety of different designs.
This vanity will work in any bathroom design and will thrive in various environments. The moisture resistant finishes will help this fixture survive longer than an average vanity, making it a strong consideration for your next bathroom vanity. The Jute is also a carefully crafted fixture with a high quality build.

The Jute retails at $1,084.00 at Kohler.com.

Duravit L-Cube - Duravit

The L-Cube is a beautiful minimalist vanity. This particular design is perfect for a luxury bathroom environment. Boasting a number of quality design elements, the L-cube is a strong contender for one of the best vanities of the year. At first glance, you will immediately see some of the most attractive qualities of the vanity. You will first notice the sleek edges and beautiful surfaces. This is essential for a modern bathroom design that incorporates high quality fixtures. In addition to quality, the L-Cube features organizers that will allow you to separate your items according to your exact preferences.

The L-Cube strives not only for beautiful design elements, but maximized comfort as well. This is done through the use of easily accessible drawers and a simple installation method. The drawers are handle free, opens via tip-on technology and closes with self-closing action. They are finished in diamond black, making for an added design element that will make your vanity shine. The vanity itself is quite light, making the installation process quick and easy.
The L-Cube is a great vanity if you want a minimalist fixture for a more modern design. There are many different variations of this vanity and several accessories that you can pair with it. This vanity is often paired with a cabinet and mirror. You’ll be able to find these additional fixtures at Duravit.com in order to find the perfect matches. The storage is efficient, the colors are beautiful and you will most likely find everything you need in this vanity.

The L-Cube is priced at $1,020.50 for the 40” vanity, but other sizes are available as well.

Start 50 Pack - Modobath.com

The Start 50 Pack at modobath.com is one of the most versatile and reliable vanities on the market in 2020. With 4 beautiful designs, you will be able to find a style that integrates into your bathroom perfectly. In addition to the multiple different colors, the vanity comes with a matching mirror to complete your vanity area. A high quality mirror working in tandem with your vanity is essential for maximized comfort and style. It is available in Gloss White, Anthracite, Sandy Grey, and Sandy Walnut Finishes, giving you several choices.

The Start 50 utilizes 2 doors with a 105 degree opening capability, giving you more than enough mobility when you are storing or retrieving your items. These doors help with the modern and sleek design of the vanity. To go along with that, the vanity has smooth surfaces and sleek edges to further accentuate the beauty of the fixture. The body of the vanity is composed of natural wood and is crafted with precision and care. Made in Spain, the vanity was built for both durability and beauty.
This vanity will work in any bathroom design due to its universally beautiful design elements. It has handles in beautiful polished chrome and a solid body. In addition to a beautiful design, it includes a hidden hanging bracket directly assembled with great resistance and depth, with proper height regulations.

The Start 50 Pack is priced at $600.00, with optional traps and drains that can be purchased with it.

James Martin Mercer Island 48" - James Martin Vanities

This vanity is one of the larger ones on this list, meaning it will have more storage capabilities and different functional elements. The Mercer Island is a beautiful vanity with a number of great features that enhance the quality of your design. The vanity has two doors as well as three separate drawers, making for a great organizational tool. The drawers are soft-close and the bottoms are lined with brushed aluminum laminate.

In addition to that, the surfaces can be matte white, glossy white and dark gray glossy solid surfaces. This will give you a number of great options for you to integrate this vanity into your bathroom design. You also have a choice for the handles as well. You could go with the standard brushed nickel drawer handles or you can upgrade to the brushed gold hardware.
The vanity is equipped with an integrated top and sink with a stainless steel grate cover for the drain as well. As an added benefit, the vanity comes with a 120 volt electrical component with two electrical and two USB outlets. This will help you with any vanity fixtures or accessories that need to be plugged in. This vanity is an accessible and sleek fixture, making it a great choice for your master bath.

The James Martin Mercer Island 48” sells for $1,235.00.

Duravit Vero DS5308 - Duravit

This sleek and beautiful vanity is an amazing fixture for a number of bathroom designs. The Duravit Vero DS5308 is available in many different colors, making for a total of 15. There are two drawers, with the upper drawer including a cut-out for a siphon and siphon cover. With a minimalist design, this vanity will sit nicely in many designs. This vanity is average sized and can incorporate a beautiful vessel sink.

If you decide to go with this vanity, you can pair it with a number of different accessories and fixtures for a beautiful and complete design. For example, you can get a beautiful cabinet unit for extra storage and a great design element. This cabinet should match your vanity and can be used to store some items that you might not want to put in your vanity. Items include soaps, cleaning supplies or some other items that you might not need every single day.
The Vero will work in any modern bathroom design, so it is definitely worth a strong consideration. Because of its sleek features and comfortable feel, it is absolutely one of the best wall mounted vanities on the market today.

The Vero DS5308 retails at $1,105.00.

Fresca Mezzo - Fresca Bath

Utilizing a simple yet effective design, the Fresca Mezzo is a beautiful wall mounted vanity. This vanity includes a number of great features and accessories that will boost the overall quality of your bathroom design. The vanity also features a widespread chrome faucet as well as a medicine cabinet for added storage and convenience. The vanity itself also features great space for storage.

The vanity includes a nested drawer that is easy to open and extremely smooth. The body of the vanity is made of medium-density fibreboard with an acrylic countertop/sink with an overflow. For the included items, you’ll get a p-trap, faucet/pop-up drain and installation hardware. You also have several options for both your faucet and your side cabinet, making it easy to purchase all of these items at the same time.
In addition, the Fresca Mezzo incorporates a built-in sink with a comfortable design, making it easy for you to go through your everyday routine. It also features plenty of countertop space on both sides of the sink, giving you enough space for some accessories. This is important for both the accessibility of your accessories as well as the overall organization of your bathroom.

The Fresca Mezzo is $879.00 for the 36” model.

Abba 48" Vanity Set - Wyndham Collection

The Abba 48” vanity set is a beautiful vanity with a number of useful and efficient features. For starters, the vanity features an open storage space in the middle, with a set of drawers on each side. This is incredibly useful for organization, especially the open storage area. You can also use this area to store towels, baskets or any other items you want. The drawers are efficient and easy to use.

One thing to note is that this vanity will mainly make use of vessel sinks. When you go to buy this vanity, you can also choose your preferred vessel sink to create a beautiful combination. There is also an accommodation for a single hole faucet. The vanity is carefully crafted and composed of medium-density fibreboard, making it a sturdy and reliable fixture. In addition to that, assembly is incredibly easy. The vanity also utilizes metal hardware that is available in brushed chrome.
In other words, this innovative design will prove to directly upgrade a bathroom design and create a beautiful new focal point. It also includes a matching mirror that you can be paired with the vanity to complete the area. The countertop and sink are customization friendly, giving you several options for your design.

The Abba 48” Vanity Set will cost about $999.00.