Best Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities for 2020

Finding the best wall mounted bathroom vanity can be very difficult. Between online retailers, wholesalers, and showrooms, there are tens of thousands of bathroom vanities to choose from that vary in size, shape, design, finish and materials. This shopping guide will help you determine the best wall mounted bathroom vanities available right now.

Criteria for Determining the Best Wall Mounted Vanities:

  • Build quality and design.
  • The overall utility of the wall mounted bathroom vanity is based on practicality and usability.
  • Price. The best wall mounted bathroom vanities are well-priced and suitable to be used for medium to large projects as well as residential projects and home renovations.
  • Availability, the wall mounted bathroom vanity should be readily available in stock.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are both needed and great pieces of bathroom furniture. As trends and designs change, you should always look to improve your own design with a wall mounted vanity. Wall mounted vanities are some of the best fixtures that you can include into a design. A wall mounted bathroom vanity has a number of great design elements. Wall mounted bathroom vanities are very good fixtures for any bathroom design. Storage, design and several other elements should be noted.

This guide will highlight some of the best wall mounted vanities of 2020. In addition, we review each vanity on build quality, design and access among other features. Our reviews are unbiased and we are not receiving any compensation for writing this article from any of the companies and showrooms that we mention.


Ambra 60 Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity -

The Ambra 60 is one of the most best vanities on the market today. Made in Spain, this vanity comes with a number of great features. These make it as user friendly as possible. In addition, the Ambra 60 is available in multiple sizes, giving you a variety of choices for your specific design. Therefore, this vanity will have what you need.


One of the best features includes a built in sink and vanity top in gloss white ceramic. This allows you to use this vanity in your design. Soft close drawers are great as a major upside as well. As an added perk, the upper drawer includes an divider. This is great for your vanity items and smaller items. Also, it is good to know that the function of your vanity is very important.

As far as finishes and materials go, you will find the best design elements in this vanity. The structure and front are made of engineered wood in wood finishes and high gloss lacquered. In addition, there are three great finishes. These finishes include Gloss White, Nordic Oak, and Samara Ash. Design is an important element to your bathroom design as a whole. Therefore, you have an option as to which finish will work the best in your layout. The Ambra 60 is one of the best vanities on the market. Give it some thought if you are going through a bathroom project.


Jute Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity - Kohler

This vanity is a sleek and stylish fixture of high quality. The Jute vanity has a number of features that puts it on the list of the best bathroom vanities of the year. For starters, the sleek design is a beautiful aspect of the fixture. Available in 7 different colors, you will be able to select the best option for your specific design. This makes for a natural look. This gives the vanity a personal touch of design as well.


Because the doors on the vanity have 110 degree opening range, you have easy access to any items you might need. Optional in-door items and medicine cabinet side kits are available. However, they will need to be purchased separately. Therefore, this is something to consider. The vanity itself has several different vanity tops, allowing for a variety of different designs.

This vanity will work in any bathroom design and will thrive in various areas. The moisture resistant finishes will help this fixture survive longer than an average vanity. It should be a strong choice for your next bathroom vanity.


Duravit L-Cube Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity - Duravit

The L-Cube is a beautiful vanity. This design is perfect for a luxury bathroom space. Boasting a number of quality design elements, the L-cube is a strong contender for one of the best vanities of the year. At first glance, you will see some of the best qualities of the vanity. You will first notice the sleek edges and surfaces. This is great for a modern bathroom design. In addition to quality, the L-Cube features organizers that will allow you to separate your items according to your exact preferences.


The L-Cube strives not only for beautiful design elements, but comfort as well. The drawers are handle free, opens via tip-on tech and closes with self-closing action. This makes for an added design element that will make your vanity shine. In addition, the vanity itself is quite light, making the process quick and easy.

The L-Cube is a great vanity if you want a fixture for a more modern design. There are many different versions of this vanity and several accessories that you can pair with it. You’ll be able to find these fixtures at in order to find the perfect matches. The storage is great, the colors are beautiful and you will most likely find everything you need in this vanity.


Start 50 Pack Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity -

The Start 50 Pack at is one of the most reliable vanities on the market in 2020. With 4 beautiful designs, you will be able to find a style that fits into your bathroom well. In addition to the multiple colors, the vanity comes with a matching mirror to complete your vanity area. A high quality mirror working in tandem with your vanity is great for comfort and style. It is available in Gloss White, Anthracite, Sandy Grey, and Sandy Walnut Finishes, giving you several choices.


The Start 50 utilizes 2 doors with a 105 degree opening capability. This gives you more than enough space when you are storing your items. These doors help with the modern and sleek design of the vanity. To go along with that, the vanity has smooth surfaces and sleek edges to go with the beauty of the fixture. The body of the vanity is composed of natural wood and is crafted with care. 

This vanity will work in any bathroom design due to its beautiful design elements. It has handles in beautiful polished chrome and a solid body. In addition to a beautiful design, it includes a hidden hanging bracket directly assembled with great resistance and depth, with proper height regulations.


Duravit Vero DS5308 Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity - Duravit

This sleek and beautiful vanity is an amazing fixture for a number of bathroom designs. The Duravit Vero DS5308 is available in many different colors, making for a total of 15. There are two drawers, with the upper drawer including a cut-out for a siphon and siphon cover. Also, this vanity will sit nicely in many designs. This vanity can use a beautiful vessel sink.


You can also pair it with a number of different items and fixtures. This will make for a beautiful and complete design. For example, you can get a beautiful cabinet unit for extra storage and a great design element. In addition to that, your cabinet will match the vanity. Items include soaps, cleaning supplies or some other similar items. Also, the Vero will work in any modern bathroom design, so it is worth a strong look. It has sleek features and comfortable feel. Consider this for your next wall mounted bathroom vanity purchase.



Abba 48" Vanity Set Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity - Wyndham Collection

The Abba 48” vanity set is a beautiful vanity with a number of useful and efficient features. First, the vanity features an open storage space in the middle, with a set of drawers on each side. This is very useful for organization, especially the open storage area. You can also use this area to store towels, baskets or any other items you want. In addition to that, the drawers are easy to use.


One thing to note is that this vanity will mainly make use of vessel sinks. When you go to buy this vanity, you can also choose your vessel sink to create a great combination. In addition, there is also an area for a single hole faucet. Furthermore, the vanity is crafted and composed of medium-density fiberboard in addition to that. Therefore, this makes it a sturdy fixture. In addition to that, assembly is very easy. The vanity also uses metal hardware that is available in brushed chrome.

Moreover, this design will prove to directly upgrade a bathroom design and create a beautiful new focal point. In addition, the countertop and sink are customization friendly, giving you several options for your design.



Ambra 90 Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity -

The Ambra 90 Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity from WS Bath Collections is a sleek piece of furniture. This specific vanity comes with a number of beautiful features. For example, there are several variants. It is available in three finishes being Gloss white, Samara ash and Nordic oak. The sink includes a faucet hole and overflow. The sink itself being ceramic white. In addition, the vanity has two soft close drawers for easy vanity access. There are also several different finishes and colors that this vanity can use in terms of its faucet.


This vanity is also very useful in any bathroom design. The wall mounted Ambra 90 is able to fit in many different situations. Consider the size and scale of your bathroom in order to find the perfect one for you. If you have any concerns, WS Bath Collections has all of the information listed on their website. You can download PDF's to get a full list of measurements of the vanity. Overall, this is a beautiful vanity that should be considered for any bathroom design.


Hukill 73" Wall-Mounted Double Bathroom Vanity Set -

The Hukill 73" Wall-Mounted Double Bathroom Vanity Set is a great bathroom vanity for larger bathrooms. This vanity has three drawers and two cabinets. This allows for plenty of storage of crisp towels, cleaning supplies, and more. If you want to purchase this vanity, you will get a sink, mounting brackets and cabinet handles included. This will take away the need to purchase them. It is crafted from solid wood along with a custom sized solid surface countertop with built in basins.


In addition, finished cabinets are also great features. This makes for a complete beautiful design. Door handles are changeable to create the perfect design. Inside of the vanity, you will also find a bamboo in-drawer organizer. There is also one 120 volt UL rated electrical component.  It has two electrical and two USB (2.0) outlets. The vanity is 72" in width and 19" in depth. This gives you a large and versatile bathroom vanity. The fact that this vanity is mounted on the wall makes it perfect for bathrooms that can include it. This wall mounted bathroom vanity weighs 177 pounds.


Viteli + Siena 48 in. Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity - Home Depot

The Viteli + Siena 48 in. Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity is a comfortable vanity with a number of great features. For example, this bathroom vanity uses sinks with a rectangular modern look. In addition to that, it features a modern style that goes great with other modern pieces of decor. It also uses two flat panel soft-close doors and two flat panel soft-close drawers to provide ample storage. These doors and drawers can hold up to 55 pounds as well.


An EZ mount hanging rail is included for easy installation. There are also drill-out faucet guides on the underside of the vanity top that can accommodate a 4 in. or 8 in. faucet. The countertop is 5 inches thick, composed of marble. It is resistant to scratches, high temperatures and cracks. On the website, you can find all of the dimensions and guides for a quick and easy installation process. Overall, this wall mounted bathroom vanity is a solid choice for a new bathroom project. Consider this for your next purchase.

Best Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Materials

Wall mounted bathroom vanities are composed of a number of different materials. One of the most important elements of a bathroom vanity is build quality. There are several different types of wood as well as other unique materials. Depending on several factors, the material of your wall mounted bathroom vanity could vary.

  • Plywood - Plywood is one of the sturdiest and most reliable materials for a bathroom vanity.  It will not chip or peel under normal bathroom circumstances.
  • MDF Fibreboard - MDF fibreboard is very common in bathroom vanities. This material is both affordable and durable for use in a wall mounted bathroom vanity.
  • Rubberwood - Rubberwood is very strong, making it a great option to consider. It is also very eco-friendly, using a combination of materials that would otherwise go to waste.
  • Glass - If you are looking for a beautiful yet effective material for a wall mounted bathroom vanity, consider glass. Glass vanities can be a bit more expensive, but they reward your bathroom with a great design element.
  • Metal - Metal is extremely durable and can be quite affordable. From brass to stainless steel, and everything in between, metal should definitely be a material to consider.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities vs Free Standing

There are several key differences between wall mounted bathroom vanities and freestanding bathroom vanities. Wall mounted bathroom vanities require brackets to be mounted on the wall. More often than not, these brackets will be packaged with the vanity. These vanities need to be attached to the wall due to plumbing requirements. Wall mounted bathroom vanities will also allow you to create a bit more space in your bathroom. The space underneath the vanity is also very useful. Freestanding vanities have legs or are placed directly on the floor, making it somewhat difficult to utilize the space underneath, if that is how you want to style your bathroom.

One of the major differences between these two vanities is the storage space. Freestanding vanities will often allow for more storage space than wall mounted vanities. This isn't always the case, but it is something to consider. If you need more storage space, consider getting a vanity pack that includes a matching cabinet. If you are concerned about design, the choice you make could vary. Wall mounted bathroom vanities are often very sleek and modern. Freestanding vanities give off more of a classic look. 

Installation of a Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

Although wall mounted bathroom vanities may seem difficult to install, they are typically rather easy. Good brands usually ship the bathroom vanities fully assembled. There are two parts to a wall mounted bathroom vanity. These are the vanity itself, and the sink or counter that is included with the vanity. Find the perfect location for the vanity first. After the piping is installed and ready to go, it is time to mount the vanity onto the wall. The following steps are relatively standard for most wall mounted bathroom vanities:

  • Step 1: Ensure there is proper backing in the wall to support the weight of the vanity.
  • Step 2: Measure and mark the location of the supports (the exact measurements should be included with the installation instructions of the wall mounted bathroom vanity).
  • Step 3: Install the supports and secure them to the wall.
  • Step 4: Place the bathroom vanity on the support.
  • Step 5: Place the sink or counter on top of the bathroom vanity unit. You may use silicon to secure the sink to the vanity.
  • Step 6: Attach the plumbing parts which includes attached the drain and trap.
  • Step 7: Install your bathroom faucet to the vanity and attach the water lines.
  • Step 8: Your wall mounted bathroom vanity is fully installed and ready to be used.

Newest Trends for Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities

Minimalist wall mounted bathroom vanities such as vanities that are very sleek in design. In addition, they do not include any drawers or cabinets. These are becoming increasingly popular. An example is our Skyland Collection which features open shelf space and a beautiful design. In addition, there are tech options for your vanity. For example, wireless charging is a popular and very useful feature to incorporate. Decorative legs are also very beautiful trends to follow. These legs are not necessary to support the vanity. However, they can add a new design element to your bathroom. Either two or four legs can be used with most wall mount floating vanities that include this option.

Floating Vanities & Wall Mounted Vanities: Is there a difference?

While you are shopping for bathroom vanities, you may come across the terms floating bathroom vanities and wall mounted bathroom vanities. You may be wondering if there is a difference. In addition, there is no difference between the terms. Different brands, retailers and suppliers have their preference of using one of the two terms or both when describing their vanities. However, we assure you that they are the same. They do not require any legs or support. This, in turn, creates more usable space in your bathroom.

Reasons to Purchase a Floating Bathroom Vanity

There are many reasons you may want to purchase a floating bathroom vanity. Although there are many beautiful free standing bathroom vanities, a wall mounted vanity can greatly improve the design of your bathroom especially in a contemporary designed bathroom. First of all, a floating bathroom vanity will help make your bathroom look bigger and feel more comfortable. This is due to the space that this type of vanity will create. You will also get the benefit of added storage space. Mounting your vanity to the wall will give you space in your bathroom where you can keep a waste basket, a scale or a foot stool.

There is also much more wiggle room in terms of height. The height of a freestanding vanity set by the actual height of the vanity. With a floating bathroom vanity, you can install it any desired height making it a more flexible option. Of course, for those that like working within a standard, the standard is that the top of the bathroom vanity is 35-36" above the floor.

Best Places to Purchase a Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity:

  • - At, we take great pride in offering high quality bathroom vanities. All of our wall mounted bathroom vanities are usually stocked and ship within 1 business day. We think you can't go wrong purchasing from us.
  • - offers a vast selection of typically high quality products. They are selective with their offering and focus on well-made products offered at competitive prices.
  • Home Depot - Home Depot offers their products both online and in stores locally. With over 2,200 stores around the US, it is likely you have a Home Depot near you. Home Depot's selection of wall mount bathroom vanities is typically small.
  • Lowe's - Similar to Home Depot, Lowe's offers their products online and in stores. Lowe's has 2,000 stores around the US and competes directly with Home Depot in quality, design and pricing for their floating bathroom vanities.
  • - has large selection of bathroom vanities at great prices. However, with such a large offering, the quality can vary. We recommend you do your research to buy a well-rated floating vanity from a reputable brand.

How Will Your Wall Mounted Vanity Be Used?

If you are using your wall mounted bathroom vanity for a home bathroom or residential bathroom, you are free to personalize it however you want. You can add any type of faucet and sink to use the design that you want. It is important to make sure that the vanity matches the rest of your bathroom design. Use all of the design elements that you want in a bathroom vanity. It is also important to know how many people will be using the vanity. If multiple people are using the vanity, consider a wall mounted bathroom vanity with multiple basins or sinks.

If you plan on using this vanity for a public project, you need to make sure it is comfortable for guests to use. This wall mounted bathroom vanity needs to be durable and easy to clean. This will help the vanity last longer and make it better no matter how many people will be using it. Larger wall mounted bathroom vanities might be the best option here. This will cancel the need for smaller vanities.

Bathroom Vanities By Size

Smaller bathroom vanities will measure under 25 inches. These types of vanities are best in smaller bathroom designs such as guest bathrooms. A medium sized bathroom vanity will typically measure between 25 inches and 40 inches. They can fit in small and large bathroom designs, depending on where you physically mount the vanity. 

Common Bathroom Vanity Sizes:

Small Bathroom Vanities (15” to 20”) - This is a smaller bathroom vanity and typically works well for small powder rooms or guest bathrooms and smaller bathrooms. This size is very popular in big city apartment bathrooms such as New York and Los Angeles.

20” to 30” Bathroom Vanities - The most common size for bathroom vanities. This size works well as most normal size or large bathrooms. Bathroom vanities of this size can also be used in master bathrooms and can be combined with another unit, such as two 20” bathroom vanities for example.

30” to 40” Bathroom Vanities - Bathroom vanities of this size are perfect for master bathrooms that cannot house a larger bathroom vanity. A 30” to 40” vanity will give you plenty of space but may be limited to one basin so it would only be able to be used by one person at a time for the most part.

Large Bathroom Vanities (40”) - Excellent for large bathrooms, master bathrooms and bathrooms that will be used by two or more people. A bathroom vanity of 40” or greater will often have two basins. Moreover, most large bathroom vanities will have plenty of storage space and counter space. They would suit two or more people.

Key Features of a Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

Below is a list of the key features of a wall mounted bathroom vanity.

  • Build Quality - A high quality bathroom vanity will be composed of durable materials and built with longevity in mind.
  • Doors or Drawers - Storage is required for a bathroom vanity to hold any items or accessories in a convenient manner. Doors will allow for more storage while drawers help more with organization.
  • Sink Accommodation - Different types of bathroom vanities can house different types of bathroom sinks. Before you purchase a bathroom vanity, know what type of bathroom sink you want as well.
  • Design - A wall mounted bathroom vanity should have a beautiful design that you love. Things to consider include color, style, finishes and other similar factors.
  • Size - Your vanity should fit comfortably into your bathroom design. An good size is incredibly important for the comfort and function of your bathroom vanity as well as the bathroom design as a whole.
  • Faucet Accommodation - A wall mounted bathroom vanity can have one, two, three or no faucet holes depending on the design. This could vary on if the vanity has an integrated sink.

Designer Spotlight: Modern Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities

Wall mounted bathroom vanities are very great when using the modern design. A modern wall mounted bathroom vanity is sleek and stylish, promoting a feeling of beauty. This type of vanity design works well in many bathroom designs. However, it is best to use it in a bathroom that focuses on modern fixtures and items. A modern wall mounted bathroom vanity focuses on the creation of space by floating at a comfortable height. They also maximize on storage, with a choice of doors, drawers or both for storage. You can also use a vanity that has open storage space. This makes for a unique way to store your items.

In addition to unique features, modern wall mounted bathroom vanities are perfect focal points. A beautiful wall mounted vanity with a neutral color can be a great way to add a stylish piece of furniture into your design. Choose a calming color that stands out without being too bright or bold. Black, white, gray and natural tones will work best in this situation. Choose a modern sink and faucet to complete your modern bathroom vanity area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities


Q: How Should I Clean my Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity?

A: You should clean the top of your bathroom vanity. In addition, you should always clean up spills right away in order to prevent stains or hard to remove spots. Clean the top of your bathroom vanity with warm water and a soft cloth. Depending on the material used in the body of the vanity, the cleaning process will differ.



Q: How Should I Care For My Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity?

A: Reseal the top of your bathroom vanity once a year in order to preserve the quality of the fixture. You should routinely inspect the cabinets and drawers to ensure they are smoothly opening and functional.



Q: How Should I Install a Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity?

A: Wall mounted bathroom vanities need to be mounted on the wall with hardware. This hardware is included when the bathroom vanity is bought, but sometimes it will need to be purchased. Each wall mounted bathroom vanity will have a slightly different method, so it is important to follow the specific instructions for your specific vanity.



Q: What is the Price of a Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity?

A: The price of a wall mounted bathroom will vary depending on material, size and design among other factors. In addition, all mounted bathroom vanities that use a durable material with a high build quality will last much longer than cheaply made wall mounted bathroom vanities.



Q: What Materials are Used in a Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity?

A: Engineered wood is one of the most common materials for a wall mounted bathroom vanity. Other types of wood such as oak, ash and pine, among many others are used as well. In addition, you will also be able to find wall mounted bathroom vanities composed of glass, ceramic and stone, as well as several others.



Q: How Much Space Do You Have in Your Bathroom?

A: Wall mounted bathroom vanities are great for small bathrooms due to their perk at creating and saving space. If you are having trouble with space in your bathroom, this is something to consider.



Q: Who is Going to Use the Bathroom?

A: If you have multiple people using the bathroom, consider getting a wall mounted bathroom vanity with multiple sinks or basins. You could also consider a wall mounted trough bathroom sink for your vanity as well. This will allow everybody to have an ample amount of space to use. In addition, this is great if multiple people are using the bathroom at the same time.



Q: Should You Consider a High Maintenance Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity?

A: Different materials need to be cared for in different ways. Because of this, it is important to know what materials are used in your wall mounted bathroom vanity.



Q: How Do I Know if I Need a New Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity?

A: If your wall mounted bathroom vanity has any chips, cracks, rotting or any other problems, you should consider getting a brand new vanity. In addition, your wall mounted bathroom vanity might just be old. If you need a fresh new look to your bathroom design, consider a new wall mounted bathroom vanity.



Q: What do I Need to Know Before I Buy a New Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity?

A: It is important to know the material, price, size, build quality of a wall mounted bathroom vanity. It also helps to purchase the vanity from a trusted seller. A bathroom vanity is such an important aspect of a bathroom. Therefore, it is important to find a high quality vanity for your design.


Final Note

There are several vanities on the market today. In addition to designs, these vanities are extremely functional. Consider all of these options when choosing your perfect vanity. Vanities are essential to any bathroom. It is crucial to include one in your bathroom design. If you have any questions, contact a professional. They can help you with anything you need. In addition, they can install your fixtures. This will ensure the least stress possible. Therefore, this is something to note. In addition, if you are at all new to this, keep this in mind.

Overall, it is important to have a vanity you like. Take your time to find a vanity that fits into your design. A high quality bathroom vanity is very important. Consider all of your options in terms of design. It is also important to understand the importance of function. Use this guide during your buying process. In addition, if you still have questions, do some personal research. For more information, read our article on why you should consider a wall mounted bathroom vanity.

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