Best Ways to Create the Illusion of Space in Your Bathroom

Best Ways to Create the Illusion of Space in Your Bathroom
Best Ways to Create the Illusion of Space in Your Bathroom

Bathroom space is one of the most important elements of a comfortable bathroom design. Without sufficient space, it can be difficult to maneuver within a bathroom and accessibility can become a problem. However, not all bathrooms will have large amounts of space. Due to this, there are several different tricks and tips that you can utilize in order to create the illusion of space in your bathroom design. This guide will go over some of the best ways to make your bathroom look bigger easily and in an affordable manner.

Use Bathroom Mirrors Effectively

Bathroom mirrors are not only necessary fixtures in a complete bathroom design, but they are incredibly effective at creating the illusion of space. There are a few ways in which you can do this in a n effective manner. The first and most common method is through bathroom mirror positioning. In this case, having mirrors opposite each other will make a space look almost infinitely bigger in a sense. For example, if your bathroom is square, place one mirror above your vanity and the other mirror on the opposite wall. You can also place a mirror on the adjacent wall. This will still work effectively, just in a slightly less effective way.

There are other ways in which you can use mirrors to create the illusion of space as well. For starters, wider mirrors will work much better than thinner mirrors. This is due to the fact that wider mirrors will allow for a wider reflection. Thinner mirrors can work in smaller spaces, but definitely not as effectively as wide mirrors. Smaller mirrors can also work somewhat well, such as magnifying mirrors or smaller medicine cabinets. However, if you can include at least one large mirror in your bathroom, this will work much better.

Your Bathroom Mirror Has Become Outdated Your Bathroom Mirror Has Become Outdated Magnifying Mirror

Windows Can Work Especially Well

Aside from bathroom mirrors, windows are a great alternative if you would rather go that route. Windows can be used similarly as bathroom mirrors, but there are a few key differences that need to be recognized. First of all, the obvious differences can be pointed out. A window will give an actual perspective of expansion in a bathroom, while a mirror will only create the illusion of space. Windows establish a connection to the outside environment, making it easier to create the actual feeling of more space in a design.

Of course, the actual size, placement and design of the window is important as well. Larger windows will work wonderfully in almost every scenario. These windows can be implemented on the wall most commonly, but ceiling windows or skylights can also be effective. Wall windows are great if you have enough privacy from the outside to the inside. Otherwise, big windows with shades or curtains are also incredibly impactful in this scenario. The bigger the windows the more the perception of increased space will hit your bathroom design.

Light Colored Walls, Floors and Fixtures

Light colors are common in many different room designs, but they can be especially common in bathroom designs. When it comes to bathroom color schemes, there are key factors to recognize. Firstly, there are major differences between light colors and dark colors. Darker colors will make a room (especially a small room) look incredibly cramped. This isn’t always the case, but in general, it will be.

Lighter colors are much better for creating the illusion of space due to lighter colors bringing more light and brightness into the area. Examples of some of the best bright colors to use include yellow, white, light blue and other similar colors. Darker colors such as black, dark gray and other similar colors will work in their own right, but not for the purpose of creating space.

Optimize Your Bathroom Storage

Bathroom storage is not only nice for convenience, but it is a necessary component of a healthy bathroom environment. In order to create the illusion of space, while also perhaps physically creating space, you must optimize your bathroom storage. Storage can come in a variety of different forms, each one being appropriate for different sizes and shapes of bathrooms. Whether it is small storage solutions such as bathroom shelves or hooks, or large storage solutions such as cabinets or drawer units, your bathroom storage can be optimized in one way or another.

If you have storage solutions on your floor, consider moving them up onto the wall if possible. This way, your bathroom will look like it has more space without actually getting rid of any of your storage solutions. Another option you have is to utilize your corner more. The corners of a room, not just a bathroom, can be great for optimizing the overall storage space and illusion of space in a bathroom design. Corner shelves are great in this regard. Not only are they amazing for storage, but they are also great design elements.

Another great option to consider is to hang your storage solutions from the ceiling. This will be pretty situational of course, but it can be a beautiful option if you can make it work. For example, one idea would be to hang a basket from your ceiling in order to hold your spare towels or toiletries. Of course, this can be difficult in smaller spaces or for shorter individuals. However, this is always an option to consider if you want to create the illusion of space in your bathroom design.

Consider an Open Shower

If you have a larger master bathroom, your possibilities for creating the illusion of space are much greater. A shower is one of the essential bathroom fixtures needed in a design, so it is important to know exactly what you can do with it. An open shower will be one of the best options for creating the illusion of space. In addition, it can actually physically create space as well. Open showers are incredibly beneficial for a number of other reasons as well, making this project something that you should absolutely consider.

Taking away the shower enclosure physically opens the area up without actually creating more space. The shower enclosure will generally be something like a glass door or some type of curtain. An open shower will be a comfortable, open walk-in space that seamlessly blends into the rest of the design. In addition, you can also consider a rain style shower head.

A rain style shower head is one of the most elegant and comfortable ways to improve a shower. To go along with this, it can actually make the shower area itself feel much bigger in some cases. This is because the shower head will be on the ceiling aside from the wall. Of course, this will not be a massive difference, but it will definitely make somewhat of a difference.

In Conclusion

It is often quite difficult for the average homeowner to increase space in a bathroom. Unless you are hiring a professional to renovate or remodel a bathroom, creating space is a daunting task. However, there are many easy ways to create the illusion of space. Every point on this list will help you feel more comfortable in your bathroom. In addition, the area itself will become much more accessible.

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