Best Winter Bathroom Decor

Best Winter Bathroom Decor

Bathroom decor can come in a variety of attractive and beautiful forms. In winter, there are unique bathroom decor options that can make your bathroom thrive in the holiday season. With so many different holidays and events occurring all in a short window of a span of one or two months, you have several amazing options for bathroom decor. This guide will go over many of the incredible winter bathroom decor methods you can use in order to decorate your bathroom for the winter months.

Holiday Inspiration for Bathroom Decor

One of the most attractive aspects of the winter months is the handful of great holidays that can be celebrated. Whether it is some kind of family gathering, religious holiday or gathering amongst friends, many different holidays are experienced around this time. For example, Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in America for a variety of different reasons. The familiar traditions and festivities can give you inspiration for decor in your home, including your bathroom. Although it may not be the biggest part of your bathroom, your bathroom can be decorated beautifully through the use of holiday inspiration.

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Beautiful Bathroom Christmas Candles

Christmas offers some of the most versatile and plentiful selection of bathroom decor. Candles are some of the most popular pieces of holiday bathroom decor, combining a beautifully designed candle with a sense of atmosphere with the plethora of scents available. Of course, you may want to stick with some winter or christmas scents to keep the bathroom looking and smelling comfortable and cozy.

Holly and Evergreen Decor Inspiration

One of the most recognizable aspects of winter and Christmas decor is the ever familiar holly and evergreen themed decor. This will generally come in the form of Christmas trees, garland, wreaths and other similar types of decorations. However, this type of decor can also be scaled down to fit in a comfortable winter bathroom design. For example, consider a small string of garland that can be put around a bathroom tray. You can also go with some small wreaths for your bathroom door or bathroom closet door. Of course, make sure each item is bathroom safe.

On the other hand, you don’t need to incorporate anything natural, as artificial can work just as well, sometimes even the better option. Conversely, you also have the option of simply including the design pattern of holly or evergreen designs. This can come in the form of a painting, some kind of ceramic decoration and everything in between. It is important to keep your options open, as there are many unique types of holly or evergreen themed bathroom decor pieces to take advantage of.

Personalize Your Winter Bathroom With Personal Holiday Decor

Aside from the traditional Christmas decorations you commonly see during the winter months, it is also important to add some of the other holidays into the mix as well. Holidays such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other similar holidays can all help you draw amazing inspiration for bathroom decor. You can even do a small new year theme in order to add some excitement and anticipation to your bathroom design as a whole.

Best Winter Bathroom Colors

Color is one of the foundational pieces of a bathroom design, no matter what time of year it is. In a winter bathroom design, there are a handful of colors that work exceptionally well, with other colors serving as amazing accents. As for your main colors, you will want to stick with frosty white, cool grays and other similar tones. These colors lay the groundwork for a comfortable and cozy winter bathroom theme. The neutral nature of these colors allow for the bathroom to incorporate a greater variety of colors to accent the main tones.

As for your supporting cast of colors, you have quite a bit of options to consider. Because your foundational colors are very versatile, you can include a host of attractive holiday colors. For example, your traditional reds and greens will work perfectly. Other colors such as silver and gold can give your winter bathroom more of a shine for a high quality look. In addition, you can go with some cooler or warmer colors, depending on the specific design you are going for. Different holidays can invoke the idea of different colors, so it is important to keep your options open.

Popular Winter Bathroom Themes

Getting away from some of the more foundational pieces of a winter bathroom, there are also many specific themes that you can use to make your winter bathroom decor bring the bathroom together in a cohesive manner. For example, a winter forest theme is one of the more popular themes to consider due to the natural aesthetic and subtle tones. In addition, this theme combines all of the warm aspects of winter into a comfortable space.

Other popular bathroom winter themes include themes that revolve around one specific aspect. For example, poinsettia themes, snowman themes, snowflake themes and other popular holiday tropes can all be made into incredibly beautiful and fun winter bathroom decor styles. It is important to keep your options open in terms of theme, as there are plenty of welcoming designs that you can utilize with your unique winter bathroom decor.

Keep Your Winter Bathroom Decor Warm

Warmth is extremely important in a bathroom, especially in the winter. By warming your bathroom, everything will become much more comfortable in general. Luckily, there are several different ways to warm your bathroom both physically and aesthetically. Physically, there are some very easy ways to do this. You should definitely include some mats in order to keep the floor warm and free of slipping. You can also include some heated fixtures if you would like to go the extra mile. Another option, though small, can be candles. Candles will add a small amount of heat.

In terms of looks, you can warm your bathroom with cozy winter bathroom decor. This can be any brightly colored decor. Of course, you do not want to make the colors too bright or big, as they will take away from the overall winter theme you are going for. Colors such as yellow and orange are perfect for creating a colorful and warming bathroom environment. This can come in the form of hand towels, tissue box covers, small accessories or any other type of small bathroom decor piece.

Winter Bathroom Lighting

Although it can sometimes be overlooked, bathroom lighting is one of the most important aspects of any bathroom design. This is especially true in the winter. Lighting can come in a variety of forms, but some types of lighting are optimal for winter themed bathrooms. For example, LED lighting is incredible in this type of bathroom, especially if it is adjustable. This way, you can perfectly set up your lighting scheme to be the perfect temperature and brightness. In addition, LED lighting can be used essentially anywhere in your bathroom, as it is quite common in most light fixtures and accessories, such as lighted magnifying mirrors.

If you can incorporate any natural light in your winter bathroom, it should be optimized as well. Of course, some bathrooms will have trouble with this, so it isn’t absolutely necessary. However, it is still incredibly effective at lighting and warming a bathroom design. For example, even a small window can add a great amount of benefit to the room. Use some winter themed curtains to add some flair to the space as well. You don’t need to do anything too over the top in terms of lighting, but it should still be sufficient enough to properly light your bathroom.

Functional Winter Bathroom Decor

If you find that your bathroom is a bit too small for individual pieces of bathroom decor, turn some of your existing bathroom accessories into beautiful display pieces. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of decorative towels that can double as standard bath towels. This is a quick and affordable way to make a big impact on your bathroom. You can use this same kind of thinking with other aspects of your bathroom, such as vanity accessories like soap dishes, soap dispensers and even small bathroom trays.

Winter Bathroom Decor on a Budget

Decorating can be an exciting task, but sometimes it is best to keep your budget small, especially around the holidays. Try to keep your winter bathroom decorating small but effective, only decorating the most visible parts of the bathroom. It is also important not to over decorate, as it can make your winter bathroom design look a little too overwhelming.

Finalizing Your Winter Bathroom Decor

In general, winter bathroom decor is almost always a great idea. It can massively boost the comfort and attractiveness of your bathroom. Because you have so many options in terms of decorating, this can be a very rewarding process. Keep your options open and enjoy decorating your winter bathroom design exactly how you want it.

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