Toilet Paper Holders

One of the most important items that you need to include in your bathroom design is a toilet paper holder. This will give you easy access to toilet paper as well as an additional aspect of organization. There are a number of ways to incorporate toilet paper holding fixtures in your bathroom, all of which come with their own unique set of benefits and styles. This guide will highlight the ins and outs of toilet paper holders and how to treat your toilet paper storage in general in order to give you a comfortable and beautiful bathroom environment.

Standard Toilet Paper Holders

Every bathroom should have a traditional toilet paper holder located next to their toilet. This kind of toilet paper holder is generally capable of holding at least one roll of toilet paper so that you have easy access to it. The design is very simple, usually being two arms coming out of the wall with a ball connecting the two, holding the roll of toilet paper. You can find other variants of this kind of toilet paper holder as well. For example, you will be able to find ring-like holders that do the exact same thing with a slightly different style. This can be mounted on your wall or vanity most commonly which will give you the easiest access to it.
With that being said, you should generally stick to easy to reach locations for your toilet paper holder because you want to make sure you are prioritizing comfort in all areas of your bathroom. These specific toilet paper holders will also be the most affordable due to their simple yet effective design. If you want to go for more of a budget option, there are plastic toilet paper holders with easy installation. If you want a longer lasting and more durable toilet paper holder, try a beautiful metal one for a high quality addition to your bathroom design. Standard toilet paper holders are the easiest to access and they will be found in most bathroom designs because of how versatile they are in almost every aspect.

Vertical Toilet paper Holders

These particular toilet paper holders are very similar to standard horizontal toilet paper holders, they are just mounted differently and hold the toilet paper in a different fashion. Vertical toilet paper holders will usually be a one piece fixture because they do not need a bar to keep the roll of toilet paper from falling off. Gravity will do that job just fine. The fixture is just a bar that you can mount on your wall or vanity that resembles an "L" shape, making it a very simple yet effective solution if you don't want to use a standard toilet paper holder.
The reason you might want one of these over another design will really come down to personal preference over anything else. This holder will work in a minimalist design due to its simple and sleek design, while taking up very little space. Again, this will probably just come down to which design you would prefer, so you don't need to spend too much time thinking about it.

Double Toilet Paper Holders

Double toilet paper holders are very similar to standard toilet paper holders, but they do have a few key differences. For example, the most obvious difference is the number of rolls each can hold. The double toilet paper holder will be able to hold two rolls of toilet paper at a time, giving you double the accessibility. You also won't have to worry as much about replacing your toilet paper after every single roll is finished. When both rolls are gone, get two more rolls and you won't have to replace them again for double the time you would for a single toilet paper holder.
This is the type of toilet paper holder that you might see in commercial areas such as restaurants or similar places. These are also a bit more versatile in terms of design. Some can have covers or panels that will cover the toilet paper that isn't being used in order to keep everything clean until you are ready to use it. This is great for bathroom longevity and cleanliness, two extremely important aspects to any bathroom design.

Installation Methods

There are several different ways to install a toilet paper holder. The first is through a traditional screw in mount. This is a reliable installation method that has been used in bathrooms for years and years due to how popular and accessible it is to find this kind of toilet paper holder. This will give you a sturdy method to install your toilet paper that you won't have to worry about for a long time. One of the more increasingly popular installation methods for toilet paper holders over the past few years is the adhesive installation method. This method is a fast and easy way to place your toilet paper holder as well as your other accessories. One of the best features of adhesive accessories is that they won't do any damage to your wall in the form of screw holes. Screw holes aren't really a big deal because once your accessories are mounted, they typically won't be moved any time soon. Adhesive accessories eliminate that issue however, being able to be moved quite easily depending on the type of adhesive that is used on the product.
The last installation method isn't quite an installation method, but rather a variation of the accessory itself. Freestanding toilet paper holders are individual accessories that can be moved to a preferred location, making them an extremely versatile option if you want a bigger and more beautiful option for a toilet paper holder. These can sometimes come in the form of multi-use fixtures that can be a combination of a toilet paper holder, toilet brush holder or something else. This is great for space conservation or if you just want a change in your bathroom. All three of these methods carry their own set of benefits and they are all quite reliable. The choice you make will ultimately come down to which ones will work in your current bathroom design.


Because toilet paper holders are typically one of the smaller bathroom accessories, you most likely won't be breaking the bank to incorporate the toilet paper of your choice. There isn't really an average price of a toilet paper holder because there are so many different materials and styles, all of which will carry a different price tag. For a standard high quality toilet paper holder, you will most likely be spending about $150 to $400. If you are on a bit more of a budget, you can absolutely find a toilet paper holder that will be under $100 or even under $50. It is recommended that you go with a higher quality toilet paper holder because it will be less likely to break or experience any issues in the long run. However, you want to allocate the money elsewhere, it won't be too big of a problem, just remember that the lower quality builds and materials might break on you sooner than later.

Toilet Paper Storage

As far as storage goes, you have a few options that can work nicely. The easiest and most simple way to store toilet paper is in a cabinet or vanity. This will allow you to store a large amount of toilet paper for the future. You should always be stocking up on your toilet paper regularly, because that is the last thing you want to run out of in terms of your bathroom items and toiletries. If you don't want to use a cabinet or vanity because of space limitations or you just wan't to store some other items in there instead, you might want to try incorporating some shelves or DIY storage methods for your toilet paper. Shelves can be used to neatly stack your toilet paper next to or above your toilet area for easy access. Though it may not seem like it, if you neatly stack and display your toilet paper on a beautiful shelf, it can add a beautiful and unique design aspect to your overall bathroom design.
You can also incorporate fixtures that are designed to hold your toilet paper in a convenient fashion while also adding a design factor to your bathroom. These can come in many different shapes, sizes and designs with a few different storage capacities. Popular materials for these fixtures are metal, wood and wicker. These materials will work differently in different designs. A metal one will be more versatile, being able to fit in a multitude of different designs. Wood and wicker can be used in many bathroom designs as well, but they will shine much more in a more naturally focused bathroom design. For example a rustic design will benefit greatly from the more natural tones.

How Much Toilet Paper Do You Need?

You should always have toilet paper in your bathroom no matter what. As a general rule of thumb, you should always have a roll on your toilet paper holder and at the very least, three rolls stored somewhere in your bathroom so that you always have easy access at all times. As mentioned previously, store your toilet paper in your preferred areas so that you can be as comfortable as possible while incorporating some beautiful elements of design and style in the process.