What Is a Bathtub Filler?

There is a lot that goes into choosing specific parts of your bathroom design. If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, a high quality filler is a must-have for a variety of reasons. Design, material and a number of other aspects are all important and each part deserves consideration to some degree. Bathtub fillers are fixtures that are usually mounted to the floor or the wall that deliver different temperatures of water to your bathtub. Different tub fillers operate in different ways, with many have either lever or knobs to adjust temperature and the flow of the water coming out. This can go without saying, but tub filler should only be used if you have a bathtub, even though some tub fillers will have detachable spray wands that can be used for things like washing pets, children or similar other tasks.

Wall Mounted Bathtub Filler

When it comes to your bathtub design, you should look to all aspects of it, including your faucet. The first things to consider is how you want your faucet to be installed and the lever placement. Similar to sink faucets, they can be either wall mounted or deck mounted. The most common type of tub filler is the wall mounted tub filler. This installation type is both easy to operate and easy to install when compared to a floor mounted filler. Then you have to device if you want a single lever/knob or two.

Free-Standing Tub Fillers

If you have a stand-alone bathtub, a free-standing tub filler is a beautiful way to add a stylish design to your bathtub area. This is a perfect tub filler for larger bathrooms that have more space, like a master bathroom for example. Some of these tub fillers can have certain attachments, most commonly hand showers. This is an extremely convenient feature to have, especially if you prioritize comfort and accessibility. Tub fillers are perfect for a large bathroom and go beautifully with any free-standing bathtub.