Learn the benefits of towel racks, bars and hooks.

Hanging Your Towels

Towels are going to be in every bathroom that includes a shower or bathtub, so consequently, they need to be hung somewhere. Towel racks, bars and hooks are common and effective ways to hang towels and they all come with their own stylistic benefits. They all can come in different materials that can fit in to most bathroom styles. A good towel holder will promote comfort, convenience and style. When choosing these accessories, you want to find the perfect combination of personal preference, quality and aesthetic appeal.

Towel Bars and Hooks

Towel bars and hooks are in many bathrooms and usually get used every day. You will want to keep this particular fixture clean, and a common way to do this is by simply using an all purpose cleaner and a wet rag to wipe down them down and then dry them afterwards with a dry cloth. One way to indirectly keep your towel bars and hooks clean is to keep up with the washing and cleanliness of your towels. Often times, people will hang wet towels on their towel bars/hooks, which isn’t a bad thing, but if they are kept there for too long, the wear on bars and hooks starts to increase. This isn’t a major issue however, being that many towel bars and hooks are made with material that protects them from any serious water damage. Many towel bars are made of chrome, so keeping them shine is essential in making your bathroom in top shape. As a side note, although towel bars may not come in direct contact with somebody’s hands, the spread of germs is still a definite possibility, especially if wet towels are being hung up to dry.

Towel Racks

A towel rack is a great option if you need to hang multiple towels in one place. Most towel racks can hold 2-4 towels making it a very good fixture for this purpose. Another benefit of towel racks is the fact that they can either be wall mounted or floor standing, each coming with their own set of benefits. If you decide to go with the wall mounted option, you have the freedom to mount it at any height you want, making it perfectly comfortable and accessible and exactly to your preference. On the downside, once you mount your towel rack, you won’t be able to change its position easily. If you decide to go with the floor standing towel rack, you get a different set of benefits. For example, a floor standing towel rack can be moved to anywhere in your bathroom. Some models or design can be folded up as well, making for easy storage and space creation. As an added benefit, they are also portable, so if you need to move them to a different house, it is made easy and simple.

Towel Bars

Towel bars are very similar to towel racks in many different aspects. One key difference is the number of towels that a traditional towel bar will typically hold. Most towel bars will be made with one bar. However, you can purchase towel bars that have one or more extra bars are well. These towel bars can swing out, making them good for a bathroom in which you are trying to conserve space. The bars are typically independent from one another as well, making them even more maneuverable. Another thing to mention is that some towel bars are now becoming available with a heating option. This is a relatively new and scarce feature, but still something to look out for. Heated towel bars are very important if you want to maximize comfort in your bathroom, but if you don't have one, you will be just fine with normal, high-quality towel bars.

Towel Hooks

Towel hooks are a great option if you are going for a more minimalist design. Despite only being hooks, they are probably one of the more versatile options you can go with. Hooks are good for hanging virtually anything you want to hang, most commonly towels and robes if they are being used in your bathroom. Hooks are probably the most convenient as well. Instead of properly folding a towel to put it on a rack or bar, towel hooks offer a quick and easy way to hang a towel. A common complaint about bars and racks is that they take up more space than preferred. In addition to that, if you are worried about how effectively towels will dry on a hook, the towel will dry just fine if the bathroom has proper ventilation.

Final Note

All of these towel hanging fixtures come with their own benefits and whether or not you want to include any in your bathroom is more of a personal/design choice over anything else.