Smaller bathrooms require smaller fixtures.

Your Bathroom Size

First, you need to know if your bathroom is actually a small bathroom. A typical small bathroom is about 5’ x 8’. If your bathroom is around this size, then you can consider your bathroom on the smaller side. Of course, if your bathroom is slightly bigger (by a few feet), your bathroom can still fall into the category of a "small bathroom." It is important to make sure you double check any measurements in your bathroom so that you don't over or underestimate the sizes of any fixtures that you plan on including in your bathroom design. A small bathroom can fit a very particular style and size of its fixtures, so you should definitely make sure everything is in order before you get started on any major changes. That being said, small bathrooms can be a very beautiful aspect of your home, so make sure you dedicate a sufficient amount of time to make it perfect for you.

Sinks, Faucets, and Vanities

A small sink is generally the way to go for a small bathroom. If your sink is too big, space for other fixtures becomes more limited. However, you still should consider choosing a vanity with a sink installed into it in order to create storage space. If your bathroom can accommodate a small pedestal or corner sink, consider incorporating one of those designs in order to add a stylish aspect to your bathroom. When choosing a faucet, it is probably best to choose a single hole, single lever faucet. This coincides with your smaller sink. You can also incorporate a small wall mounted faucet in order to add a modern flare to your bathroom design. Either faucet style works well, but if you are thinking about going with vessel sink, a wall mounted faucet may be the way to go, due to the limited space you have on your vanity counter top.


When choosing a mirror it will likely be the same width as your vanity, so it will be relatively small. Mirrors come in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes, so finding a mirror that will fit in your design should be fairly easy. Small round or rectangular mirrors with LED lighting are popular options for smaller bathrooms because of the added luxury that it can bring to a bathroom. Something to consider is choosing a medicine cabinet with mirrored doors.

This can be a stylistic decision as well as way to conserve even more space. One thing that you definitely want to make sure of is the size of your mirror. If you are planning to incorporate a wall mirror, make sure it is the same width as your vanity in order to present a feeling of uniformity in your bathroom. With small bathrooms you can go a little wider with your mirror size, but don't go too far as it will make your vanity area look disproportional in comparison to other aspects of your bathroom. One of the most important aspects of your bathroom is symmetry and proportion. Make sure your bathroom fixtures look uniform and aesthetic in order to complete a smaller bathroom design.

Storage Options

Medicine cabinets and vanities are great storage options as previously mentioned. Vanities are probably the most convenient way to go for storage in a small bathroom. Vanities typically incorporate drawers or doors as the two main design options. Drawers will give you more organization aspects and door will allow you to store more items. Of course, there are exceptions. Some vanities can have very large drawers and other will have organization friendly doors.

If your bathroom is a little on the bigger side, other great options are stand alone cabinets or drawer units. These can be used to store the things that your vanity or medicine cabinet cannot. Whether or not you want to incorporate this additional storage is up to you. Another great idea is to incorporate some kind of recessed storage in your bathroom if you have to means to do so. This will allow you to essentially store items in your wall with a beautiful and stylish door in order to access the area.