Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are essential for any functioning bathroom. A traditional bathroom vanity holds a sink, provides countertop space and includes storage through doors and drawers among other benefits. Because a bathroom vanity color is so important in a bathroom design, it deserves to have the perfect color to make your bathroom style welcoming and beautiful. Find the perfect combination of your favorite traditional colors and beautiful bathroom design trends.
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Cohesiveness With Your Design

If you are looking to incorporate a modern bathroom vanity color into an already existing bathroom design, you will want to try to make the color of the vanity fit in well. For example, if you have a traditional black and white bathroom, try making your bathroom vanity color one of those colors. Another way to do this is by using the same material that other aspects of your bathroom are made of.
This means that if you have a decent amount of modern natural wood fixtures or accessories, your bathroom will most likely benefit from a natural wood bathroom vanity color. This will help the vanity fit seamlessly into the design. If you want to make a bold statement you can consider making your vanity a contrasting color to your design to make it pop and stand out. For example, if your rustic bathroom is centered around the color orange, a blue bathroom vanity color is a good contrasting color that could work wonders in your design.

Personal Preference

There are two things you should take into consideration when choosing the perfect option for your bathroom vanity color. The first thing you should consider is your personal preference. When designing your bathroom, you want to make sure everything looks good in your eyes, considering you are the one who is going to be using it the most. If you want to use for favorite modern bathroom vanity color, you should try it out to see how it looks in terms of matching with the rest of your design. If you ended up not liking it, you can always repaint your vanity, but it is advised that you draft a plan to see how it looks before actually incorporating the color into your vanity.

Bathroom Vanity Finish

A bathroom vanity finish is similar to a bathroom vanity color, but with a few key differences. First of all, a bathroom vanity finish will utilize a sheen or gloss (among other factors) so give off a certain amount of color or light. A bathroom vanity finish can come in multiple different forms. For example, matte, wood and gloss are very popular due to their versatility as well as accessibility. A bathroom vanity finish should be cohesive with the overall bathroom design as well. Choose a matching bathroom vanity finish that fits well with the surrounding area.

Popular Bathroom Vanity Colors

When it comes to popular bathroom vanity colors, there are several that are both versatile and beautiful. White bathroom vanities are great for many bathroom designs. For example, white bathroom vanities are perfect for minimalist and modern bathrooms because of the sleek design. Grey bathroom vanities are also great for similar reasons and can be used in similar designs. Grey bathroom vanities sport a unique color that can utilize a number of different finishes as well. Both white bathroom vanities and grey bathroom vanities should be considered if you are going for a high end luxury bathroom design. Wall mounted bathroom vanities are great for utilizing these colors.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Types

There are two main types of bathroom vanities. The two types of installation are wall mounted bathroom vanities and freestanding bathroom vanities. Wall mounted bathroom vanities are great for saving space while also working in essentially any bathroom design. If you have a smaller bathroom design, a wall mounted bathroom vanity will help you with storage and space conservation. Wall mounted bathroom vanities will be a bit more difficult to install, but once that step is over, a wall mounted bathroom vanity will be a great choice.
Freestanding bathroom vanities are great for larger bathroom designs but can also work in small bathroom designs. Freestanding bathroom vanities will allow for maximum vanity storage space as well as a great centerpiece for your bathroom. If you decide on a freestanding bathroom vanity, you will need to decide if you want it to have legs or to simply make it sit on the floor. Double bathroom vanities are also great for large bathrooms. Double freestanding or wall mounted vanities are both very effective. There are several different types of freestanding bathroom vanities, so keep your options open.

In Conclusion

There are many bathroom vanity colors and designs available to you. At the end of the day, you need to consider two main things. You need to match it with your current design and consider your personal preferences. It is important to take both f these into account to have a comfortable bathroom. In addition, you want to have this design for years to come. A bathroom vanity color is a beautiful and necessary element to your fixture. Match it with a beautiful sink and you'll have a beautiful combination.