Bathroom Windows

Light and a connection to nature are two very important aspects of both a home and a bathroom design. If your bathroom is capable of incorporating some kind of window, it would greatly benefit your bathroom and home design. Windows allow your bathroom to let in some natural light as well as adding a great stylistic benefit. There are a number of different window shapes and sizes you can use in order to create your perfect bathroom design to maximize the level of comfort and relaxation you can experience in your bathroom. This can sometimes be a long process, so it is important to be patient and take your time with it. All in all, incorporating the right windows for your bathroom will be a rewarding process and give your bathroom the natural light and design elements it needs to reach its full potential.

Window Styles

Depending on the size and shape of your bathroom, you have a number of possibilities as to what kind of windows you can have. If you have a bigger bathroom for your master bath, you have a lot more options. For example, if your bathroom is very large, you can consider including wall windows in order to have a complete connection to the outdoors as well as a large amount of natural light. Make sure that you install blinds, curtains or shades so that you can keep your privacy. Keep in mind, this will only really work for very large bathrooms, with some exceptions. If your bathroom is medium to large, you can include windows that are a bit higher up on the wall than normal in order to maintain a level of privacy. If you have a small bathroom, smaller wall windows or hopper windows could be the best option for you. Below, we will highlight some of the most popular and effective window types that you can think about incorporating in your bathroom design.

Casement Windows

These windows are attached to a frame and have hinges on the side that allow the windows to open out. They can also open in towards your bathroom, but you should be careful about this because the windows might get in the way if you have a small bathroom with a bit less space. These windows are typically used in pairs so that one window can open from each side. Casement windows can work beautifully in a bathroom for a number of different reasons. If you have a beautiful view from your bathroom and want a little breeze or you simply like the design, this could be the window for you.
These windows are typically a bit bigger than other windows, but you can absolutely find the right size for your bathroom design. Your bathroom design will benefit from these windows if they are a bit bigger, but small windows will be perfectly fine, and they even might be better depending on the entirety of your bathroom layout. Just like other windows, you will be able to adjust the air flow in your bathroom by setting the opening to any amount that you want. The hinges allow the windows to angle the breeze entering your bathroom, so this is a versatile and stylish option for your design.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are usually three windows used together, creating a half hexagon shape and jutting out from the side of your wall. It's called a bay window because it creates a small "bay" in your room. These windows are typically pretty large, so they can really only be used in larger bathrooms to get the full benefit from them. However, there are smaller versions that you can use, but you won;t get the full benefit of the space incorporation and inflow of light. These windows are great at providing a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding area.
If you have a wide open space or a beautiful environment around you, this is definitely something you should consider. It is important to note that these windows generally do cost a bit more than the other options on this list, but for good reason. They are some of the most beautiful options as far as windows are concerned, but they do require the most home renovation. If you can incorporate these windows, it is highly recommended and they will benefit your bathroom and home designs.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are quite popular in many bathrooms that struggle to incorporate bigger windows or lack sufficient space in general. However, they will work wonderfully in larger designs as well. Hopper windows open from the top, into the room, resembling the way you open up an oven. These windows will typically open with a crank or a hinge. They are usually mounted near the top of your room, near the ceiling. You will typically find these windows in basements or underground rooms, so if you have a bathroom in your basement, this is the window style that you will want to use. If you are struggling to incorporate light into your bathroom and your bathroom is in a difficult location, especially underground, this window will be incredibly helpful to your design considering how important natural light is to your home.


Skylights are windows that are mounted on your ceiling, giving you light from above. Skylights are extremely effective for a number of reasons. First, they will give you a great source of natural light. As stated previously, natural light is a very important aspect to any home design in terms of both design and the health of the bathroom. Secondly, they are incredibly effective in terms of privacy. Because they are mounted from above, you get the benefit of the inflow of light, while getting the maximum amount of privacy.
The one drawback of skylights is that you usually won't be able to open them because they are generally mounted solidly in your ceiling. These are great from any bathroom that has access to them. It is recommended that you don't include only skylights because the rest of your bathroom will seem a little bare. Pair your skylights with a beautiful window style that is compatible and effective in your bathroom in order to create a comfortable bathroom environment.

Circle Windows

Circle windows are exactly what they sound like. They are simply windows in the shape of a circle. These windows are mainly used in bathrooms that want to show off the the design and architecture that is used. Circular windows are a bit different than rectangular windows because sometimes they don't have the ability to be opened and closed. This is something that you need to take into consideration if this is something you value. You can use these windows in tandem with windows that do open so you can have the best of both worlds. Circular windows are very beautiful if you do decide to use them because they add a very effective element of design in your bathroom.

Storm Windows

Storm windows are some of the most common windows that you will find in homes around the country. These windows will work in essentially any bathroom design because of their simple yet functional design. Storm windows are great for eliminating any problematic drafts while simultaneously giving you an easy to operate window design. If you live in an area that experiences any amount of inclement weather, this should definitely be on your list of considerations when you are doing your window shopping. These windows are some of the easiest windows to install and they are very reliable. If you aren't sure which type of window you should use for your home, and you don't need anything flashy, consider some storm windows for your bathroom and home design.

Window Sizes and Shapes

In general, bathroom windows tend to be on the smaller side. These windows can be rectangular or round for the most part and can come in a variety of different sizes. It ultimately depends on your bathroom style as to what windows you want to include. A modern bathroom might benefit from rectangular windows, as well as a number of other designs. Round windows might work well in a rustic bathroom design. Of course, if you think your bathroom wouldn’t benefit from windows, you don’t want to make a wrong decision. With that being said, you should definitely consider all of your options so that you can express your creativity to your content. This is the best time to get creative, so it is important to the process that you consider everything.

Other Window Styles

There are more styles of windows on the market, but they are less common in bathrooms than the styles listed above. With that being said, keep your options open. If you find a window style that you like, you should absolutely do what you can in order to create your perfect bathroom design. However, don't force something that doesn't work because you may end up regretting it in the long run. Windows are an important aspect to any home design so they deserve a sufficient amount of attention and care.