Ask yourself these questions when designing your bathroom.

Bathtub, Shower, Both or Neither?

Depending on the type of bathroom you are designing, you are going to need to ask yourself what you are going to do about this aspect of your bathroom. The first thing to consider is what you are using the bathroom for. Most bathrooms today have at least a shower. The shower has really become a bathroom staple. As far as a bathtub goes, you are going to look at it a little differently. Because bathtubs aren’t as popular as they used to be, you may want to skip it in your bathroom design unless you need it for children or handicap reasons. The same can be said if you have a smaller bathroom. For example, if you have a guest bathroom with limited space, you obviously can't include a shower or bathtub. If you have a guest bathroom, you may not need either one. If you want a guest bathroom with everything to accommodate a guest for an extended period of time, you may want to consider adding a shower or bathtub.

How Much Storage do you Need?

Storage is an important aspect of any bathroom. Often times, a bathroom incorporates many loose items such as towels, soap dispensers, toothbrushes, shampoo bottles and anything else you can think of. This is where storage is helpful not only for having a place to store your items but to help your bathroom look cleaner and more organized. So what kind of storage do you need? Most storage comes in the form of a vanity or closet to begin with.

Other popular options are stand alone storage units, drawer units or wall shelves. All of these options offer you a wide selection of storage methods as well as versatility. If you prefer to hide your items and give your bathroom a more simple or minimalist feel, consider using a storage option that conceals your stored items. If you want to display some of your items, try using some shelves to add a design factor to your bathroom. Shelves in and of themselves can be beautiful fixtures to incorporate in your bathroom design. This is something to consider when designing your bathroom in regards to storage. Overall, no matter what size your bathroom is, you need storage space in your bathroom design.

Which Bathroom Accessories do you Need?

For your bathroom, you definitely want to include the accessories that fit in best with your personal preferences as well as the theme of your bathroom. Some accessories are quite necessary however, no matter what theme your bathroom is going for. For example, accessories such as towel bars and toilet paper holders are critical to include in your bathroom. These fixtures perform functions that are necessary in your bathroom no matter what design you are going for. Other accessories that are important for your bathroom include soap dishes, soap dispensers, shower baskets and toothbrush holders help promote cleanliness and organization. These accessories all offer unique benefits to your bathroom design. That being said, if these accessories aren't enough, you should try to seek out some accessories that will more appropriately and effectively work in your specific bathroom design. All of these accessories improve your bathroom in some way, so it is definitely worth considering all of your options in this aspect.

What Kind of Lighting do you Need?

Lighting is an extremely important factor when designing your bathroom. Lighting comes in many different forms including both natural and artificial. Both offer benefits that improve the overall atmosphere of your bathroom. Natural lighting can be incorporated by including windows or skylights. Artificial lighting comes in several different forms including mirror lighting, floor lighting, ceiling lighting and countertop lighting to name a few. If you are going for a more natural theme in your bathroom, try using large windows in your bathroom. If you like a more modern feel, you can also use windows, but you may also like some LED lighting. LED lighted mirrors are a good consideration.

What Kind of Lighting is the Best?

There are many different types of lighting that you can incorporate into your bathroom design. There are different types in terms of both quality and efficiency. Because of this, there's several things to take into account. One of the most common and efficient types of lighting to incorporate in your bathroom, is LED lighting. LED lighting will cost slightly more than an incandescent light, but it will help you save on energy in the long run. In addition to that, LED lighting will save you money as well. This is something to consider for every single bathroom design.

LED lighting is also great when used in certain lighting fixtures. For example, recessed lighting works well with LED lighting. You can also get stand-alone fixtures to use the LED lighting as well. In addition to standard lighting fixtures, you can also get an LED lighted mirror. Your mirror can be a wall mirror or magnifying mirror. These mirrors are incredibly helpful for visibility and doing things like shaving or applying makeup. They shouldn't be used as your main sources of lighting, but they are very good complements to the rest of your bathroom. LED lighting is one of the best options to consider when trying to light up your bathroom. It is both the safest and most efficient way to go.

What’s Your Vanity Situation?

Depending on the size and style of your bathroom, your vanity situation will be different. If you have a big bathroom, you might want to consider a large or double vanity depending on how many people are going to be using it. A double vanity offers more countertop space and storage space and it can accommodate a larger mirror that you may want to include.

If you have a single or smaller bathroom, you can find many vanity/mirror combos that add a stylish and practical fixture to your bathroom. Floating vanities are good for conserving space and can be mounted at any height to accommodate for any person. A floor standing vanity can be fixed to the floor or it can be moved to your preferred location. Vanities are essential to any bathroom design because you need both storage as well as a sink. Unless you have a wall mounted or pedestal sink, a vanity is going to be a necessary fixture.

Do You Need Decor?

The short answer to this question is yes. If you want a complete bathroom design, you were going to need some type of decor. Luckily, there are several ways to go about this. Decor can come in many different shapes and sizes, giving you a number of different ways to go here. If you weren't quite sure where to start, you can always incorporate some wall decor. This can come in several different forms. For example, you should think about incorporating some of your original works or photographs. If you are an artist or photographer, this should be easy for you to do. On the other hand, you can always buy some beautiful pieces of art to incorporate in your bathroom.

If you don't think wall decor is something that you want, there are other types of decor to incorporate as well. You can incorporate floor decor or even vanity decor. It will really depend on what you want and what your personal preferences are. If you are concerned about your decor taking up any space, you don't really have to incorporate it. You can decide not to incorporate decor, but your bathroom might feel a little empty, however. It is important to incorporate decor where you can so that your bathroom can be unique and comfortable. If you are having any trouble with this, you might want to contact an interior designer to see how you can optimize your situation.

Can I Incorporate a Rug?

One of the best things to incorporate in your bathroom is a beautiful rug. A rug will help your bathroom for a number of different reasons. The first and most important reason is to keep your bathroom warm. The last thing you want is to step on a cold floor every time you're in the bathroom. Roads are very effective at doing this, so they're definitely worth consideration. Another reason why rugs are very effective in bathrooms, is due to the fact that they prevent slipping. Slipping something that could happen very easily in bathrooms for a number of reasons. Because the room is so wet at any given time, condensation could build up and you can slip on the floor. If you incorporate a rug, it will greatly decrease the risk of that happening.

In addition to functional purposes, rugs are also very beautiful in terms of design. This is something to consider when you were designing your bathroom as a whole. they can utilize essentially any color and any pattern. You can even get a rug hand made if you really want to. Get a high quality and beautiful rug to help your design, and become one of the most beautiful rooms in your home

Final Note

The bathroom design process can sometimes be difficult because of how many options you have and how much goes into it. Ask yourself these questions when planning out your bathroom design.