Decorative Bathroom Accessories

No bathroom is complete without a set of bathroom accessories. Bathroom accessories are not only used as decorations, but they also serve very important functional purposes. Accessories such as soap dispensers, towel bars, toilet paper holders and other similar accessories are extremely important to your bathroom as decorative bathroom complements. Because a bathroom revolves around bathroom functionality, it is important to take these kinds of things pretty seriously. This guide will help you learn how you can use your bathroom accessories as beautiful pieces of decor.


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Any bathroom will benefit from a beautiful design. One of the most effective ways to this is by choosing accessories that mesh well with your current bathroom design as well as perform their intended purpose magnificently. Many accessories can be utilized in your bathroom to accomplish this. For example, countertop accessories can be very beautiful pieces. Bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holders and trays are often overlooked in bathroom designs, but they can add an extra flare to your countertop. Accessories like towel bars or towel hooks are great for hanging towels in a beautifully presented manner.

Why Decorative Bathroom Accessories Are Necessary

Bathroom accessories are not only beautiful accents to your bathroom design, but they are necessary for the overall comfort and longevity of your bathroom. Bathroom accessories perform important functions that you can’t afford to overlook. Towel bars/hooks, soap dishes, soap dispensers, trays, toothbrush holders and a number of other bathroom accessories all perform important functions that are crucial to the comfort level of your bathroom experience. Decorative bathroom complements are perfect for adding finishing touches to any bathroom design.

Decorative Toilet Paper Holders

An often overlooked decorative bathroom accessory is a decorative toilet paper holder. Decorative toilet paper holders give a bathroom a unique element of decor while simultaneously offering a necessary element of function. In many cases, decorative toilet paper holders will be either horizontal or vertical. Each design comes with pros and cons, but they are very similar in most areas. Browse for a number of different designs to see what types of toilet paper holders will work the best in your design. You should definitely consider one if you want a beautiful and high quality design.

Bathroom Accessory Sets

One of the best places to start when decorating with your decorative bathroom accessories is to incorporate a set. Bathroom accessory sets are extremely useful when you are trying to match your accessories and create a cohesive design. You should always be focusing on matching your accessories if you want to create a bathroom design that has a sense of uniformity. As for design, your accessories are perfect for making the bathroom feel whole. There are several ways to use your accessory sets as pieces of decor.
First of all, you can use your decorative bathroom accessory set as a focal point of your vanity. A set of beautiful matching accessories can make or break a bathroom design. For example, if you have a white vanity, you might want to get a set of beautiful matte white or matte black accessories to complement it. This way, you can either keep the monochrome white theme, or you can create a beautiful contrast with the black accessories. Simply adding color to your vanity through the use of accessories is one of the easiest ways to spice up your bathroom in terms of design.
Because bathroom accessory sets are made to match, you will be able to use these accessories easily. In addition to matching each other, bathroom accessory sets are generally cheaper as well. It will usually be cheaper if you buy a set of accessories rather than buying each one separately. This is important to note if you are in the market for numerous accessories at one time. These sets can include many different combinations of accessories, so it is important that you choose one suitable for your design.

Vanity Accessories

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Vanity bathroom accessories are some of the most common types of accessories you will see in a bathroom. These accessories are items such as soap dispensers, soap dishes, toothbrush holders and other similar items. Just because these accessories seem small and unnecessary in some cases, does not mean they are not important. Each of these accessories serve a unique purpose that only they can serve. Because of this, you should make sure that they are as beautiful as they can possibly be.
The first thing you need to make sure of is that all of the accessories match one another. This is one of the most important elements of any design, not just a bathroom. Design is incredibly important to the atmosphere of a bathroom, so this is crucial for a comfortable design. If you have vanity accessories that are mismatched and clash with each other, your design will suffer. Once you pick a design that matches with the rest of your bathroom design, you need to know what accessories you actually need.
Every bathroom design is different, so this will vary from person to person. If you only use bar soap, you will not need a soap dispenser. If you only use liquid soap, you will not need a soap dish. Use this same line of thinking for all the accessories you can think of. You don't want to spend money on something that you will never use. Once you have all of your accessories picked out and purchased, place them in a beautiful manner. Make sure all of the accessories are accessible and placed in easy to reach locations. The setup will be both stylish and functional, making for a great vanity area.

Decorative Mirrors

One of the most beautiful accessories in a bathroom design are decorative mirrors. These can be magnifying mirrors or makeup mirrors most commonly. Magnifying mirrors are especially useful in bathroom design. This is for a number of reasons. First of all, these mirrors can incorporate LED lighting. This is one of the most beneficial elements of this type of mirror. LED lighting helps with visibility as well comfort. If you are doing anything that requires a close up reflection, a magnifying mirror will be the way to go for you.
In addition to their extremely useful functionality purposes, magnifying mirrors are also very stylish and beautiful. They can come in a variety of different finishes, designs and materials, making them quite versatile. You will absolutely be able to find one to fit in your bathroom design. Magnifying mirrors can be either wall mounted or deck mounted giving you choice of installation. In addition to that, your mirror will generally have one to three arms, depending on the style you want. The more arms the mirror has, the more you will be able to move it into a position that you prefer.
Like many other decorative bathroom accessories, magnifying mirrors can utilize a variety of different finishes and materials. If you want a neutral finish, chrome is always a safe and beautiful way to go. If you decide that you want a more flash finish, maybe gold is the finish for you. Matte is one of the most popular finishes of recent years, so this is something to consider as well. Matte black is especially popular. Black as a color is very versatile, so adding a matte finish is one of the best things that you can do for a fixture like this.


Bathroom shelves are both very useful as well as beautiful pieces of decor. First of all, shelves are great for functional purposes. They can hold most of your smaller items or essentially any item that can fit on them. This is great for storage reasons, but it is also perfect for displaying some pieces of decor. Shelves can hold any number of beautiful decor elements or accessories to make your bathroom design feel more stylish and welcoming. This is a great way to make your bathroom feel more comfortable.
In addition to holding beautiful items, shelves can be beautiful decorative bathroom accessories as well. The design of the shelf can essentially be anything you want it to be. Many themed bathrooms will utilize shelves with patterns or bright colors that match the design. This opens up the door for a variety of different possibilities while also giving your bathroom a great highlight in terms of decor. This is something you should consider if you are struggling with incorporating any decor. A beautiful shelf is a great starting point, especially for smaller bathrooms.

Towel Bars, Rings and Hooks

Some of the most important accessories in your bathroom are the ones that hold your towels. Decorative towel bars, hooks and rings are all important for their own reasons. Decorative towel bars are the most common because they will typically hold your bath towels. This is important because you always want to have a towel accessible after you bathe. Rings are great for hand towels next to your sink. Decorative towel hooks are very small but versatile, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Decorative bathroom hooks are great for smaller bathrooms due to their space saving design.
If you have any combination of these accessories, you need to make sure they match with a beautiful design. Whether you want to focus on sleek qualities or more of a vintage feel, design is always important. It is important to match all of these accessories because they are all in the same category. If it holds a towel, match it with the others that do the same. These decorative bathroom accessories are both essential and stylish so choose a good set that matches with your design.

Decorative Bathroom Accessories

Aside from functionality, the design of your bathroom is one of the most important elements of any bathroom. If you find the right combination of functionality and design in your decorative bathroom accessories, you will have a beautiful design to last for years to come.

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