Designing the perfect guest bathroom.

Guest Bathrooms

A guest bathroom is often going to be different that a personal or family bathroom. Guest bathrooms tend to be smaller and generally include different functional aspects. When designing a guest bathroom, it is important to think of what you would want in a bathroom if you were a guest. This includes making everything in the bathroom available and easily accessible to allow your guests to have the most comfortable experience as possible. Often times you can simply improve your bathroom in little ways in order to make a big difference. A guest should be comfortable in your home, so you should definitely try to accommodate them to your best abilities.

Use The Necessary Fixtures

Every guest bathroom needs a few absolutely necessary fixtures. There are also some that you may need in a personal bathroom, but won’t want to include in a guest bathroom. Some of the fixtures that you will need include a sink/vanity, toilet and a mirror. These three fixtures are the most important aspects to any guest bathroom. These three fixtures offer your guests everything they need. A toilet and sink are definitely self explanatory as to why they are necessary, but a mirror is needed for that added level of comfort and convenience. Any bathroom without a mirror feels incomplete and cramped or small. Other fixtures can be added, provided that your bathroom has sufficient space to support those fixtures. Unless you plan to have guests staying for extended periods of time, you probably do not not need to include a bathtub or shower, because it may just be taking up space.

Color Scheme

For a guest bathroom, your best best is to keep the colors neutral. This is because you don’t want your guests to be overwhelmed by color when they use the bathroom. A guest always wants to have a comfortable and relaxing experience no matter where they are in your home. Sticking with colors such as black and white are perfect for a guest bathroom. Colors are always one of the best indicators of overall comfort of a bathroom, ensuring that your guest will feel at home in your bathroom. You can check out our article on Monochromatic Color Schemes to get some more inspiration on this specific topic.

Necessary Accessories

For a guest bathroom, you are going to need to include several different accessories to keep your bathroom clean and comfortable for your guests. Something that you should consider for this situation is disposable hand towels. This is a great way to add design to a convenient accessory for your guests. You can put these paper hand towels into a stylish tray to show them off just a little bit more. Another very useful accessory is a soap dispenser. You can find very beautiful soap dispensers on the market today that add yet another unique approach to the guest bathroom. Soap dispensers come in many different styles and colors, and some are even hands free. Including a soap dispenser is important for creating a well rounded guest bathroom. You can also include toilet brush holders next to the toilet. All of these accessories will be a great way to make your guest feel comfortable.

Beautiful Displays

One of the most important aspects to include in a guest bathroom is a beautiful display. This can include floral arrangements, soap displays or something similar. You always want to ensure that your bathrooms looks warm and welcoming for your guests. Creating your own personalized arrangement of accessories can make your guest feel like they’re in a home, and not just any generic bathroom. This can also be a great way to have fun with designing your bathroom as well.

Final Note

Designing your guest bathroom is a very important and valuable step to your home value and personal satisfaction. Make sure you cover all of the bases to ensure a perfect final product.