How to design a vintage bathroom with a traditional and classic feel.

The Vintage Design

The vintage bathroom design typically refers to a bathroom design that resembles or was popular in a previous decade, most commonly the early 1900s to 1940s. A vintage bathroom can really refer to any period in the past that has a different or unique style that was popular at its time. This particular design calls back to a previous time of simplicity and peace, as well beauty and serenity. A vintage bathroom design includes the most beautiful and classic bathroom fixture to give you a gorgeous bathroom style.

Beautiful Bathroom Colors

When designing a vintage bathroom, one of the first things you want to consider is the colors you are going to use. Many vintage bathroom design plans incorporate monochromatic color schemes. For example, a common popular color scheme for this particular design is a monochrome scheme using shades of blue that complement and black and white tile pattern. Salmon pink monochrome schemes work well with the black and white tile pattern as well, giving you a different yet similar style choice. If you feel as though black and white tile isn’t the preferable option for you, consider implementing marble instead. Marble will give a similar color presentation while offering a different texture.

Creative Vintage Finishes

When it comes to a vintage bathroom design, there are a few certain finishes that will bring out the best of your fixtures. The first finish that works well is chrome. Chrome is a fairly universal finish that can work very well in a vintage bathroom. Because of how compatible with many bathroom fixtures chrome is, you can definitely find some good ways to incorporate in your bathroom. Another classic finish for a vintage style is bronze. Bronze gives off a classic vibe that you would expect to see in a vintage bathroom. Incorporating bronze faucets, toilet paper holders or anything similar. These are the two most common finishes for this particular design, but it is encouraged that you try to use other similar finishes to see which ones you think will fit in with your design the best. It ultimately comes down to which finishes you prefer, just make sure they mesh well with the vintage bathroom design.

Unique Decor

Perhaps the most interesting part about designing a vintage bathroom is the decor that you can include in it. For example, antique furniture is great for this style. Try incorporating antique seating furniture that is accented with gold finish. Another decor idea is the inclusion of natural material such as wood. When incorporating these materials, you want them to be processed to look neat and clean instead of too natural. If you include too many natural materials however, your bathroom could start to adopt a more rustic style. The best thing about bathroom decor is that you can customize it to essentially any design you want in order to choose your perfect set of decorative items. Chrome also has a wonderful effect on a vintage bathroom design, so don't be afraid to incorporate that as well.


Proper lighting is key to ensuring that you have an accessible bathroom. Make sure that all parts of your bathroom are sufficiently lighted in order to make locating items and moving around much easier. Try using all types of lighting to help you achieve this. Countertop mirrors and wall mirrors with LED lighting are effective for your morning and nightly routines. Ceiling and floor lighting are great for the overall lighting of your bathroom. Try experimenting with what kind of lighting fits the best with your bathroom design.

Final Note

A vintage bathroom offers both comfort and style in any bathroom by incorporating traditional fixtures, colors and finishes.