Different Types of Bathroom Accessories - Which Do You Really Need?

Bathroom accessories are essential components of a healthy and functional bathroom design. Due to this, it is very important to understand which ones you personally need, and which ones you do not need. This guide will discuss each bathroom accessory you should have in your bathroom design.

Toothbrush Holders

Toothbrush holders are very important for an organized and healthy bathroom vanity area. They are designed to hold your toothbrushes and keep them off the countertop, preventing the surface from getting messy. In addition, toothbrush holders keep toothbrushes separate and dry, greatly limiting the spread of bacteria. Wall mounted toothbrush holders are very great in this regard, creating even more space on the counter. This items should be used if the bathroom in question is being used by multiple people, especially if a vanity is being shared.

Bathroom Hooks

Although simple in design, bathroom hooks are very useful. The small size of bathroom hooks allow them to be used in various areas of a bathroom, while being quite easy to install. Bathroom hooks are generally used to hold linens such as bath towels, hand towels and robes, but they can hold any items that can be hung on a hook. You should consider a bathroom hook in any type of bathroom, due to just how versatile they are. In addition, they serve as beautiful pieces for the rest of the bathroom design.

Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holders are essential bathroom accessories in any bathroom design. They serve a necessary function of holding toilet paper in an accessible location. In addition, they can also hold several rolls of toilet paper depending on the model or type. Because of this, they can also use a plethora of great design qualities that make a bathroom design more unique.

Tissue Box Covers

If you keep tissues in your bathroom, a tissue box cover should be something to include. They are often made of bathroom friendly materials, such as solid brass, wood, glass or certain plastics, all of which can incorporate beautiful design elements. They are great pieces of decor, while also protecting your tissues from moisture, keeping them dry until you need them.

Soap Dishes

In order to keep a bathroom vanity countertop clean, a soap dish is required if you use bar soap. Not only are soap dishes incredibly important for bathroom health, but they can be amazing pieces of decor. Beautiful finishes and materials are commonly used in order to provide the space with small but elegant bathroom items. Of course, if you do not use bar soap in the bathroom, soap dishes will not be needed.

Soap Dispensers

Many bathrooms use liquid soap dispensers as the primary method to access soap. Soap dispensers can be mounted on a wall or a countertop, and have the option of sensor technology as well. This will very often lead to maximum cleanliness in your bathroom vanity area, especially if it is a hands-free operation. Soap dispensers are required in commercial bathrooms due to sanitary reasons, but not always home designs.

Towel Bars

Any bathroom that has a bathtub or shower will need a way to hold towels. Towels do not necessarily need to be hung on towel bars, but they are one of the best ways to properly hold and dry out your towels. Towel bars allow towels to be dried quickly, more so than bathroom hooks or towel rings in most cases. It is advised that towel bars are included in bathrooms as long as there is enough wall space.

Towel Rings

Hand towels are great for guest bathrooms and other types of home bathrooms. Towel rings are perfect solutions for holding them. Not only are towel rings useful for hand towel access, they can be great bathroom items in terms of looks. A well made towel ring is great for holding all types of towels, as long as they can fit in the ring. Because of this, they are best for holding smaller towels.

Shower Baskets

Any shower should have some way to hold items, and a shower basket is the perfect way to do so. Shower baskets can come in many designs, with multiple tiers, sizes and shapes to choose from to perfectly fit the scenario. In addition to holding items, shower baskets also keep the floor clear of loose items while helping your shower maximize on storage space. If you need them outside of your shower, shower baskets can be mounted anywhere you need them.

Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom shelves are great bathroom items for holding and storing various items. They can be mounted anywhere they are needed, and they are very useful in terms of organization. Bathroom shelves can be made of many materials that can match well with other decorative bathroom accessories, making it easy to pair it with other bathroom elements. In any bathroom with loose items or packed closets, bathroom shelves can be very useful in more ways than one.

Magnifying Mirrors

One of the best ways to improve the clarity and quality of your reflection is through the use of a magnifying mirror. Magnifying mirrors are available in various different magnification factors, providing you with several options. In addition, magnifying mirrors are accessible, being able to be mounted on the wall or on a countertop. These bathroom accessories are important to include in any bathroom where shaving or makeup is common, which is most designs. Magnifying mirrors are also needed for those with poor eyesight if a comfortable bathroom experience is desired.

Toilet Brush Holders

Toilet brush holders are needed for the health of a bathroom area. They are used to hold your toilet brushes, keep them clean and keep the area clean. They can be mounted on a wall, placed in a storage unit or closet, and can use various finishes that can mesh well with the overall design.

Towel Racks

Towel racks are great for larger bathrooms that are being used by multiple people. The ability to hold multiple towels separately and comfortably is an amazing benefit to take advantage of. Towel racks allow you to save on space by not using a separate towel bar for each bath towel.

Which Ones Do You Need?

Different Types of Bathroom Accessories - Which Do You Really Need? Different Types of Bathroom Accessories - Which Do You Really Need?

In general, it will depend on a few factors. First, every bathroom needs to be clean and organized. Due to this, your bathroom should have the basic bathroom accessories. Look over your entire bathroom design, decide which bathroom accessories are needed, and use them as soon as possible. Second, efficiency is crucial. Do not incorporate bathroom accessories you do not need, especially if they get in the way or prevent comfort. All in all, bathroom accessories are designed to make a bathroom routine easier, more comfortable and as accessible as possible.

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