Floating fixtures offer a whole new perspective to your bathroom.

  • Vanities
  • Sinks
  • Faucets

Floating Fixtures

Floating fixtures are categorized as fixtures that are fixed to the wall without touching the ground, creating a space underneath the said fixtures. Floating fixtures come in many different forms, including vanities, sinks, cabinets and several others. These types of fixtures offer great benefits to any bathroom, for both stylistic design and practicality reasons. Floating fixtures make your bathroom look bigger, make cleaning easier, display beautiful tile or hardwood flooring and they are accommodating for every height. With a wide selection of different styles and mounting types, the possibilities are vast. This guide will highlight the benefits of floating fixtures and why you should consider implementing them in your bathroom.

Floating Vanities

One of the most common floating fixtures is the bathroom vanity. A great benefit of a floating bathroom vanity is the fact that it frees up space in your bathroom. If your vanity floats, it opens up space for you to store any bins or items underneath your vanity or to show off your flooring. Floating vanities can also be fixed at any height which is important for a family bathroom or a bathroom that is going to get a lot of traffic. Having a universally accessible vanity is extremely important to ensure that everybody is comfortable in your bathroom. Not only do you want your guest to be comfortable in your guest bathroom, but if installing a floating vanity in your own bathroom, you want to make sure the measurements are perfect. For more information on how to measure where to install certain fixtures, read our blog on How to Find the Right Measurements for Your Bathroom.these vanities can some in many styles as well, with some being bulkier and including more storage space. Others can be an extremely minimalist style of vanity that have a singular plank like mounting that only accommodates a sink and some counter top space that can hold a certain amount of accessories.