Floating fixtures offer a whole new perspective to your bathroom.

  • Vanities
  • Sinks
  • Faucets

Floating Fixtures

Floating fixtures are categorized as fixtures that are fixed to the wall without touching the ground, creating a space underneath the said fixtures. These fixtures come in many different forms, including vanities, sinks, cabinets and several others. In addition, these types of fixtures offer great benefits to any bathroom, for both stylistic design and practicality reasons. Also, floating fixtures make your bathroom look bigger, make cleaning easier, display beautiful tile or hardwood flooring and they are accommodating for every height. With a wide selection of different styles and mounting types, the possibilities are vast. This guide will highlight the benefits of floating fixtures and why you should consider implementing them in your bathroom.

Floating Vanities

One of the most common floating fixtures is the bathroom vanity. A great benefit of a floating bathroom vanity is the fact that it frees up space in your bathroom. If your vanity floats, it opens up space for you to store any bins or items underneath your vanity or to show off your flooring. Floating vanities can also be fixed at any height which is important for a family bathroom or a bathroom that is going to get a lot of traffic. Having a universally accessible vanity is extremely important to ensure that everybody is comfortable in your bathroom.

Not only do you want your guest to be comfortable in your guest bathroom, but if installing a floating vanity in your own bathroom, you want to make sure the measurements are perfect. For more information on how to measure where to install certain fixtures, read our blog on How to Find the Right Measurements for Your Bathroom.these vanities can come in many styles as well, with some being bulkier and including more storage space. Others can be an extremely minimalist style of vanity that have a singular plank like mounting that only accommodates a sink and some counter top space that can hold a certain amount of accessories.

Floating Sinks

If you don’t necessarily want or require a vanity, and a lone sink is what you want, consider utilizing a wall mounted sink. Wall mounted sinks are a beautiful stylish way to incorporate a sink into your bathroom. Similar to floating vanities, space is saved by using a floating sink. If only using a sink, much more space is created due to the absence of a vanity.

Also similar to a floating vanity, you have the flexibility to mount your sink at the height that you see fit. You have slightly more flexibility when mounting a floating sink due to the smaller area it will take up. Floating sinks are much easier to clean because it is only one fixture instead of a combination of fixtures. Almost every dimension of the sink is exposed, making it easily cleaned and maintained, which in turn makes the entirety of your bathroom look cleaner in general. In addition, if you are looking for a more minimalist design, a floating sink will be something to consider because of its tendency to not dominate the room.

Wall Mounted Faucets

While not as prominent a fixture as a vanity or sink, wall mounted faucets come with their own set of benefits. Wall mounted faucets while paired with a floating sink makes for a minimalist design that comes off as luxurious and upscale. Because these fixtures are disconnected and independent from one another, the whole sink/vanity/faucet combination is given its required amount of attention to make it look as attractive as possible.

One of the most efficient benefits of a wall mounted faucet is the ease of cleaning your faucet and sink. Because the faucet is separate from the sink, cleaning the back of the sink becomes easier than cleaning a sink with a faucet that has a faucet that is attached. Often times calcium, dirt and grime deposits accumulate around the faucet if it is attached to the sink. This problem is eliminated with a wall mounted faucet. Another benefit of a wall mounted faucet is the ability to mount it at any height. If you want it higher for any reason, such as filling up buckets or plant watering cans, this can easily be done. You do want to be careful about how high you install your faucet however. If it is mounted too high, splashing can occur, causing you to constantly find yourself cleaning your sink and the area around it. You need to consider this when mounting your faucet.

Stylistic Benefits

Floating fixtures in and of themselves are inherently good looking fixtures. They have a simple yet eye-catching aspect to them, making for an artistic piece for your bathroom. As discussed briefly in the previous sections, floating fixtures offer beautiful stylistic benefits. Because they are wall mounted, therefore creating extra space, they open up your room and help showcase other aspects of your bathroom, especially the flooring underneath them. Style is something you need to consider.

Many styles of hardwood flooring and tile flooring can be very beautiful and elegant. Flooring is an aesthetic feature and if you spend good money on it, odds are you want to show it off, whether it be for your own satisfaction or for your guests. If you are going for a minimalist style bathroom, which is becoming more popular in the past few years, this type of vanity will benefit your bathroom design greatly.

Wall Mounted Accessories

Wall mounted accessories are also very effective. This is especially true if all of your other fixtures are mounted on the wall as well. In addition, these accessories pair very well with wall mounted sinks and vanities. You should consider wall mounted accessories for a number of different reasons. First of all, they help save space on your countertop. This is very important if you're struggling for space. Much like other wall mounted fixtures, these will help save space and create space. There are many different types of wall mounted accessories, to explore your options.

Any accessories that are freestanding will have a version that can be mounted on the wall. This means you don't have to worry about not having any accessories that you need. One of the best aspects about wall mounted accessories is the way they are mounted. They can be mounted in two traditional ways. First, they could be mounted with screws. This is perhaps the most common way. However, many bathroom accessories can be mounted through adhesive now. This will make the installation process for these accessories much easier and quicker. Make sure the accessories are straight and level before you press the adhesive down.

Storage Space

One of the best benefits of wall mounted fixtures is the storage space. Storage space is incredibly important to any bathroom design. The more storage space you have, the more open and comfortable your design will be. There are several ways wall-mounted fixtures can increase your storage space. For example, you might have a wall mounted vanity. If this is the case, you can store items underneath it. This can be anything from a small bin to a step stool. Either way, it is one less item that will be laying on your bathroom floor. Wall mounted vanities are probably the best fixture for creating space. Because of this, you should consider using them to their full potential.

Wall mounted sinks are also great for this. Because there is no vanity underneath, there's more storage space. The only issue is that there won't be a vanity to store items in. It is up to you to decide whether or not you want a vanity or wall mounted sink. Both of these fixtures are very effective and practical. Wall mounted faucets are also very effective. The faucets will open up the space on your countertop. This is important if you are struggling for space near your sink. It will give you more room for necessary accessories. This is something to consider when choosing your wall-mounted fixtures and accessories.

Final Note

Sometimes it can be difficult to install these fixtures. If this is the case, contact a professional. You need to make sure everything is perfect before you install it. A professional will help you with this process greatly. If you are struggling to do anything by yourself, don't try too hard. It is always better to get the job done right. This might cost you a bit more in the short-term, but you will see the benefits fairly soon after. Because a bathroom design is such a beautiful place to be, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Do you need professional help to accomplish this, you should consider it.

Final Note

Implementing floating and wall mounted fixtures can be a nice way to increase space and add style to a bathroom. The flexibility and freedom that these types of fixtures add is unparalleled and is definitely worth considering. Wall mounted fixtures come with many benefits and features, so consider them for your next bathroom renovation or remodel. Comfort is key, so focus on it when incorporating these fixtures and accessories.