Freestanding bathtubs can still be a staple centerpiece in modern bathrooms.

The Beauty of a Freestanding Bathtub

A luxury bathroom isn't complete without a beautiful and comfortable bathtub. Freestanding bathtubs offer a comfortable and relaxing experience for any bathroom design that has space to include it. With the versatility of the materials, colors and styles, you have many options as far as which type of bathtub you can include in your home.


Freestanding bathtubs open the door for many design choices. They can be made out of many different materials, opening up the door for several options. The main materials for most bathtubs are porcelain, stone, and wood. Porcelain offers the classic bathtub look, while wood and stone offer a more natural and organic look. If you are planning on including a luxury master bathroom, think about a wood or stone bathtub. They will be more expensive than other types of bathtubs, but they will reward you with maximum comfort and relaxation. This isn't to say that porcelain or ceramic are bad materials. These types of materials are very reliable and extremely comfortable. The material of your bathtub will ultimately tell you how high the quality of the bathtub it is. This is of course, one of the most important aspects of a bathtub and how it will turn out in the long run.

Stylistic Choices

There are many options you have as far a stylistic choices go. Firstly, there are several place you can place your bathtub, without having to worry about connecting it to a wall. You can place it in the most optimal place to make you bathroom exactly the way you want it. You also have the freedom to choose the color you want, depending on the model, which gives you even more creative freedom. This is one of the other more important aspects of a bathtub, just like any other fixture. As long as you have your personal creative preferences combined with a quality build, you will have a rewarding bathroom experience regarding your bathtub. Although your personal preferences are important, you should still have your bathtub mesh as well as possible with your surrounding bathroom design design. This includes surrounding colors as well as the overall design of your bathroom.


Comfort is the most important thing you need to consider when choosing your bathtub. Many freestanding tubs build comfort into their design in order to deliver the most relaxing bathing experience possible. Some models offer neck rests, armrests and back support in order to help you relax and enjoy your bathtub. If you are really looking to boost the luxury in your bathtub, you can also incorporate some jets to give it a Jacuzzi-like feel. You should also consider a high quality tub filler or faucet that can adjust to your exact temperature preferences. Although this is not a direct part of the bathtub, it is definitely something that shouldn't be overlooked. If you do plan on including a bathtub in your bathroom, it is because you value both comfort and quality. Consider all of your comfort options when purchasing your bathtub in order to make sure that you can enjoy your bathtub to the fullest extent.


As you can probably predict, a bathtub will be one of the more expensive fixtures you will have in your bathroom. Like any other fixture, the materials that are used in your bathtub will dictate the price. For example, a ceramic bathtub will generally be more affordable than a stone bathtub. Features are another aspect that will causes changes in price. If your bathtub includes jets or other luxury features, you will be spending a bit more money. For an average freestanding bathtub, you can expect to pay around $1,000. Of course you can find much more expensive bathtubs that are much more luxurious, but the typical bathtub will cost around this much.

Final Note

Freestanding bathtubs have always been a popular option for modern bathrooms and offer a comfortable and artistic way for you improve your bathroom.