Full Bathroom Remodel or Small Enhancements?

A bathroom design is an incredibly important design in regards to maximizing your overall experience. However, when it comes to a new bathroom or a remodel, it can be a bit overwhelming in terms of finding out what you really need. Large bathroom remodels can be extremely rewarding, but they can also be very expensive. On the other hand, small enhancements are easy, but sometimes they are not quite enough. This guide will go through the main reasons why you need a full bathroom remodel, or just some small enhancements.

How to Know If You Need a Remodel

You have a Dysfunctional Layout

If your bathroom layout is inconvenient or uncomfortable, it may be time for you to consider a full bathroom remodel. Of course, try to optimize the layout of your bathroom as much as possible before actually going through with the remodel. If there is nothing you can do, go ahead with the remodel. A dysfunctional layout results from the bathroom fixtures and accessories being installed in uncomfortable or hard to access locations. All of the parts of your bathroom should be easy to use and access. This is usually the case in most bathrooms. However, as trends change and people grow older, things can start to affect the comfort and accessibility of certain parts of the area. If you are finding this is the case for you, it may be time for a full bathroom remodel.

Full Bathroom Remodel or Small Enhancements? Full Bathroom Remodel or Small Enhancements?

Broken or Dysfunctional Bathroom Fixtures

One of the most pressing reasons for a full bathroom remodel is if your bathroom fixtures are broken or not working properly. Of course, if it is simply a bathroom faucet or smaller accessory, just replace it. However, if your bathroom has been around for almost a decade, chances are your fixtures are getting close to the end of their lifespan. If this is the case, they are likely beginning to break, crack or stop functioning properly. If all or most of your fixtures are experiencing issues, a full bathroom remodel will fix the problem instantly. In addition, you will get a whole new set of modern bathroom fixtures to enjoy in your bathroom.

Insufficient Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a healthy bathroom design. This is due to the safety, visibility and warmth it brings into the environment. Bathroom lighting needs to be one of the most effective and efficient pieces of a bathroom design due to these reasons. If your lighting is lacking in any major sense, several things could be wrong. First of all, your light fixtures are not good enough to maximize comfort and safety. Secondly, your bathroom layout might be blocking some key light sources in your design. Thirdly, you might not have a reliable source of natural light. If this is the case, a bathroom remodel will likely be necessary.

Leaky Plumbing

Functionality is one of the absolute most important bathroom updates to undergo. If your bathroom has issues with leaks, this is a major concern and proof enough that it is time for a bathroom remodel. Leaky plumbing can occur anywhere that running water is present. This can be in the pipes underneath your sink to your shower head. The most common instances of leaky plumbing will occur with a faucet or bathtub filler. Because these are used so often, they may start to experience some issues earlier than most other types of plumbing. With that being said, all of your plumbing is susceptible to leaks if it is not properly cared for.

Mold and Grime

Cleaning a bathroom is essential to the health and longevity of the area. It is often the case that a regular cleaning can be enough for any bathroom. However, if your bathroom is laid out in a way that prevents you from effectively cleaning it, mold and grime can build up. This is something that warrants a bathroom remodel almost every time. A bathroom must be easy to maintain in order to properly function. If your bathroom has trouble with mold and grime buildup, you should definitely consider renovating your area in order to keep it as clean as possible.

How to Know if you Need Small Enhancements

Single Broken Fixtures or Accessories

Sometimes a bathroom that is used on a daily basis can run into accidents or broken items. This is a common occurrence, as bathrooms are generally used every day in the average home, multiple times a day. A broken fixture or accessory does not need to cause alarm, of course. Enhance your bathroom design with a brand new version of that item. This will improve the design and functionality of the bathroom greatly. In addition, it will also be a great way to start a complete remodel if you plan on doing that at any point in the future.

Full Bathroom Remodel or Small Enhancements? Full Bathroom Remodel or Small Enhancements?

Lack of Beautiful Decor

Bathrooms need to be relaxing and comfortable environments in order to be fully appreciated. If you have a bathroom that is functional and comfortable, that is a great thing to have in a home. However, it can be further improved through the use of beautiful decor. This can come in the form of many different things, ranging from plants to paintings. As long as you have some type of decor that you like, your bathroom experience can only get better. Incorporating some beautiful and personalized decor can be a great way to maximize the comfort of your bathroom design on a daily basis.

Unexciting or Overly Exciting Colors

Colors make up the foundation of a bathroom design or theme. For example, a theme of a bathroom is not present unless it has the proper colors to set the groundwork for the other aspects of the design. By implementing the right colors in your bathroom design, you can start to create a great unique bathroom for yourself or those using it. In addition, this can be an incredibly easy process. Wall colors can be added through either paint or wallpaper most commonly. You can also utilize colors through the use of bathroom fixtures or accessories. Either way, a small enhancement to the bathroom colors can be very rewarding.

Uncomfortable Shower Area

A comfortable shower experience can make all the difference in a bathroom design. Upgrading your shower can be a very simple process that does not require you to spend a great amount of money or time. For example, shower baskets can increase the storage space in your shower, while making it more convenient in terms of giving you access to all of your necessary shower soaps and shampoos. In addition, you can consider a new shower head. Rain style shower heads allow for a comfortable experience, and installation can be relatively easy. A new shower curtain can also add a level of design and style to the area.

Disorganized Bathroom Environment

In general your bathroom should be optimized in terms of organization. This is important for both the comfort you experience as well as the overall health of the environment. If your bathroom is a bit disorganized, there are a few things you can do to improve it. First, make sure you have organizers or bins for your smaller items. This will provide access to all of your bathroom items effectively. You can also incorporate shelves or storage units to perform a similar task. You should also place your fixtures and accessories in the most optimal locations for you.

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