A touch of gold may be just what your bathroom needs.

Gold Fixtures & Accessories

Fixtures with a gold finish can give your bathroom that high-end feel you always wanted. Gold gives your bathroom fixtures a luxury feel and a visually aesthetic look. Gold fixtures can often be paired well with white aspects of your bathroom such as bathroom sinks, bathtubs and vanities among others. As far as accessories go, gold can be implemented in a number of beautiful and creative ways. Popular gold accessories include towel bars/rings, soap dispensers, magnifying mirrors and a number of others that can make your bathroom look bright and beautiful. Gold finishes are very beautiful in terms of accenting your main fixtures especially. This is probably the best way to implement gold in your bathroom. If you include gold finishes fixtures, it might be a little too overwhelming to look at due to the shine of larger fixtures. However, if you use gold accessories or fixtures in combination with some neutral colors, it can make for a very aesthetically pleasing bathroom design.

Complement your bathroom with these beautiful gold accessories:

Gold Paint

Gold paint can accent your bathroom with a variety of color combinations. It can look very good with navy blue, black and white especially. Use gold sparingly in order to accentuate your other colors. Dashes of gold or gold trim can make colors pop and catch the eye. Experimenting with other colors can also lead to a beautiful combination. You can incorporate gold paint in several ways, all of which can lead to a beautiful bathroom design. One of the most common ways to include gold paint in your bathroom is on the wall. A flat dark gold is one of the more popular ways to paint your bathroom wall. This is due to the darker color being a little easier on the eyes and how well it works with other colors over a shiny or glossy gold finish.

Gold With Different Materials

Gold fixtures really shine when paired with the best materials. Some of the best material to pair with gold are light colored wood, ceramic and glass or crystal. These materials accentuate the beauty of the gold fixtures, making them stand out. You can commonly see gold knobs or handles on a wooden vanity or cabinet. A gold faucet with a ceramic or glass sink can also be a very beautiful combination as well. Generally, it is a good idea to pair a shiny gold accessory or fixture with some kind of flat or neutral color. This will create a beautiful contrast that will allow your gold accessories to stand out and shine. One thing you need to take into consideration about a gold finish is the compatibility with the base material. You want to make sure that the base material can properly accommodate the method in which the finish will be implemented.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the trendiest finishes available. This trend was started in the fashion industry with jewelry, smartphones, tablets and laptops, and extended to the home and bathroom industry. Rose gold is a very popular option to consider due to its increasing popularity and stylish design factor. Like many other fixtures and accessories, rose gold is a brilliant option to go with.

Final Note

The use of gold in your bathroom can be a great way to improve the look of your bathroom while keeping things stylish.