How an Ergonomic Bathroom Can Improve your Health

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Ergonomics is important to your health, not only in your bathroom, but in your everyday life. For example, if you work a desk job, your chair, the height of your computer, your posture and various other factors contribute to the overall comfort and happiness you get at work. This same line of thinking should be used for your bathroom as well. Ergonomic bathroom fixtures and accessories can make or break a bathroom design, so it is important to consider it when designing your bathroom. Below is a guide as to how ergonomics can improve your overall health greatly.

Understand the Ergonomic Standards in a Bathroom

Although there are no strict guidelines for bathroom ergonomics, there are several things to consider when it comes to the comfort, health and safety of your bathroom. First of all, you need to make sure your bathroom is comfortable for you. Everyone is different so measurements and fixture placement could vary slightly. Secondly, it is advised you follow the standard mounting measurements for each bathroom fixture and accessory. This will give you some good guidelines to maximizing access and comfort. Overall, it is incredibly important to make your bathroom as ergonomic as possible, because it will ultimately lead to the improvement of your health.

How an Ergonomic Bathroom Can Improve your Health How an Ergonomic Bathroom Can Improve your Health

Each Fixture is Important for Ergonomics

Ergonomics are important no matter what part of your bathroom you are looking at. This is true when it comes to your main bathroom fixtures. For example, fixtures such as your bathtub, shower, bathroom sink, vanity and other similar fixtures will all benefit your health by being more ergonomic. Because health is so important, especially in your bathroom, each fixture should be carefully chosen to be as ergonomic and comfortable as possible.

Start With Your Shower System

Because a shower area will be the biggest and most used part of your bathroom in most cases, it is incredibly important for it to be as comfortable and ergonomic as you can possibly make it. This can be done in a number of ways to do this effectively. First of all, make sure that your shower area is big enough to use comfortably. Your shower area should be at least 30” wide, but if you can make it bigger, see if that is a possibility. When your shower size is set, start to look to the other aspects of the shower itself to see how the ergonomics can be further improved.

Make sure the drain of the shower is in a place that will limit the potential of flooding. In other words, make sure it is not directly under the shower head. Also, make sure the water temperature and pressure control is at a comfortable height. About 4 feet from the floor is advised. Consider installing some beautiful glass or metal shelves about 44” - 54” from the floor. This will give you a comfortable way to access your soaps and shampoos when you are using your shower. Make sure they are out of the way of the shower spray so they do not fall off or get covered in water. Finish it off with some non-slip mats or decals to limit the possibility of slipping on wet surfaces.

A High Quality Vanity Area Provides Comfort

Arguably as important as your shower area, your bathroom vanity is also important to your health and comfort. Your vanity houses your sink, your mirror and various other accessories that you will be using on a daily basis. There are several things to consider when making your vanity area more ergonomic to improve your health. First of all, you need to make sure the height of your vanity and sink are at a comfortable height. This will help your back by preventing you from reaching too high or bending too low when using the area. This is extremely important for your long term health and comfort. The height of your sink should be between 36” and 40” from the floor.

In addition, you should also look to your vanity mirror. Ensure it is at a good height, in line with your bathroom vanity. Depending on the height of the vanity, and yourself, this can vary. In general, your bathroom mirror should be mounted at 5” to 10” above your bathroom sink. When it comes to all of your bathroom vanity accessories, make sure they are positioned in locations that are comfortable for you to reach. For example, a towel ring should be mounted at around 50” from the floor, or about 20” from the countertop. As long as you are comfortable at your bathroom vanity after every use, you will feel healthier and happier as a result. A vanity is a perfect starting point for quickly improving bathroom functionality.

Luxury Bathtubs Prioritize Health and Comfort

Not every bathroom has a bathtub, but the ones that do should make sure they are optimized for comfort. Bathtubs can be some of the most comfortable fixtures in a bathroom, especially the luxury models. Luxury bathtubs can have various different features to make you feel happy and healthy. For example, armrests and back rests keep you at a comfortable position, which is incredibly important if you use your bathtub often. Another great feature to consider is a jet system. Jets can massage the sore areas of your body while simply adding comfort to your experience. A bathtub should be big enough for you to comfortably fit for a relaxing experience.

Ergonomic Storage is Underrated

When it comes to your bathroom storage, the operation and access is incredibly important. Many bathrooms will have some type of storage solution in the design, whether it be a closet, storage unit, shelf or other storage element. However, some storage solutions are more ergonomic than others. In general, it is typically agreed upon that drawers offer the easiest and most accessible storage options. They can come in the form of drawered vanities or drawer units most commonly. Soft-close drawers are great for both safety and the health of the fixture you are using. Effective storage solutions will make your bathroom more open, making you feel healthier and less stressed overall.

Don’t Overlook the Lighting

It may not aid to the physical comfort of your bathroom in terms of physical touch. However, ergonomic lighting is the base of a healthy bathroom design. No matter what type of lighting you prefer, make sure it is sufficient. This means a few things. First of all, light should provide your bathroom with the maximum amount of visibility, while not being too overwhelming to the design in terms of brightness. All of your main areas should have their own lighting. For example, your bathroom vanity should have its own lighting to light the area. The same should be done with your shower to provide visibility and safety to the area.

Each area of your bathroom needs some type of lighting, especially the area that you spend the most time at. You also do not want to overlook the main light source. This will typically be mounted on your ceiling, providing an overall source of light to the area. Whether it is a minimalist recessed light or a chandelier, choose the design that you prefer and one that works in your bathroom. The brightness that light provides to a bathroom helps to prevent any accidents that could occur from a lack of vision.

How Ergonomic Bathrooms Improve Your Health

Bathroom ergonomics boil down to several key points. First, your posture is incredibly important. As previously mentioned, there are standard height standards for your fixtures and accessories. This is to promote a healthy posture and maximum comfort. Secondly, each fixture and accessory need to feel easy to use. This includes everything from your luxury bathtub to your soap dispenser. This will limit the amount of energy you need to use to get yourself comfortable. In general, you want your bathroom to be comfortable. A comfortable bathroom will serve to improve your health, making you happier in the process.

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